Actuate Extends Spirit of Community Collaboration With BIRT Performance Scorecard 9

Rich Performance Management Application Gets Collaborative With Business-Focused Community

SAN MATEO, Calif.--()--Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ:ACTU), the people behind BIRT™, today announced BIRT Performance Scorecard 9, the latest iteration of its Performance Management solution. BIRT Performance Scorecard 9 is a true Rich Information Application (RIA) that fully integrates BIRT to bring the simplicity and collaboration of consumer internet applications to the Performance Management process. With Version 9 comes BIRT Scorecard Exchange, a pioneering business to business site that grants BIRT Performance Management practitioners no cost access to best practices, frameworks, prebuilt measurement criteria and community links. BIRT Performance Scorecard 9 offers customers a completely new user interface, flash-based dashboard charts and an expanding number of newly designed out-of-the-box BIRT reports.

BIRT Performance Scorecard 9 (formerly known as Actuate Performancesoft Views), includes BIRT Scorecard Exchange, a collection of Actuate libraries and customer best practices enabling users to access and share pre-built solutions to improve organizational performance. Organized by vertical markets including financial services, healthcare and government, BIRT Scorecard Exchange includes templates and measures that can be used as frameworks to pre-populate best practices and common category measures when organizations want to get up and running quickly with best in class performance management. Organizations can subsequently translate any strategy or performance measurement paradigm into tangible metrics, allowing management to make aligned and effective decisions. Also included on the site are forums for users to collaborate, share best practices and have access to thousands of proven KPIs at all levels.

“We have BIRT Performance Scorecard implemented across our organization to ensure accountability and industry leading performance management throughout our hospitals, medical clinics, and health insurance entity,” said Molly Payne, performance management architect at Presbyterian Healthcare Services. “With increased usability and the ability to easily share best practices, we are thrilled about implementing the latest iteration of BIRT Performance Scorecard and cannot wait to see the exciting new improvements that will further enable us to continue our successful performance management initiatives with Actuate.”

In addition to extending itself to the collaborative nature of BIRT Scorecard Exchange, BIRT Performance Scorecard 9 continues to expand its integration with the BIRT iServer platform by enhancing the packaged Web Services and Information Objects for simple and dynamic access to performance management data stored in the application. The full integration with the latest version of the BIRT iServer, allows customers to take advantage of all the features and functionality available with the Actuate 10 platform.

“The pressure to not just perform but efficiently manage an organization requires enterprise-class performance management designed for people at all levels and any place in the organization from executives to managers,” said Mark Smith, CEO & EVP Research, Ventana Research. “The new Actuate BIRT Performance Scorecard 9 introduces a dramatically easier approach to performance management to design and deploy scorecards and dashboards with strategies, initiatives, goals and metrics that are truly intuitive and simple to use. Actuate is also innovating the performance management industry by providing BIRT Scorecard Exchange which is a community for collaboration and access to best practices, libraries of content and even pre-built applications and metrics.”

BIRT Performance Scorecard 9 delivered as a true Rich Information Application increases usability and improves communication and corporate alignment for users. This provides organizations with the ability to measure the impact of organizational decisions on employee productivity and satisfaction while also being able to identify areas of improvement through a built in executive dashboard. Customers can measure organizational performance in a variety of strategic frameworks and an expanded complement of standard reports which will continue to grow.

In addition to the numerous upgrades included in BIRT Performance Scorecard 9 for increased usability, to jumpstart adoption and increase the collaboration on BIRT Scorecard Exchange, additional new features include the following:

  • Rich new user interface and architecture using latest Web 2.0 technology
  • Dynamic visualizations using Flash based charts
  • New Back-end architecture using SQL Server Express as the Standard Database Repository
  • Rich Text Editing in Commentary including support for hyperlinks
  • Map Designer Undo/Redo feature
  • Save as Image option for Views and Maps
  • Auto date/time stamp for commentary
  • Seamless browser control of font sizes

“Practicing strong performance management is fundamental to survival in today’s economy. Regardless of where you are in your performance management initiative, continuous improvement is a key ingredient to organizational success,” said Nobby Akiha, senior vice president, marketing at Actuate. “With BIRT Performance Scorecard 9 with the new BIRT Scorecard Exchange, organizations can get on the path to higher performance. Using the simple, flexible and intuitive framework, coupled with best-in-breed tools and technologies offered with BIRT Performance Scorecard 9, organizations will gain the insight they need to succeed today.”

Availability and Pricing

BIRT Performance Scorecard 9 is expected to be generally available by the end of December 2009. To learn more about the product call 800-449-3804 or email

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