Polaris Debuts 2010 Product Line

New Products Showcase Leading Level of Product Innovation and Quality from Company's Off-Road Vehicle, On-Road Vehicle and PURE Polaris Divisions

MINNEAPOLIS--()--Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII) today unveiled its product offerings for 2010, keeping its foot on the gas with its entrance into the electric low emission vehicle market, more power and control in All-Terrain and Side-by-Side vehicles, and two new touring model Victory motorcycles, complimenting a wide variety of updated and redesigned models.

The 2010 product line up featured an array of new machines driven to showcase the powersports leader’s commitment to delivering industry-leading quality and innovation to every type of rider. Polaris presented the 2010 product line up to dealers at St. Paul’s Xcel Energy Center and the Polaris Research and Development facility in Wyoming, Minn. as part of a two-day summer sales meeting.

"The Polaris culture revolves around passion, performance and innovation," said Bennett Morgan, president and chief operations officer, Polaris Industries Inc. "Our passion for our business fuels our drive to continue developing products that ride smoother, more comfortably, deliver more performance and do so at a value to our customers. When others are pumping their brakes, Polaris is inviting the world to come ride with us. We see the challenges of the current economic environment as an opportunity for Polaris to lead by example, and we believe our 2010 product line up does exactly that."

To introduce its 2010 model year motorcycles to its dealers, including the all-new Victory Cross Country and Victory Cross Roads, Victory kicked off its celebration as the first successful American motorcycle company in 60 years with revving engines and special appearances by bike designers Arlen, Cory and Zack Ness and Roland Sands, who rode his all-new, customized Hammer 8-ball onto the arena floor. The Off-Road Division rolled out their 2010 products with gusto, wowing dealers in attendance with a collection of new, industry-leading machines including new 2-Up models, a redesigned value line up of ATVs, a much-anticipated mid-size RANGER vehicle and an electric-powered RANGER that ran whisper quiet as it exited the stage.

Off-Road Vehicle Division

RANGER™ Side-by-Side Vehicles
Model Year 2010 brings more power to the industry-leading Polaris RANGER line up with the addition of the 500 H.O. engine for the RANGER 4x4 and the 800 EFI engine for the RANGER 800 XP, RANGER 800 HD, RANGER 800 CREW and RANGER 800 6x6. Not only is the line up getting more power and performance with new engines for existing models, but unlike others in the industry, Polaris RANGER is expanding with all-new mid-size models, RANGER 400 and RANGER EV Electric Side-by-Side. If you want to work harder or play faster, the 2010 RANGER Side-by-Side line up offers something that fits your needs as a collection of exciting new models and big improvements from Polaris’ innovative 2009 product line.

  • RANGER 400 – The RANGER 400 is one of two mid-size models added to the RANGER line up for 2010. Though small enough to conveniently fit in the bed of a pickup truck, the RANGER 400 delivers a 29 horsepower engine, 500 lbs of cargo capacity, 1,000 lbs payload and 1,250 lbs. of towing, fulfilling the RANGER promise of “Hardest Working.” Not only does the RANGER 400 work hard, but it has all the smoothest riding features of a RANGER, including Independent Rear Suspension, long suspension travel and high ground clearance, making this mid-size offering a true “Hardest Working, Smoothest Riding,” RANGER. Its convenient size and hard-working design, with the value price of $7,999, makes the RANGER 400 a perfect partner for hunting, farming, maintaining acreage or doing chores around the property.
  • RANGER EV – The RANGER EV electric Side-by-Side is the most versatile electric vehicle on the market, combining power with the longest travel suspension in its class and an Independent Rear Suspension for smooth travel in the roughest terrain. Built for clean and quiet operation, the RANGER EV has a 30 horsepower electric motor, capable of 25 mph top speed, with an industry best range of up to 50 miles, powered by the largest battery pack in its class, which provides two hours of riding between charges. The RANGER EV also features three unique settings specific to different tasks, allowing for top speeds, best towing or maximum battery life. Despite its smooth and quiet operation, the RANGER EV is still “Hardest Working,” with all the same cargo and towing capabilities of the RANGER 400. The smooth-riding RANGER EV is perfect for getting the job done while its quiet operation blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment.
  • RANGER 800 6x6 The 2010 edition of the RANGER 800 6x6 features a re-designed exterior to handle the nastiest work and most extreme riding conditions. Along with other 800 models, the RANGER 800 6x6 is equipped with the most-armored front end ever designed for a side-by-side to protect vital components. Complimented by inset front headlights and an improved bumper, the latest RANGER 800 6x6 can handle just about anything a rider encounters and come out working hard on the other side. It can haul just about anything too, with a new, truck-like job box between the cargo box and the cab, rated to handle 250 pounds, in addition to the heavy-duty 1,250 pound rating for the cargo box. The 2010 model not only features a tougher, stronger exterior, but thoughtful ergonomics design changes in the cab space to allow for the smoothest, more comfortable ride on the roughest terrain. Passengers will notice more seat and leg space and new angled-back seating. In the driver seat, standard tilt steering and 50 percent easier steering effort allow drivers to steer with just one hand. These new features make the 2010 RANGER 800 6x6 easier and more comfortable to drive than any comparable vehicle available.

Polaris will also offer the RANGER 800 HD, RANGER 800 XP, RANGER 800 CREW and RANGER 500 H.O. as part of its 2010 full-size line up. For the Sport class, Polaris will offer the RANGER RZR and RANGER RZR S.

“With the introduction of two new products, more power for the utility line, the redesigned RANGER CREW and 6x6, and a new top speed for RANGER RZR, the 2010 line up picks up where the 2009 line left off,” said Matt Homan, vice president and general manager of Polaris’ Off-Road division. “We continue to innovate our RANGER line to offer the most extensive Side-by-Side offering in the industry.”

All-Terrain Vehicles
A leader in the Recreational/Utility and Sport markets, Polaris blends innovation and practicality resulting in some of the best-selling products of all-time. The Polaris Sportsman line was the first American-made ATV with industry-firsts such as automatic transmission, electronic fuel injection, independent rear suspension, on-demand true all-wheel drive and engine braking. This year, Polaris has revisited the Sportsman series yet again, focusing on comfort, versatility and value. The company also updated some Polaris favorites to add to their value offering for 2010.

Sportsman® Line – The Polaris Sportsman is a legendary name in the powersports community, claiming numerous accolades and awards over the years as it’s continued to be the vanguard in the industry. With more than one million riders to its credit, the Sportsman evolved again last year with the introduction of the award-winning Sportsman XP. This year, continuing to build on the Sportsman XP success, Polaris has incorporated the features of the Sportsman XP into its 2-Up line, adding innovation to a top-selling segment. Along with innovation, Polaris also added value models to its line-up giving customers legendary Sportsman models at a value price.

  • Sportsman 850 and 550 Touring EPS – For 2010, Polaris has added the 99 percent new Sportsman XP chassis, motor and features to its 2-Up line, introducing the Sportsman 850 and 550 Touring. Regarded as the most comfortable ride in the 2-Up market, the 2010 Sportsman Touring models provide an exclusive shock-absorbing passenger seat for a smooth, comfortable ride in even the most demanding environments. Standard electronic power steering provides variable assist to enhance steering confidence at high speeds and offering the most steering assistance at slow speeds. Complimenting the electronic power steering is Polaris’ exclusive anti-kickback steering, with longer control arms, creating an ultra-responsive, superior ride that’s easy to command from the driver’s seat.
  • Sportsman 550 X2 – The Sportsman 550 X2, equipped with a fold-down second seat and cargo box, displays versatility unmatched in the ATV market. Combining top Sportsman XP features like its 42 horsepower engine with new chassis improvements, the comfort and power of the Sportsman 550 X2 proves to be a great work partner also capable of recreational trail riding, whether it’s a leisurely ride in the woods or a high-level ride through demanding trails. Its exclusive anti-kickback steering with long control arms, the largest wheels in its class and lower profile tires, deliver precise steering, minimizing rider fatigue both at work and on the trail. While offering a strong, comfortable ride in the roughest terrain, the Sportsman 550 X2 features VersaTrac, a locking rear differential system that tightens turn radius, causing less damage to more fragile environments, like a grassy lawn. Performance comes with comfort though, resulting from improved ergonomics, expanded knee room for riders and more passenger room than any other competitive model.
  • Sportsman Value Models- Value is more important to more customers than ever before and Polaris has added a full array of high quality Sportsman ATVs at a value price. For single-riders, Polaris will offer the Sportsman 800 EFI and the best-selling Sportsman 500 H.O. The new Sportsman 500 H.O. Touring was also added to the 2-Up line giving consumers a value 2-Up ATV on an award-winning chassis.

Polaris will continue to offer the Sportsman 850 XP, Sportsman 850 XP EPS, Sportsman 800 6x6 Big Boss, Sportsman 550 XP, Sportsman 550 XP EPS, Sportsman 400 H.O. and Sportsman 300 as part of the company’s Sportsman line up. Browning Limited Edition models will be offered with the Sportsman 850 XP EPS and Sportsman 550 EPS.

Value Sport ATVs – Redesigned for 2010, some of Polaris’ mainstays– the Trailblazer 330, the Trail Boss 330 and the Scrambler 500 4x4 – feature updated styling and improved ergonomics. More powerful lighting, thicker disk brakes, new master cylinder and remote fuel gauge have been added to all three models. For versatile functionality, the Trail Boss 330 includes Lock & Ride-capable steel racks and improved suspension travel, making it an ideal vehicle for value-minded riders looking for an ATV with outstanding capabilities for both work and play. For trail-oriented riders, the Trailblazer 330 and its automatic transmission and easy riding is perfectly designed for novice riders, while the Scrambler 500 4x4, with a more powerful engine and on-demand true all-wheel drive for enhanced traction allows riders intending to take the trail riding experience to another level the power and comfort more challenging paths require.

The Outlaw 525 IRS, Outlaw 525 S, Outlaw 450 MXR, Phoenix 200, Sportsman 90, Outlaw 90, Outlaw 50, RANGER RZR 170 round out the 2010 ATV line up.

“Polaris focused on major improvements to many of our key models in our ATV line up for 2010,” said Matt Homan, vice president and general manager of Polaris’ Off-Road Division. “By coupling the award-winning Sportsman XP features with the best-selling line of 2-Ups and introducing the Sportsman 500 H.O. Touring, we have created the most-comfortable and most-versatile line of 2-Up ATVs focused on innovation and value. Redesigning the Trail Boss 330, Trailblazer 330 and Scrambler 500 4x4 gives entry-level ATV riders a selection of value ATVs with an updated look and improved ride.”

On-Road Vehicle Division

Victory Motorcycles®
The success of the award-winning Victory Vision gave Victory Motorcycles a strong hold in the luxury touring market. Recognizing that this luxury touring space was only a fraction of the entire market, in 2010, Victory Motorcycles attacked the bulk of the touring segment and broadened its line with two new models, extending its reach with consumers into the lucrative heavyweight touring segments. Victory entered the touring market two years ago with the award-winning Victory Vision and now has built a touring family of bikes with the all-new Victory Cross Country and Victory Cross Roads. These two bikes have Victory DNA with modern and forward-looking styling and are cutting edge in their design, performance, quality and comfort. On the dimensions that matter most to buyers – storage, comfort and performance – the Victory Cross Roads and Victory Cross Country deliver 24% more storage, 52% more rear suspension travel and 18% more torque than current category leaders. These important models compliment the Victory Vision and give Victory the complete range needed to grow in the touring segment. The 2010 Victory Touring family offers three distinct models for three distinct riding needs. Recognizing customers’ needs for performance and value, Victory also expanded the 8-Ball family to include the all-new Victory Vision 8-Ball and Hammer 8-Ball. Once again, Victory will offer a full line of cruisers that will continue to showcase the unique, progressive styling and custom-inspired bodywork and paint schemes that people have come to expect from Victory Motorcycles.

  • Victory Cross Country & Victory Cross Roads Only Victory could offer the high-performance, high-comfort Victory Cross Country and Victory Cross Roads with distinctively fresh styling. These two new bikes provide long-distance riders with the best power, handling, ride, comfort and cargo space they’ve ever enjoyed on the open road. The Victory Cross Country and Victory Cross Roads are driven by the same Freedom 106/6 V-Twin that powers the award-winning Victory Vision. The 106-cubic inch engine, with a smooth-shifting 6-speed transmission with overdrive, delivers 92 horsepower and 109 foot-pounds of torque to provide riders with ample power on demand to control the open road at all times. The two bikes use easy-adjust rear air suspension combined with premium braking for ultimate comfort and control. The Victory Cross Country and Victory Cross Roads have an industry leading total vehicle capacity of approximately 580 pounds. Utilizing Victory CORE Technology™, both new models have an innovative two-piece cast aluminum frame resulting in the lightest bike in its class. These bikes roll on new, light weight, hollow-spoked “Roulette” wheels that are standard on all Model Year 2010 Victory touring models.
    • Victory Cross Country – Built to turn heads and rack up miles, the Victory Cross Country offers a touring rider the storage, comfort and performance needed for a long day on the open road. Providing outstanding protection and convenience with its fork-mounted fairing, the Victory Cross County is both stylish and practical. Extensive computer modeling, wind tunnel testing and on-road evaluation went into the fairing’s final design which provides optimal rider protection. For optimal rider experience, the Victory Cross Country also offers cruise control for long hours of highway riding and two-speaker stereo with iPod and MP3 compatibility.
    • Victory Cross Roads – The Victory Cross Roads is a high-performance, high-comfort hard-bag touring model with a windshield. Cruising the open roads or the back roads, riders enjoy the protection of the premium-quality Lexan windshield that was optimized through wind tunnel testing. Victory Cross Roads windshields provide excellent visibility while protecting the driver and passenger from wind, precipitation and road debris.
  • Victory Vision In 2008, the Victory Vision line of motorcycles established a new standard for modern American luxury-touring cruisers. The Vision luxury touring motorcycle was a revolutionary product that boasts class-leading comfort and breakthrough American styling. Victory's own Freedom 106/6 engine is the strength inside all Vision models including the new Victory Vision Tour ABS and Victory Vision 8-Ball. Similar to the Victory Cross Country and Victory Cross Roads, all 2010 Vision models will ride on the new “Roulette” wheels. With smooth, modern styling, this bike class offers a relaxed feet-forward riding position, along with outstanding wind protection, airflow management, cargo capacity, performance and reliability for all passengers.
    • Victory Vision Tour ABS – Equipped with the all-new automotive-style anti-lock brake system (ABS) the Victory Vision Tour ABS optimizes braking effectiveness in all riding conditions. Sensors on each wheel monitor wheel speed during braking, if the system senses slippage or wheel lock, it engages and delivers braking that slows the wheel without locking it. Engineered for touring and comfort, the seat has 4” of padding for long rides with heated seats for the driver and passenger. Additional features include heated handgrips, cruise control, an electronically controlled windscreen and an integrated audio system wired to accommodate iPod, MP3 and GPS.
  • The 8-Ball Family With the addition of two new models to the stylish 8-Ball family in 2010, the Hammer 8-Ball and the Victory Vision 8-Ball, Victory now offers an entire line up of high-performance bikes that deliver great value to customers and the trademark blacked-out look that make 8-Ball models perfect for customizing Featuring the Freedom 100 cubic inch engine, delivering 85 horsepower and 106 foot pounds of torque, the Hammer 8-Ball is built for performance, but like all 8-Balls, delivers on styling as well, with a distinctive long and low look, which shows off this custom-inspired bike and creates an aggressive riding position unmatched in the cruiser market. Not to be outdone, the Victory Vision 8-Ball takes luxury touring to the dark side with blacked-out components and minimal chrome. Engineered for comfort and convenience, the Victory Vision 8-Ball is wired to utilize popular accessories including heated grips, heated seats, cruise control and more. The 8-Ball treatment makes the Victory Vision styling and ride available at a value price point and is an ideal platform for customizing a bike with the desired accessories.
  • Ness Signature Series The cruiser market’s most in-demand, limited edition models are back in 2010 as Arlen and Cory Ness, legendary custom bike builders and Victory styling partners, once again display a pair of limited edition Victory models. Both the 2010 Arlen Ness Signature Series Victory Vision and the Cory Ness Signature Series Vegas Jackpot have been produced in a special, limited-edition quantity. To reinforce the limited-edition nature of these models, each 2010 Ness bike will have a metal plate with the bike’s number, either the Arlen Ness or Cory Ness logo. Other features include custom paint schemes, newly styled Ness chrome and billet accessories, along with Ness wheels and an extensive list of other Ness-designed details.

“Victory is on the gas like no other motorcycle company and well positioned in every segment of the touring cruiser market,” said Steve Menneto, general manager of Victory Motorcycles. “With 24 models in 2010 the customer will see a leaner, meaner Victory motorcycle in stock. We built a Victory Touring Family with the additions of the Victory Cross Roads and Victory Cross Country and have expanded the Victory 8-Ball line to the Hammer and Vision, creating superior value for our customers.”

Neighborhood Vehicle
Polaris has always been a leader in innovation and the introduction of a low emission electric powered Neighborhood Vehicle, the Polaris Breeze™, is another example of that tradition. The Polaris Breeze is the first new product to be launched by the recently announced On-Road Vehicle Division.

  • Polaris Breeze™ This unique, low emission vehicle combines industry leading functionality, with the fun and freedom that consumers have come to expect from Polaris and represents the Company’s initial product entry into the electric vehicle market. The Polaris Breeze is designed for multiple consumer uses such as golfing, comfortably transporting up to four passengers, or easily carrying light cargo loads. With its entirely electric operating system, the Polaris Breeze is a lower emission vehicle than comparable gas-powered offerings and is a fuel-saving alternative to automobiles for consumers making numerous short trips within their master planned community. The new Polaris Neighborhood Vehicle is fun to ride, and is an economically and environmentally responsible means of transportation. Targeted for consumers living in master planned communities, the Polaris Breeze will be available in limited quantities for test ride and purchase at Polaris Neighborhood Vehicle dealerships in select markets starting in September 2009.

“Polaris is constantly looking for new opportunities to deliver consumers innovative vehicles that make transportation easier, less expensive and more fun,” said Mike Jonikas, Vice President of Polaris’ On-Road Vehicle Division. “Developing the Polaris Breeze accomplishes all three of these objectives, and is the first step in an exciting new market opportunity for Polaris.”

PURE Polaris®
In 2010, PURE Polaris is offering a full line up featuring hundreds of new accessories for ATVs, RANGER, RANGER RZR and Victory. Two new RANGERWARE cabs, designed exclusively for the RANGER and RANGER RZR, will be available this fall, in addition to new Steel Cab, Poly Cab and Canvas Cab systems. Combined with Lock & Ride® components, riders can customize their RANGER cab to their specific needs. To maximize public works use for the RANGER, accessories from a partnership between Polaris and RKO Enterprises created a RANGER Fire and Rescue unit that meets the needs of emergency response teams better than any comparable vehicle on the market. PURE Polaris also has a large line of new accessories for All-Terrain vehicles, including easy-to-install Lock & Ride Touring and Cargo boxes to add storage space. If work functions are a must for your ATV, PURE Polaris offers winches, hooks, plows, brushguards, rack extenders, and more. PURE Polaris has accessories to enhance the performance, protection, storage and customized look of any Polaris ATV, new or old. PURE Polaris knows that if you’re RANGER, ATV or Victory bike is prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way, you have to be, too, with new products like the innovative Off-Road Jacket and Transform Pants, which are resistant to adverse weather conditions and adaptable to both cold and heat.

About Polaris
With annual 2008 sales of $1.9 billion, Polaris designs, engineers, manufactures and markets off-road vehicles (ORVs), including all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and the Polaris RANGER™, snowmobiles and Victory motorcycles for recreational and utility use.

Polaris is a recognized leader in the snowmobile industry, and one of the largest manufacturers of ORVs in the world. Victory motorcycles, established in 1998 and representing the first all-new American-made motorcycle from a major company in nearly 60 years are rapidly making impressive in-roads into the cruiser and touring motorcycle marketplace. Polaris also enhances the riding experience with a complete line of Pure Polaris apparel, accessories and parts, available at Polaris dealerships. Polaris Industries Inc. trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “PII,” and the Company is included in the S&P Small-Cap 600 stock price index.

Information about the complete line of Polaris products, apparel and vehicle accessories, is available from authorized Polaris dealers or anytime from the Polaris homepage at www.polarisindustries.com.

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