Job Seekers Offered New Online Behavioral Assessment Service from Intesi! Resources

Company to Give Away 50 Free DiSC Profile Reports

PHOENIX--()--Intesi! Resources (, a leading provider of behavioral assessment services including the DiSC® Profile, announced today that it has introduced a new web-based behavioral assessment service designed to make resumes more effective for those trying to break through the clutter of today’s job market.

The new service, called DiSCresume and available online at, consists of an online multiple-choice questionnaire that requires about 15 minutes to complete. Each assessment is automatically scored, and after a few seconds clients are presented with a completed DiSC Profile Report that is easily viewed, printed, emailed or saved to your computer.

In conjunction with the launch, Intesi! Resources is giving away free profile reports to the first 50 people that apply online (a $1,500 combined retail value). Details and terms and conditions are available on the DiSCresume Web site.

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“With more applicants than there are jobs, employers can be very picky,” said Steve Giles, Co-Owner of Intesi! Resources. “When you apply for a job, your resume is likely to be one of hundreds the employer has received -- all with similar intellectual qualifications. Providing your DiSC Profile with your resume makes your resume stand out, and highlights your behavioral style.”

Each DiSC Profile assessment provides clients with a 23-page profile that includes a detailed and personalized report of a client’s individual behavioral style. A narrative report puts it all in "layman's terms" so it's very easy to understand. It also includes background on the DiSC Model and descriptions of other common behavioral styles. The detailed DiSC Profile is available for $29.95, while a more comprehensive assessment is available for $56.95.

“Not only does a DiSC Profile make you stand out, it also helps a recruiter understand how you will fit into a team and naturally begin to come up with questions they want to ask you,” said Giles. “This is exactly what you want. A recruiter with questions and curiosities schedules interviews.”

A DiSC Profile is not just a “personality” test, rather it is an assessment of a person's behavioral style. A DiSC Profile is designed to demonstrate a candidate’s strengths in a credible way.

Developed by leading psychologists, the DiSC Profile has been used by more than 44 million people, and is used by more than 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies to develop solid, effective teams. In addition to the new online DiSCresume, DiSC Profiles are available for corporate use as well as for trainers and coaches.

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About Intesi! Resources

Intesi! Resources is a leader in behavioral assessments, and an authorized Inscape Publishing Distributor. Intesi! is an Arizona company with a longstanding history of personalized service, and expertise that includes a full time Certified DiSC Trainer on staff. More information is available at


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