Cranes Software Subsidiary Proland Software Announces Strategic Partnership With VirusBuster

BANGALORE, India & BUDAPEST, Hungary--()--Cranes Software Subsidiary Proland Software, an IT security company that owns the Protector Plus range of Anti-virus software products has entered into a strategic partnership with VirusBuster, a Hungary-based security solutions provider.

The partnership is an important step for VirusBuster to further strengthen its position in international markets, and will increase Proland’s existing product portfolio. Through the agreement, the Indian company will be able to provide a wider selection of security solutions to its customers, and expand its presence from a predominantly home/single user base to the enterprise/office segments.

The Indian antivirus industry has seen double digit growth in the recent past. With India rapidly emerging as one of the fastest growing internet user base in Asia (over 81 million surfers), the need for security solutions against online attacks will be the most critical task in the coming years for computer users, be they individuals or organizations.

The partnership, which combines Proland’s market experience and knowledge with VirusBuster’s innovative technology, is expected to create the best of breed security solutions. The two companies see a lot of synergy from this deal, a stronger technical collaboration, better resource utilization and a big boost to research and development in both organizations.

"Today the world has become a global village. Because of users’ exposure to the internet, security products eminence is next only to the operating system. The efficacy of Proland's flagship product, Protector Plus as an antivirus & IT security solution, has increased tremendously after the integration with Virus Buster. One other major factor that we feel would remain the ‘need of the moment’ in this market is value for money, and we plan to address that factor aggressively," according to Ashfaq Ibrahim, Sr. Vice President Cranes Software International Ltd.

For VirusBuster CEO Julianna Bozsó, the agreement is a major step forward in implementing the Hungarian company's international strategy. “We are pleased to get such an important foothold in the Asian market,” she said. “The fact that new Proland products will take substantial advantage of our engine is yet another recognition of our technology. We are confident that the partnership will lead both companies to new successes.”

VirusBuster’s anti-malware engine is robust and widely recognized in the security industry for its high performance. The engine is known for its quality and flexibility. VirusBuster’s products based on the engine have received several awards and certifications.

The alliance of Proland with VirusBuster will bring in lot of value to Proland’s product offering. As VirusBuster’s anti-malware engine is platform (operating system) independent in nature, Proland is flexible to reach all segments for solutions ranging from home to enterprise, including service providers.

Thanks to the agreement, Proland’s Protector Plus Professional product will be released in a new version with the following features:

  • Enhanced antispyware and antispam software
  • Antiphishing
  • Personal firewall
  • Content filtering (Parental control, Porn filtering)
  • Popup blocker
  • Intrusion prevention (Behavior blocking)
  • Vulnerability scanner
  • PC performance tune-up
  • Network scanning (Wireless network monitoring, IM scanner, P2P, IRC scanners)

Proland Software’s long presence in the antivirus market has given the company ample opportunity to study the evolution of malware. The company will leverage its experience and deep domain knowledge of handling threats and the robust technology of VirusBuster to combat challenges posed by malware.

About Proland Software

Since its inception, Proland Software ( has served customers in more than 100 countries. With over nineteen years of experience, Proland has built an in-depth knowledge base of security requirements, software development tools, software libraries and malware databases that gives Proland a cutting edge when it comes to designing and developing systems software products.

Proland Software owns Protector Plus range of anti-virus software products. The software has evolved along with the technology and market needs over a period of time, it had started as Virus Identification and Eradication software for DOS and now the software acts as an active defense solution against multiple types of viruses, trojans and other latest types of malware attacks on systems or internet bound threats.

Protector Plus is offered on all the Microsoft platforms such as, any Windows desktop flavors, Windows Servers, MS Exchange servers and Novell NetWare servers. Proland revived its technology as and when there was a change in the platforms or in the security industry.

With such vast experience, Proland’s Vision is now focused on securing data and information for smooth conduction of business. And also providing solutions and technology that help computer users operate productively countering malware threats anywhere across the globe.

Proland Software enables consumers (individuals) and corporations (business houses) to optimize, manage and transmit their most valuable asset - information, in a secure manner. Proland’s Protector Plus range of products and solutions create the most congenial and secure environment.

Following the acquisition of Proland Software by Cranes Software International, our vision is now backed by a financially strong company with an annual turnover of approximately 100 million US dollars and an operating presence in over 35 countries.

About VirusBuster Ltd.

With its over 15 years of experience, VirusBuster Ltd. ( has international reputation in the field of IT security. Based in Budapest, Hungary, the company delivers full-fledged anti-virus and other security solutions on all major platforms to its customers on five continents. Virusbuster’s software has been recognized with numerous prizes and certificates from many independent testing organizations. Its flagship product, VirusBuster Professional, has won several “Virus Bulletin 100%” awards, “Checkmark Anti-Virus Level One” and “CheckVir” certifications. It received the “Desktop/Server Anti-Virus Detection” certification, and, in 2007 and 2008, the “Desktop/Server Anti-Virus Cleaning” certification from ICSA Labs.

The company also attained OESISOK certification in 2008, which proves that its applications are fully interoperable with the network devices of market-leading technology vendors, such as Cisco, Juniper, NORTEL, 3Com and F5, and they are compatible with network protection (endpoint health validator) systems, including NAP, NAC and TNC.

VirusBuster’s experts have gained worldwide recognition, and are regular presenters at international conferences. CEO Julianna Bozsó received the “The IT Director of 2008 award” from the Hungarian Association of IT Companies (IVSZ).

The company was awarded the “Innovative business solution” prize in 2003, and was named as an “IT Hopeful” in 2004. It won two “Distinguished Software Exporter” titles from IVSZ. VirusBuster has been certified as meeting the ISO 9001:2001 quality assurance standard since 2005.

About Cranes Software International Limited (BSE: 512093. NSE: Cranessoft-eq.)

Cranes Software International Limited, through its software products and productized solutions addresses the needs of scientists, engineers, researchers, and decision makers in multinational companies, governments, defence establishments, academia and research institutions in the aerospace, automotive engineering, banking and financial services, bioinformatics, biology, biotech, chemistry, physics, communications, consumer research and marketing, criminological sciences, cryptography, defence, electronics engineering, empirical analysis, engineering, environmental sciences, genetics, geo sciences, life sciences, material characteristics, material sciences, medical research, oil exploration, pathology, psychological research, quality control, remote sensing, signal processing and telecommunications space. While Cranes Software’s core areas of operations are Enterprise Analytics, Engineering Design, Simulation and Testing, the company's business interests also include high-end training services and R & D in future technologies.

Cranes Software offers a range of proprietary products SYSTAT, SigmaPlot, SigmaStat, SigmaScan, TableCurve 2D, TableCurve 3D, PeakFit, NISA, eta/VPG, eta/DYNAFORM, XID, XIP, Survey ASYST, iCap Reporter, iCap Webmaster, iCap Dashboarder, iCap Data Primer, InventX, Cubeware Cockpit, Cubeware Team Server, Cubeware Importer, Protector Plus and world-renowned products from reputed principals such as Livermore Software Technology Corporation, The Mathworks, Texas Instruments, dSPACE, Mentor Graphics, IBM, Genomatix Software Inc. and Breault Research. The company also has alliances with Microsoft, BusinessObjects / SAP, BEA, Borland, Net Solutions, Anantara, Wipro and Craft Silicon. Cranes Software has a presence in 39 countries (through its direct offices, subsidiaries, channel partners, franchise relationships and other alliances) and has global user base of over 350,000 users.

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Zoltán Mikolás
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Cranes Software International Limited
Prashanth Sreedharan, +91 080 4152 6400 ext. 314
Zoltán Mikolás
PR Manager