CORRECTING and REPLACING Water Pik Inc. Announces the Results of Its “Behind The Shower Curtain” Survey

America’s Steamy Secrets Reveal What Men and Women Really Think About in the Shower Water Pik, Inc.

FORT COLLINS, Colo.--()--In the bulleted section of the release, entitled Go Green In The Bathroom, the second sentence should read: Water Pik suggests switching to a low-flow showerhead, such as the Waterpik® EcoFlow ®1.5 showerhead, which saves up to one gallon of water a minute and features five powerful spray settings (sted two gallons of water a minute and features five powerful spray settings).

The corrected release reads:


America’s Steamy Secrets Reveal What Men and Women Really Think About in the Shower

Taking a peek at what really goes on behind the bathroom’s closed doors, Water Pik, Inc., a global leader in personal healthcare products, today released the findings of its “Behind The Shower Curtain” survey. The study asked 1,000 Americans how they spend their time in the bathroom, what they value most about their behind-the-curtain experience and the nuances between men and women’s bathroom behavior.

The survey found, for example, that while women use shower time to contemplate chores, problems and weight, men spend their shower time thinking about work, sex and day dreams. Men and women did agree that low water pressure is the No. 1 bathroom pet peeve, beating other common annoyances such as tooth paste gobs in the sink, toilet seats left up and hair in the drain, and both agreed that they would rather pay bills than clean the shower. The Water Pik survey also uncovered unique bathroom behavior patterns of parents – underscoring the importance of the shower for moms especially, fifty percent of whom use the shower as “a time to escape” compared to twenty-eight percent of dads.

“We know that people love their shower time, so Water Pik is always looking for ground breaking innovation that transforms the simple act of showering into a unique personalized shower experience,” said Richard Bisson, President and CEO, Water Pik, Inc. “The ‘Behind the Shower Curtain’ survey allows us to look closely at men and women's shower preferences to develop a portfolio of showerheads that exceed expectations in design, style, performance and value.”

Men vs. Women

Once behind that locked bathroom door, a gender divide emerges.

  • While popular opinion is women spend more time in the shower, survey findings show that men shower an average of only 2 minutes less than women (14 minutes for women vs. 12 minutes for men)
  • The survey revealed that 64 percent of women think about their to-do lists in the shower, compared with 48 percent of men
  • 66 percent of men admit to showering with another adult for intimacy compared to 55 percent of women who admit to having an intimate shower
  • Men are twice as likely than women to say they have personally changed a showerhead

Mom’s Escape

All women cherish their shower time, but mom in particular, takes full advantage of her precious shower time.

  • 50 percent of moms say they use the shower as a time to escape, compared to only 28 percent of dads and 29 percent of women without children
  • More than half (53 percent) of moms always feel rushed to get out of the shower to take care of their family compared to 27 percent of dads
  • Moms are more likely than other consumers to say they prefer a massage or pulsating spray that targets specific areas to relieve aches (36% prefer it most)
  • Behind low water pressure, parents biggest bathroom pet peeves are toothpaste gobs in the sink and dirty clothes on the bathroom floor

Other “Behind the Shower Curtain” Fast Facts

  • 89 percent of people take more showers than baths
  • 83 percent of consumers feel uninspired by their current bathroom; however, over half (57 percent) say cost is the No. 1 reason they don’t remodel
  • 60 percent of consumers turn off the water while brushing their teeth and 46 percent reduce their time in the shower to save water
  • 45 percent of people would rather pay bills than clean their shower
  • Most consumers do serious thinking in the shower about chores and problems, though one-third say they spend time in the shower day dreaming
  • One-quarter of consumers say they sing in the shower
  • Two-thirds of people cite consistent water temperature and strong water pressure as key components to a good shower experience

While men and women may differ in their showering preferences, Water Pik believes everyone can create an ideal shower experience by implementing a few simple tips.

  • Upgrade Your Bathroom For Less – Water Pik suggests taking small steps with big impact – such as replacing a showerhead. The Waterpik® showerhead family features truly distinctive designs – from sleek and contemporary to traditional styling that will instantly change the look and feel of your bathroom.
  • Get The Water Pressure You Deserve – While it might not be so surprising that water pressure is the number one concern in the shower, it is important to note that Waterpik® brand showerheads have advanced OptiFLOW® technology to maximize all shower experiences. Water Pik engineers designed OptiFLOW® technology to increase water force by optimizing water flow, so you feel refreshed and invigorated.
  • Create A Spa Experience In The Shower – While 50 percent of people think it’s a hassle to change modes while showering, it’s easy to elevate your shower experience. Try replacing your showerhead with the Waterpik® EasySelect® showerhead the first handheld showerhead that features a finger tip five-mode selector in the handle. The EasySelect® showerhead offers a variety of shower experiences – from concentrated spray to full body coverage to gentle mist – at your fingertips for the ultimate escape.
  • Go Green In The Bathroom – Saving water doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality or breaking the bank. Water Pik suggests switching to a low-flow showerhead, such as the Waterpik® EcoFlow ®1.5 showerhead, which saves up to one gallon of water a minute and features five powerful spray settings. This efficient low-flow showerhead pays for itself in just six months - saving you more than $100 annually on household bills.

The “Behind the Shower Curtain” survey was conducted online and administered to 1,000 participants ages 25-54. For more information about Water Pik, Inc. and the “Behind The Shower Curtain” study please visit

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