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Company That Introduced Selling-in-a-Widget for Large Merchants Such as Spin Magazine Gives Consumers a New Way to Buy and Sell on Any Social Network, Blog or Web site

ToldYa today introduced the concept of “social selling” by launching the first embeddable, portable online store for the social networking world. Based on the company’s proven technology—already in use by 40 of the world’s Top 100 e-commerce providers—the ToldYa eStore empowers any consumer or business to safely sell their new or used products on leading social networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, blogs or their own web site.

Users instantly build a free store that can feature rich media like videos and product images—and publish it in as many places as they’d like, including eBay, which now allows users to publish widgets to their eBay stores. ToldYa handles credit card payment processing and helps to automate the shipping process, charging the seller a 99 cent transaction fee when their product is sold.

To view a sample store, simply visit and take a tour.

“Social commerce” is a recent trend which capitalizes on consumers’ willingness to share product and buying recommendations with their friends. ToldYa takes the concept to the next level by introducing “social selling” through the ToldYa eStore, where the consumer can open their own store on each of their favorite social networking sites, allowing them to easily sell to their friends and networks.

Social Networking Meets Social Selling

Blog platforms (such as Blogger and Typepad) and social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace act as personal hubs that combine an individual’s interests and content—photos, videos, blogs, various musings—in a centralized place.

“Your social profile encapsulates your world and, in many ways, defines who you are. One thing it hasn’t been able to do is allow you to easily buy from or sell to and your friends,” said Michael Birnholz, chief executive officer and founder of ToldYa. “Let’s face it, everyone has something to sell and with ‘social selling’ anyone can do it quickly and easily.”

The leading consumer e-commerce marketplaces—eBay, Amazon and Craigslist—have yet to truly adapt their offerings for Web 2.0. These sites don’t allow users to easily share listings on social media sites, other than posting affiliate links that market products from other sellers. Additionally, any purchase made must be checked out at the e-commerce marketplace—so even if you could figure out how to post a link on your Facebook profile to a bicycle you’re selling on eBay, your friends will have to leave Facebook and checkout at eBay. With a ToldYa estore you never leave the page you are viewing while you are shopping. Other companies that offer commerce enabled widgets require sellers to have merchant accounts, something that consumers simply do not have.

“When the buyer or seller is a friend, or a friend of a friend, there is an added level of trust and credibility versus the anonymity found on Amazon, eBay or Craigslist. This level of trust is what ToldYa is bringing to the masses through ‘social selling.’ Rather than buying from a screenname, you can actually see a picture of the person you’re buying from,” added Birnholz. “We’ve spent the last year perfecting our portable and embedded e-commerce widget technology for major online merchants. Now we’re giving those same capabilities to consumers and small businesses to make it easy to buy and sell on the sites where they’re spending most of their time online.”

Features and Benefits of the ToldYa eStore

  • The ToldYa eStore is a 3”x4” mini store that can be embedded and posted anywhere a consumer can publish content—social networking sites, blogs or Web sites. eBay also now allows users to publish widgets to their eBay stores.
  • Listing a product to sell is extremely easy, with re-usable pictures and descriptions available from an extensive online product catalog of virtually any product found online.
  • Consumers can personalize their storefront with images and text or even a video found on a popular video site.
  • Buyers shop and browse, checkout, select shipping method and even pay for their item right inside the embedded eStore, without ever having to leave the page to go to a third-party website or service such as PayPal.
  • ToldYa eStores can accept cash or credit—sellers don’t need to worry about processing credit cards themselves. ToldYa handles all aspects of the payment process and even integrates tracking of shipments of the items being sold.
  • With ToldYa brokering every credit card transaction, both buyers and sellers are represented equally which guarantees mutual satisfacation.
  • All the necessary tools for order tracking, processing, and reconciliation are available to the seller in their ToldYa account.
  • All ToldYa sellers get their own page at ToldYa making it easy to email friends a link to your store—even those who may not have a social networking profile.
  • Through the “My Network” feature each seller who refers a friend, earns a $1 each time their friend joins and opens a store. Furthermore, when that same friend sells an item, the referrer gets 25 percent of the listing fee, every time, always.

“ToldYa created a portable version of our merchandise store that we not only use on our Facebook and MySpace page, but our corporate web site,” said Tom Hartle, president of Spin Magazine and “In just a few months it has generated thousands of dollars in new subscriptions to our print and online magazine as well as sales of our merchandise.”

Pricing and Availability

ToldYa’s eStore is available immediately at To build and publish your own eStore is 100% free. When an item sells ToldYa charges the seller a 99 cent fee.

About ToldYa

ToldYa is empowering major online retailers, small businesses and consumers with portable and embeddable online stores. The company’s embeddable commerce platform powers the affiiate programs of some of the world’s biggest names in online retail—such as Bluefly,, and TigerDirect. The ToldYa eStore can be embedded anywhere a user can publish content—social networking sites, blogs, and personal / corporate web sites—and includes powerful back-end features such as credit card processing, video and other rich media, performance analytics and fulfillment management.

ToldYa’s leadership team includes executives from Yahoo, Sophio and GiantBank. The privately held company was founded in 2007 and has offices in Fort Lauderdale, Moscow, New York, and Los Angeles.


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