Powermat Launches Line of Wireless Charging Products at CES 2009

Powermat Wireless Energy (Photo: Business Wire)

2009 International CES

LAS VEGAS--()--Powermat (http://www.powermatusa.com) unveils a much anticipated line of revolutionary wireless-energy products at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas from January 8 – 11, 2009. Capable of delivering real time, wireless charging for portable electronic devices including iPods, iPhones, Blackberry and mobile phones, GPS, handheld games and even laptop computers, the new product line will be available for purchase in retail stores in 2009.

With the introduction of over 15 groundbreaking wireless charging products, Powermat showcases an impressive array of simple to use charging solutions that enhance consumers’ lives by providing an unsurpassed level of freedom, convenience and simplicity.

While numerous attempts have been made over the years to bring a viable consumer-friendly product to the market, only Powermat has succeeded in offering a full range of products that will radically change the way consumers view and utilize the charging of their devices.

Based on principles of magnetic induction, Powermat technology renders traditional conductive charging technology obsolete, in favor of an entirely new energy distribution process. Designed for use at home, at the office and on the road, Powermat technology facilitates fast and energy-efficient power delivery.

Consumers simply plug in their Powermat and place up to (depending on model) six different Powermat-enabled devices on the mat to charge. Incredibly, charging occurs at the same rate as if each device were charging with its own charger.

“Our first line of products takes wireless charging to its next evolutionary level,” said Ron Ferber, President. “Not only do we eliminate the unmanageable tangle of ‘wire spaghetti’ that accumulates behind and around work stations and home offices, we also eliminate the need to use multiple bulky chargers to power numerous electronic devices. Above all, we provide the consumer with a better, easier, and totally simplified one-stop method for powering multiple electronics in virtually any environment.

"The breadth of our initial assortment is tremendous, offering wireless solutions for all ages and demographics; from the iPod playing Gameboy toting student to the PC-carrying, Blackberry-communicating adult.”

A Scientific Breakthrough

Powermat utilizes magnetic induction as a power delivery method, combined with significant IP developed in Israel by Powermat; eliminating the traditional cluster of wires and line cords. Powermat offers a ‘complete’ solution with a unique capability to deliver electrical power in either low or high capacity for products as varied as cell phones or laptops. There is no product in the market that can charge both types of devices simultaneously, on the same mat and using a single plug.

Powermat’s inductive technology pairs an ultra-thin mat (5 models to choose from) with a variety of receivers, which connect to your favorite electronic devices. That’s just the beginning of the freedom Powermat offers. Future applications can be embedded directly into walls, ceilings, tabletops or other surfaces, enhancing virtually any surface to become an invisible connectivity point for wire-free energy.

Incredibly, the Powermat system even allows for the wireless transmission of data – audio & video – allowing users to sync their iPods or transmit video to their TVs at very efficient transfer rates.

About Powermat

Powermat is a complete solution for simultaneously delivering real time, wireless charging to multiple electronics including iPods, iPhones, Blackberry, other mobile phones, GPS, handheld games and laptops. Its innovative technology is fast, efficient and safe and will revolutionize the way consumers charge and power.

Powermat is a collaborative effort produced by HoMedics Powermat North America, (HPNA) led by partners Ron Ferber, Alon Kaufman and Ran Poliakine.

HPNA is based in Commerce Township, Michigan.

3000 Pontiac Trail, Commerce Township, MI 48390 www.powermatusa.com


Powermat USA
Scott Eisenstein, 212-590-2436 or 2437


Powermat USA
Scott Eisenstein, 212-590-2436 or 2437