Channel One News Announces OneVote 2008 Results - Teens Declare Senator Barack Obama the President-Elect in Nationwide Online Election

-- Obama nearly sweeps key Battleground states according to poll

-- Channel One Networks youth citizen journalism platform,, inspired teens to share their community stories and engage with politically-aware peers leading up to election

NEW YORK--()--Channel One News, the preeminent news and content provider for teens, today declared Senator Barack Obama as the winner of OneVote 2008, the networks nationwide student mock-election held in advance of the Presidential election. Pulling in a significant 58.5% of the vote, Barack Obama wins the election by a 17 point margin, leaving John McCain holding 41.5% of the teen ballot.

With less than a week left on the campaign trail, Barack Obama and John McCain continue to trek the country in hopes of pulling in voters from what remain key battleground states. However, according to OneVote teen voters, its already clear who will swing the vote. Results show Barack Obama as the victor in all but one of the designated swing states, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Iowa and New Hampshire, with John McCain prevailing only in Missouri.

Teens nationwide were able to cast their choice in an event created to engage them in the electoral process and to provide vital civic education by giving recognition to the voice and opinions of this next influential group of voters. Since the inception of the program in 1992, every OneVote Presidential poll has correctly predicted the national outcome.

Kent Haehl, Channel Ones CEO, commenting on OneVote 2008 offered, Once again, we are pleased to offer the nations youth an opportunity to have a voice and prepare them for the privilege of voting that adults enjoy. Channel One News has dedicated significant programming time to the primarys last season and general election this season to prepare our viewers for this event.

Adding, We have seen every preceding One Vote accurately predict the winner and while the exact percentages and states won next week might be slightly different, we feel that given the history, OneVote is a good reflection of conversations taking place at dinner tables across the United States of America.

Through conducted exit polls, teens shared their opinions about the critical issues shaping their votes. The majority of teen voters stated that the candidates stance on the Economy was the most important issue (39%), followed by the War in Iraq (26%). Education came in third (13%), followed closely by the Environment (12%) and Social Issues (10%).

This year, select teens served as Team OneVote on-air political commentators, sharing their views and community opinions through the networks national daily broadcast and by filing regular reports through Channel One Newss newly launched user-generated video platform, You Tell It ( This unique channel brought teens together to view and share newsworthy experiences affecting their generation and gave important recognition to budding youth citizen journalists during the final weeks of the campaign and will continue to serve as a platform for youth expression on an ongoing basis.

OneVote 2008 marked the networks fourth run of the largest student mock-election held in advance of the national Presidential election. Now in its second year of partnership with NBC News's Peacock Productions, Channel One News continues to benefit from expanded global newsgathering capabilities, ensuring worldwide coverage of breaking news and has served as an important political news source for teens in the weeks leading up to the election.

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