Cofio Announces Beta Program for AIMstor

New Software to Govern, Protect and Optimize Unstructured Data

SAN DIEGO--()--Cofio Software Inc. today announced the beta release of its flagship product, AIMstor, a software-only solution dedicated to the Active Information Management of corporate data. The new application employs a transformational architecture and delivers a large array of data center operations. AIMstor provides important benefits to the modern data center, including fast ROI, reduced overhead and support, metadata consistency across the entire data lifecycle, and tight control over primary and secondary data.

AIMstor 1.X is the brainchild of Fabrice Helliker, CTO and co-founder of Cofio, and his team of core engineers, who over the past 16 years have had great success in architecting and developing data protection applications at the enterprise level for the likes of AT&T Bell Labs, NCRs Teradata Division, Yahoo, NetApp, NASA, Sony, Chrysler, Los Alamos Labs, and many others.

From the initial concept of our design, we built AIMstor around natural business processes, said Helliker. In fact, the entire user interface resembles a business process you might draw on a whiteboard. You simply drag and drop iconized resources, classifications and operations directly into the work space, where they automatically link up to backend operations. What we did was step out of the box and create something users have been asking for, something that followed their business processes, cycles and needs. This represents the first part of our vision. Other substantial parts will come out incrementally over the next four quarters.

AIMstor can be installed in minutes. Setting up an operation such as Data Leak Prevention for a group of desktops and servers can then be done in a few clicks. Setting up Asynchronous Replication of several file servers can be done in seconds.

AIMstor supports Windows, with Linux support scheduled for Q4 2008. AIMstor uses native operations to unify data management tasks and provides a compelling total-cost-of-ownership to the user community. Features of AIMstor include:

Content Security:

  • Enforceable endpoint security for removable mass storage
  • Enforceable content security for data at rest and data in use
  • Write Once Read Many (WORM) disk file system creation
  • Intelligent data tracking in real time for active compliance enforcement
  • Detailed behavior tracking for forensic analysis

Data Protection (Replication):

  • Continuous data replication
  • Wide range of topologies: many-to-one, one-to-many, etc.
  • Granular, byte-level change aware
  • Oracle and Exchange are supported
  • Synchronous, Asynchronous, Journaled, and Bi-Directional replication

Data Optimization:

  • Data management mapping to business processes
  • Active data change detection of all enterprise data
  • Policy tagging of all structured and unstructured data
  • Real-time policy management triggered by data touches and changes

The AIMstor product release schedule for the next several quarters includes a number of other operations designed to fill gaps that modern IT infrastructures struggle with on a daily basis. All are planned as operation add-ons to the existing application.

The AIMstor vision reaches across many aspects of unstructured data management, such as data protection, leak prevention, and classification, said Vivian Tero, program manager, Compliance Infrastructure, IDC. Cofios challenge will be to apply total solution thinking to a market steeped in point solutions. The use of multiple data management operations, scaling across an application framework is unique, and could become a compelling case for many types of enterprises.

Cofio is off to a great start, solving the core of data management problems the way they should be solved, said Arun Taneja, founder and consulting analyst of Taneja Group, a highly regarded IT analyst and consultancy group. If they can execute on their complete vision within the next few quarters, their approach will represent a turning point in the way data management is applied within the enterprise.

George Crump, of Storage Switzerland, said, In countless conversations with CIOs and Data Center Managers over the past six months there is an overwhelming need for a unifying tool that moves beyond data management and data monitoring. We call that Data Supervision. Cofio, with AIMstor, is out front in fulfilling that demand.

We think people are ready for a data management platform that cuts out redundancy and waste, said Tony Cerqueira, president and co-founder of Cofio. Users have consistently expressed an interest in something that can manage, protect and secure both primary and stored data. Keeping data and metadata consistent throughout the data lifecycle is something IT managers can appreciate. Later, we intend to provide granular connections to products offered by the larger vendors, further enabling them in ways not yet seen today.

AIMstor is targeted at small to large enterprise-level IT infrastructures. Cofio will pursue sales through resellers, system integrators, appliance vendors and OEMs, enabling them to extend their own specific solution offerings. Beta version 1.02 requires registration, and is now available at

About Cofio Software, Inc.

Cofio is the creator of AIMstor software, for Active Information Management of data. AIMstor is a transformational solution, managing both primary and retention data, and optimizing unstructured data on an active basis. AIMstors unique architecture allows it to provide a unified framework for content security, data protection and information optimization, all within a single application. Cofio is a global supplier of storage software with offices in the US and Europe. For more information please visit:


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Cofio Software Corp.
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JPR Communications
Judy Smith, 818-386-0403