Fall Detection and Mobile GPS Tracking Bracelet a Huge Hit at AARP 50th Anniversary Event

BrickHouse Security Unveils the Innovative New BrickHouse Alert Technology Offering Total Coverage Both in the Home or on the Go

NEW YORK--()--BrickHouse Security, one of the most trusted providers of surveillance technologies to federal and state law enforcement agencies across the country, unveiled the groundbreaking BrickHouse Alert at last week's national AARP convention in Washington, D.C. The BrickHouse Alert is a combination of the most requested security needs by AARP members and functions as part personal emergency response system, part home alarm and part GPS tracking bracelet. The new BrickHouse Alert was in high demand and all the rage amongst AARP attendees.

The new BrickHouse Alert offers the most complete, and comprehensive emergency response coverage in North America with trained live personnel 24/7 ready to assess any situation and spring into action.

Disruptive Technology Displaces Old-Fashioned Security

Most seniors are paying $40 - $60 a month for a home alarm that leaves them unprotected against the most common issue facing seniors...falls when alone. Some seniors also pay an additional $40 - $100 a month for a cell phone they have trouble using and only need in an emergency. BrickHouse Alert has managed to combine all these technologies into an affordable package for seniors for a low monthly fee, while providing the equipment on loan free of charge.

There are three major dangers for seniors: Falling and being unable to call for help, wandering due to Alzheimer's Disease, and medication errors, said nationally known seniors care and "Nana" technology expert Andrew Carle.

We were honored to launch BrickHouse Alert at the AARP National Convention, said BrickHouse Security founder Todd Morris. BrickHouse Alert was created to protect our families at every stage of life, giving them the freedom to live independently without being alone while addressing the major dangers for seniors. BrickHouse Security continues its commitment to be a trusted source of personal security, safety and protection.

The in-home/on the go BrickHouse Alert coverage includes:

Tele-Assist "In-The-Home" Fall Alert & Inactivity Detection:

Tele-Assist provides complete in-home assistance while allowing privacy and extreme simplicity. "It's so easy to use, one doesn't even need to push a button, and help is on its way," stated Todd Morris, CEO BrickHouse Security. "We designed this all inclusive system to provide the aging American population with the confidence to live independently with an added level of home security to keep them safe from intruders."

The first of its kind features include:

  • Fall Alert
    Automatically sends for help if the wearer falls and cant push the panic button or call out for help
  • No Activity Alert
    Tracks body movement and calls for help if expected activity is not sensed
  • Intruder Alarm
    Automatically lets police know if intruders are detected
  • Live Personal Reminders & Caring Personal Assistant
    A live person will remind them of events, medication, doctors appointments and even wait for them to take out the trash
  • Emergency Alert Pendant
    Worn around the neck to alert help and used to answer any incoming call if the wearer is unable to get to the phone

Mobile GPS Bracelet with Wander Alert:

The Mobile GPS Bracelet with Wander Alert quickly and accurately alerts the wearer's family members, doctors, or emergency workers in case of emergency and puts them in direct communication. Perfect for the elderly, children, or just someone going off on their own, the BrickHouse Alert Mobile GPS provides live, real-time GPS tracking and immediate assistance when and where it is needed.

The Mobile GPS Bracelet features include:

  • GPS Location Aware
    In an emergency, BrickHouse Alert can find the wearer and send help anywhere
  • Safety Zone Wander Alert
    Family and emergency personnel will get notified via e-mail or cell phone upon wandering outside of geographic zone
  • Built-In Speakerphone
    Live 2-way communication with emergency personnel, friends and family

Dedicated Professional Monitoring Service is on call 24/7 with live operators standing by to assist anyone in need. BrickHouse Security's Dedicated Professional Monitoring Service currently monitors over 900,000 people nationwide. BrickHouse Security's skilled operators are heavily trained in Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) and Intruder alarm to provide seniors with the highest quality of service. BrickHouse Alert can evaluate any situation and notify police, fire or ambulance at a moment's notice, as well as contact family members.

About BrickHouse Security.com

Headquartered in New York, BrickHouse Security is dedicated to assisting the public and government with their security, safety, protection, GPS tracking, covert surveillance, and counter-surveillance needs. Each day the Company and its products protect thousands of customers from around the world, utilizing innovative concepts and technologies to meet their growing needs. Security professionals, law enforcement and parents turn to BrickHouse Security's knowledgeable industry leading experts as their sole source for security over all other retailers for their most sensitive of needs. BrickHouse Security offers products designed solely for your security, safety, prevention, and retrieval of everything our consumers hold important to their hearts.


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