From Brides to Business Professionals: Viewpath Makes Online Project Planning Solutions Available to Everyone

Viewpaths 2.0 Version Launches Out of Beta to Offer Unlimited Free Express Edition and Enhanced Standard Edition of Its Online Project Management Service

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Peoples lives today are connected to projects of all sizes from the small business owner launching a new product, to marketers developing a community website or newsletter, to the to-do list of a couple planning their wedding. Although the scale of the projects may vary, the successful execution of each project has a common thread: keeping things organized, managing time efficiently and achieving desired outcomes within budget. One obstacle to effective planning is the lack of a user-friendly, cost-effective tool for everyday people to navigate the complexities of projects and events in both their professional and personal lives. Today, Viewpath, provider of on-demand and easy-to-use project management solutions, announced the conclusion of its version 2.0 beta release with the launch of two new service offerings: Viewpath Express, a free, ad-supported plan; and Viewpath Standard, a plan with enhanced capabilities for a low fee of $10.95 per month/per user. These two unique offerings let users easily choose the plan that best fits their requirements and budget.

Everywhere you turn, people are engaged in project-related tasks. But many individuals dont see how their day-to-day activities are interconnected within the larger context of a project schedule, said Dean Carlson, Viewpath founder and CEO. As a result, they miss opportunities to streamline workflow and communication with team members, or worse yet, let time-critical tasks get lost in the shuffle. Having trained more than 20,000 professionals during my career, Ive seen everyday business professionals get frustrated by the complexity, long learning-curve, and high cost of traditional project management software typically deployed in large-scale projects. When people have easy access to project tools that are tailored to their everyday realities, activities are executed with better clarity and completed in less time with less stress.

Viewpath Faster, Smarter, Easier Tools for Everyone - Viewpath enables anyonefrom educators to meeting plannersto customize their daily activity lists and set realistic schedules for completing the projects, events and activities that intersect in both their work and personal lives. With its secure and flexible platform, users continually see the big-picture context day-by-day as they manage planned and unplanned priorities across multiple projects and events. Individuals working with different Viewpath services can easily collaborate and streamline project workflow that spans numerous departments, organizations and time zones. Intuitive drag-and-drop visual planning tools and a smart Gantt chart format let individuals organize their project and personal activities, all in one place. Viewpaths solutions are so simple that individuals can learn to navigate the applications features in 90 minutes or less. Viewpath is now publicly available through two service offerings:

Viewpath Express: Everyday Projects, Everyday Access - Viewpath is the first company to move beyond the typical 30-day trial period by allowing anyone free unlimited access with Viewpath Express to a secure, feature-rich, online project planner. The free ad-supported service allows any number of individuals to participate simultaneously in numerous projects and events while seeing the progress of each contributor and the overall summary of project progress with collaborative Gantt charts and customizable activity dashboards. This allows, for example, a marketing manager working on a new brochure to track the impact on the design and printing tasks when the copywriter informs him of a missed deadline, or a bride planning her wedding can share project timelines with her mother-in-law and the catering service.

Viewpath Standard: Team Collaboration Gets a New Perspective - This low-cost plan provides individuals with an enhanced level of service. For $10.95 per month/per user, individuals receive all the benefits of Viewpath Express without the ads. Viewpath Standard gives users overseeing a project a deeper insight with customizable project status reports, and features additional upgrades, including cost-tracking components, allowing individuals in charge of a project to see exactly how tasks are tracking across contributors and how results tie to the projects bottom line. Viewpaths innovative technology makes it easy for everyone contributing to a project to get on the same pagedelivering projects on time and within budget.

Viewpath: Diverse Projects, One Path to Success - During its public beta period, more than 30,000 individuals from around the world experienced and tested Viewpaths innovative and visual planning features. Viewpath is the solution of choice for a wide spectrum of users such as: event planners, small business owners, students, educators, marketing and advertising professionals, nonprofits, magazine editors, operations managers, brides, research scientists and sales managers.

The following are examples of organizations leveraging Viewpath:

Convention and Visitors Authority Uses an Unconventional Approach to Managing Projects - When Saint Paul Convention and Visitors Authority (CVA), a marketing organization for the economic development of Saint Paul, Minnesota, decided to use Viewpath, it was important for the company to save money, increase collaboration and streamline workflow. Saint Paul CVA executives found that Viewpaths online application could give them the personalization and security they needed to reach the organizations goals.

We searched extensively for a product that would bring our staff together virtually to work on ongoing projects, said Adam Johnson, Saint Paul CVA marketing projects director. Many of these products were either out of our budget or included too many features that we would simply never use. Viewpath provided the ultimate balance of price and features--allowing our staff to work collaboratively on projects and see them through to fruition in a clear, concise and trackable manner.

A Picture is Worth More than a Thousand Words - Michigan Engineer Magazine needed to organize quickly. Looming short-term deadlines meant editors had to stay informed in real time. Viewpaths Gantt charts make it easy for staff to have the at a glance knowledge of the progress of the latest magazine edition and the status of the teams articles.

As a magazine editor I keep track of a lot of moving parts writers, photographers, artists, designers, printers, photo editors, article reviewers, versions of articles as they proceed through the editing process and they're all moving simultaneously, at different speeds, with individual deadlines, said Bill Clayton, Editor of Michigan Engineer Magazine. I needed a way to schedule all of that work and visualize at a glance how everything is progressing, how each part connects to others and when those connections take place. I also had to have a means of giving other people access to the same information. Viewpath turned out to be the tool that I needed. Full-featured. Powerful. With a very short learning curve, I was able to use the program's basic functions immediately and pick up more as I went along. Keeping several dozen balls in the air at the same time has been a lot easier since I found Viewpath. Now that I've found it, I can't imagine working without it.

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About Viewpath

Viewpath is an on-demand, visually oriented project management solution that empowers individuals to take control of their daily workflow. Designed by project management experts to reflect the way people actually work, Viewpath offers a flexible, distributed approach to project planning that aligns long-term objectives with day-by-day action plans. Viewpaths intuitive, visual approachfeaturing smart Gantt chartinglets individuals and teams visualize, organize, prioritize and actualize all of the projects and events that intersect in both their work and personal lives. For more information, visit:


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