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--()--Vivante Corporation is an embedded graphics technology company licensing 2D and 3D Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) solutions to semiconductor solution providers, targeting the high definition home entertainment, embedded mobile, image processing, and automotive display/entertainment markets.

Vivantes GPU product line includes GPU cores, which are being deployed into a broad range of consumer and automotive electronics devices including high-definition digital home entertainment, mobile devices like cell phone application processors and automotive cluster/console displays.

The recent trend in graphics hardware has been to replace fixed functionality with programmability in areas that have grown exceedingly complex (e.g., vertex processing and fragment processing). The OpenGL® Shading Language (GLSL) has been designed to allow application programmers to express the processing that occurs at those programmable points of the OpenGL pipeline. Independently compilable units written in this language are called shaders. A program is a set of shaders that is compiled and linked together.

Vivantes GPU technology is architected from the ground up to deliver a high-precision, true unified shader implementation that maximizes graphics performance and quality delivered per milliwatt of system power consumption.

Semiconductor vendors who have selected Vivante as their GPU supplier are differentiating their products with:

- Robust graphics application support enabled by Vivantes high performance true unified shader architecture with full support for GLSL without exceptions.

- Maximum programmer flexibility including high-precision support for long instructions, dynamic branching in the pixel shader, and non-constant varying indexing.

- Extended battery life and energy savings enabled by the highest performance per milliwatt in each performance class.

- Vivantes GC500 is the smallest OpenGL ES 2.0-compliant GPU available today. Significantly silicon area savings have been observed in competitive comparisons in each performance class.

- Support for industry standard application programming interfaces (APIs) OpenGL ES 2.0, including all extensions, DirectX®, OpenVG®, and OpenGL ES 1.1.

- Rapid hardware integration. Vivantes licensees quickly and consistently reach target frequency and optimal final silicon area using provided reference implementation packages for Cadence and Synopsys design tool environments.

Vivante Corporation is a private company incorporated in California and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with a subsidiary in Shanghai, China.


  Vivante Corporation

Headquarters Address:

268 Santa Ana Court
Sunnyvale, CA 94022

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+1-408-738-0186 ext. 142



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Consumer Electronics

Key Executives:

CEO: Wei-Jin Dai

VP Sales and Business Development: David Jarmon

CTO: Mike Cai


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David Jarmon


+1-408-738-0186 ext. 142