Swarmcast Passes Seventy-Five Minute Live Streaming Milestone

Significant Achievements in 2008 Help Further Companys Mission to Enable Content Owners to Build and Sustain Profitable Business Models around Live Content Online

MINNEAPOLIS--()--Swarmcast, the leader in high-quality online video delivery, today revealed that the average length of its live content streams delivered in 2008 has surpassed seventy-five minutes. Companies such as Major League Baseball (MLB.com) and iClips.net, the leading provider of free online concert streams, have deployed Swarmcasts Autobahn Platform to offer their customers full screen, high-quality live content over standard broadband.

As the online video industry shifts from short on-demand video clips to full-length live streaming, content owners are looking for ways to build businesses either via subscription and / or advertising-based revenue models around live content. Regardless of revenue model or type of content (i.e., sports, music, etc.), in order to build and maintain a loyal, engaged audience businesses must make the investments necessary to ensure high-quality video for each individual viewer.

Deploying Swarmcasts Autobahn Platform supplies businesses with an infrastructure capable of supporting live events in excess of three hours without buffering, stuttering, or degradation in video quality. Swarmcasts unique delivery of live streaming ensures that video is always being played at the highest available bandwidth for each viewer. Not only does this lower the overall cost and greatly improve the quality and reliability of video delivery, it enables Swarmcasts customers to seamlessly scale their networks to support worldwide audiences. Surpassing the seventy-five minute milestone demonstrates that delivery models have matured to the point that revenue-generating businesses can be built around live content.

Some of the events and streaming landmarks that led to Swarmcast surpassing seventy-five minutes include:


July 15, 2008 The longest All-Star Game in Major League Baseball history 15 innings in four hours, fifty minutes was also the most international, with 22 foreign players competing and the game being seen in over 229 countries / territories

July 14, 2008 The Homerun Derby, an annual event of the All-Star Game, broke several attendance records and also included the most homeruns ever hit in one round, 28 by Josh Hamilton

February 16-23, 2008 Swarmcast worked with TV Tokyo to stream a promotional event for the World Table Tennis Championships where a team of players held the longest rally in history, 168 continuous hours. The Autobahn Platform streamed the entire event without any rebuffering or stuttering, resulting in the longest continuous live event stream in history

Summary Over 500,000 minutes of live sports streamed in 2008 resulting in more than 100 million streams in the first five months alone

With the Autobahn Platform in place, TV Tokyo was able to stream high-quality video for 168 hours without a single interruption or instance of rebuffering, said Ikuo Saito, Deputy General Manager of TV Tokyo. With Autobahn, we have the confidence and the freedom to offer high quality video to the world, completely ushering in a new era of what is possible for and with Internet video. This enabled us to offer the flawless continuous stream, and breaking the world record as well.

Music / Events

July 3-6, 2008 The inaugural Rothbury Festival, which was created to promote sustainability and overall environmentalism, was streamed to a global audience and included over 100 bands

June 28, 2008 Nelson Mandelas 90th birthday party, which included performances by Will Smith, Queen, Josh Groban, Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis and a host of African stars, was delivered around the world and raised over three million dollars for Mandelas 46664 organization. A truly global event, here are the top five nations in terms of viewership:

  • United Kingdom (GB) 40.23%
  • Germany (DE) 14.05%
  • France (FR) 12.06%
  • United States (US) 7.19%
  • Spain (ES) 3.19%

February 4, 2008 Swarmcast streamed Dead Heads for Obama a fundraiser in San Francisco for Barack Obama that featured the first live performance of the surviving members of the Grateful Dead in more than four years

Summary Streamed 13 major concerts and music festivals including the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, Green Apple Festival, Country Thunder and Langerado

Even though surpassing the seventy-five live threshold is an important milestone for our platform and for the industry as a whole, we are still only scratching the surface of what is possible online, said Kelly C. Egan, Vice President of Business Development at Swarmcast. The rapid globalization of audiences and the move towards monetizing live content has opened new doors for revenue but has also presented challenges in terms of scale and manageability. With the Autobahn Platform, companies have the infrastructure to offer live content at any length, improving the viewing experience and fully maximizing the value of their video.

About Swarmcast

Swarmcasts Autobahn Platform empowers content providers to build profitable businesses around high-quality online video. The Autobahn Platform delivers full screen, high quality video that sharpens to the best experience for each viewer, without buffering or stalling. The Autobahn Platform works seamlessly with existing CDNs, with ubiquitous rich media players, including Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash, and with best-of-breed backend management systems. Engaging global audiences for both live and on-demand content, Swarmcast is redefining what is possible for Internet video.

For more information about the Autobahn Platform, please visit http://www.swarmcast.com.


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