TransitCenter Study Finds 68% of Workers Say Employers Environmental Values Should Mirror Their Own

Only One-Third Report Their Companies are Proactively Meeting Obligations to Environment

NEW YORK--()--More than two-thirds of employees believe that their employers environmental values should match their own, but that the majority of their companies are falling short of meeting those obligations, finds a new study conducted by BusinessWeek Research Services (BWRS) and commissioned by TransitCenter, Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides tax-free transit benefits as a means to promote mass transit use. Against a backdrop of rising concerns over energy and the environment, the survey, entitled, The Impact of Commuting on Employees, reported that 92 percent of employees are concerned about global warming and more than three quarters use energy-saving products and techniques at home.

In less than a generation, employee expectations of their companies have gone from providing a steady paycheck to taking an active role in offering solutions to a variety of societal problems, said Larry Filler, president and CEO of TransitCenter. Whats so ironic is that many companies are greener than they think. Tens of thousands of businesses have adopted TransitChek and other tax-free commuter benefits that encourage mass transit. The use of these products has reduced CO2 emissions dramatically, but companies have not yet spread the word about their good work in this area. According to the American Public Transportation Association, the use of public transit in the U.S. reduced carbon emissions by over 6.9 million metric tons in 2005.

The study also revealed opportunities for companies looking to burnish their green credentials. More than nine in ten employees (91 percent) who say they work for environmentally proactive companies consider their businesses to be a good or exceptional place to work. That figure drops to 69 percent for people who work at companies they believe are not environmentally proactive.

The study also found:

  • 35 percent of employees feel their companies environmental efforts mirror their own
  • 83 percent of employees recycle
  • 49 percent buy recycled products
  • 34 percent choose products from companies that have demonstrated their concern for the environment

The study covered 1,048 respondents in Chicago, New York and San Francisco in October 2007. These cities were chosen due to their geographically dispersed markets and high concentration of commuters as identified by the U.S. Census 2005 American Community Survey. The survey has a 95 percent confidence level with a margin of error of +/- 3 percent.

A copy of the TransitCenter and BusinessWeek Research Services survey report is available by contacting Charles Kim at

About Tax-Free Commuter Benefits

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About TransitCenter

A nonprofit corporation, TransitCenter specializes in tax-free commuter benefits, transit information and assistance for employers and commuters nationwide. TransitCenter introduced the nations first tax-free commuter benefits program in 1987 to encourage more people to use mass transit to protect the environment, preserve natural resources and improve the quality of life where people work and live. Today, more than 11,000 employers and 500,000 employees participate in TransitCenters TransitChek commuter benefits programs as a convenient, money-saving way to pay for commuting.

For 20 years, TransitCenter has worked hand-in-hand with transit providers, communities and employers to make mass transit more accessible. Independent since 2001, TransitCenter was founded in 1986 as a joint alliance of leading public transit providers. A deep heritage in transit drives TransitCenters continued commitment to bringing new innovations to employers and transit riders that participate in TransitChek tax-free commuter benefits programs. Learn more by visiting


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