China Expert to Protest High Gas Prices with Horse Ride in Santa Monica Sunday, April 13; News Conference on Oil and Energy Prices, Iraq Follows

First the trucksand now the horse.

--()--As another means of protesting the escalating gas prices, Peter de Krassel, an internationally-renowned expert on China (, business entrepreneur, author, columnist and lecturer, will ride a horse--attired in contemporary Chinese clothing--on San Vicente Blvd in Santa Monica on Sunday, April 13, between 11:30 and 12 noon. At the conclusion of the ride, de Krassel will hold a news conference to discuss a variety of subjects relating to China and then conduct a book signing for his new book at The Office, a popular workplace for writers and other professionals.

de Krassel opines that the high price of oil is not the fault of China but rather the Arab oil producing countries and American energy companies and that not only has the Iraq War not resulted in cheap oil and money to pay for the cost of the war, but the reverse has happened. Other subjects he will discuss include:

  • The competition between China and the U.S. for Middle East oil--one which the U.S. is losing.
  • The only solution to the Iraq War--from the Chinese perspective.
  • Need for U.S. and China to be geopolitical partners if the world is to survive.
  • Chinas view of the U.S. Presidential election and candidates.


  Sunday, April 13
Horse ride will begin at 11:30 a.m. (to approximately 11:50 a.m.)
News Conference will begin at 12 noon followed by book signing.


Horse Ride: Will commence at the Southeast Corner of 16th Street and San Vicente Blvd. Ride will proceed on island (in middle) east on San Vicente Blvd., then turn East (right) on 26th Street, half block to The Office.


News Conference/Book Signing

The Office

256 - 26th Street, Suite 101, Santa Monica



PETER DE KRASSEL: Internationally prominent author, columnist, lecturer and business entrepreneur and authority on Sino-American relations.



de Krassel, dressed in contemporary Chinese attire, will ride on a horse to The Office for the news conference and book signing.



For information or advance arrangements, contact Bob Fisher of Fisher & Associates: 805/496-5386 or Mr. Fisher will be present to assist your personnel. Weekend telephone number is 818/590-6880.


Fisher & Associates
Bob Fisher, 805-496-5386


Fisher & Associates
Bob Fisher, 805-496-5386