WiMAX World 2007 Exhibitor Profiles

WiMAX World 2007

CHICAGO--()--WiMAX World 2007 takes place Sept. 25 27 at McCormick Place in Chicago. For in-depth information about the event, visit http://usa.wimaxworld.com/.

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Company: Agilent Technologies
Booth: 737
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: A, NYSE
Media Contact: Janet Smith
Phone: 970-679-5397




Agilent Technologies, a leader in WiMAX test and measurement products, delivers a broad range of solutions to address the unique challenges brought about by the Fixed and Mobile WiMAX specifications. Agilent was first to market with R&D-based WiMAX solutions and is a Principal member and active participant in the WiMAX Forum®. Agilent's solutions are currently used worldwide across the lifecycle from R&D to manufacturing for components, chipsets, boards, mobile devices, and basestations. Agilents I&M tools provide the quality assurance that service providers depend on for network deployment.
Agilent is committed to providing innovative test solutions that clear the way for WiMAX to move forward.
Company: Altair Semiconductor
Booth: 830
Media Contact: Jeff Schwartz
Phone: (650) 776-7007




Altair Semiconductor is the world's leading developer of ultra-efficient, small footprint, high performance mobile WiMAX semiconductors designed exclusively for battery-operated handsets and handheld devices. The company's chipset provides handset and portable device manufacturers with the industry's smallest, most robust and cost-effective mobile WiMAX solution.
Altair was founded in May 2005 by Texas Instruments executives who were also founders of Libit Signal Processing, a fabless chip company acquired by TI in 1999 for $365 million. Altairs world class scientists, algorithm, VLSI and software engineers have jointly developed over twenty complex mixed-signal silicon products, spanning six different broadband wired and wireless technologies.
Company: Anatech Microwave Company
Booth: 443
Phone: 973-772-4242




Anatech Microwave Company (AMC) is involved in design, manufacturing and supply of RF and Microwave Products, extensively used in WIMAX, WIFI, WLAN, GSM, PCS, Cellular and many other Wireless Communication applications. Our quality products include cavity and ceramic Filters and Duplexers/Diplexers, Wireless Amplifiers, Antennas, PowerDividers, Directional Couplers and Coaxial Terminators catering to the Wireless and Communication industry. All our products can be customized and modified to specific customer requirements. As a manufacturer and supplier, AMC works with a variety of distributors, and help maintain their supply chain, by providing accurate deliveries, and works with long range demand requirements, by maintaining close contact with Program Managers, and Contractors.
Company: Andrew Corporation
Booth: 301
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: ANDW
Media Contact: Rick Aspan
Phone: 708-236-6568




Andrew Corporation designs, manufactures, and delivers innovative and essential equipment and solutions for the global communications infrastructure market. Andrew supports the entire radio frequency (RF) footprint with transmission line systems, cables, antennas, filters and combiners, power amplifiers, spectrum management, wireless location systems, in-building distributed wireless systems, and network management and optimization tools.
Andrew serves operators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), distributors, integrators, and installers worldwide. The company helps customers extend coverage and service, realize supply chain economies, and optimize infrastructure anywhere in the world. Andrew solutions support both traditional and evolving technology standards for TDMA, GSM, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS/HSDPA.
Company: Ceragon Networks
Booth: 400
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NASDAQ/TASE: CRNT
Media Contact: Yoel Knoll
Phone: 972 3 766 6419




Ceragon Networks Ltd. is a leading provider of high-capacity Ethernet and TDM wireless backhaul solutions for cellular and fixed wireless operators, enterprises and government organizations. Ceragons FibeAir® product family is recognized as the gold standard for backhaul transmission. A scalable solution for wireless transport of broadband services, FibeAir operates across multiple frequencies for IP and SONET/SDH protocols, supporting the emerging needs of next-generation networks that are evolving to all-IP based services, including triple-play. It leads the market in IP backhaul, offering a unique, native IP solution that provides the efficient, robust connectivity required for WiFi, WiMAX and converged networks
Company: Comarch Inc
Booth: 321
Media Contact: Kate Sojka
Phone: 800-786-4408




Comarch has been developing BSS/OSS solutions for telecommunications since 1991. Today our solutions and managed services are chosen by incumbent operators, broadband and Triple-Play carriers, MVNOs/MVNEs, as well as start-up operators worldwide. Our new generation of billing, network and service management systems enable the launching of next-gen services and support innovative business models. Comarchs primary advantage lies in its extensive domain knowledge amassed in our software which we use to deliver and integrate sophisticated business IT solutions.
Company: Digital Receiver Technology, Inc.
Booth: 639
Media Contact: David Day
Phone: 301-916-5554 x158




DRT designs, manufactures, and markets communications test and measurement equipment. Areas of expertise include DSP-based and RF receiver design, cellular/PCS/wireless systems design, radio communications theory, and software applications.
The DRT4301 is a software defined radio (SDR) based test receiver providing measurement and monitoring of network quality. With the addition of WiMAX, the DRT4301 is the industrys first scanning receiver to offer real time decoding of low level broadcast messages, critical to understanding the health of the WiMAX network.
The DRT4301 is the smallest and lowest power consumption network scanner in the industry with multi-protocol support currently available for GSM, CDMA2K, EVDO, WCDMA and WiMAX. With the introduction of the DRT4301-WiMAX, DRT enters the era of 4G technologies leading to future support of UMB and LTE.
Company: EDX Wireless
Booth: 430
Media Contact: Jennifer Duncan
Phone: 541-345-0019




EDX provides carrier-class WiMAX network planning tools. With a focus on innovation in broadband wireless technologies, EDX is a leading supplier of OFDM and WiMAX network design tools for service providers, equipment vendors, and technology consultants worldwide. The premier tools use advanced propagation prediction models to perform coverage/interference, point-to-multipoint, mesh, and link budget studies. Specialized modules and subscriber pre-qualification products are available to further enhance the value of EDXs tools.
Company: Elektrobit, EB
Booth: 836
Media Contact: Susanna Marklund
Phone: 358 40 3442000




Elektrobit Corporation, EB creates advanced technology and turns it into enriching end-user experiences. EB is specialized in demanding embedded software and hardware solutions for automotive and wireless technologies.
With more than 20 years of experience in hardware and software for wireless terminal and network products, EB offers the latest technology in Mobile WiMAX base station modules and world class R&D services for the horizontal markets. EB's Propsim radio channel emulators provide test solutions for WiMAX developers and operators and for WiMAX conformance testing. In addition, EB has experience in development and integration of Mobile WiMAX connectivity to terminal products. EB is a member of WiMAX Forum.
Company: Elitecore Technologies Ltd.
Booth: 642
Media Contact: LK Pathak
Phone: 079-66065606




Crestel Convergent Billing Solution, a product of Elitecore Technologies Ltd is a carrier-grade solution enabling next generation voice, video, data services over wireline / wireless networks. Crestel offers Convergent Billing, Policy Mangement, Real time Rating & Charging, & AAA software.
Company: GCT Semiconductor
Booth: Meeting Room N227a
Media Contact: Alex Sum
Phone: 408-434-6040




GCT Semiconductor is a leading fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops and markets innovative integrated circuit solutions for the wireless communications industry. With its proven CMOS radio frequency (RF) and SOC expertise, GCT provides state-of-the-art CMOS RF transceivers and CMOS single-chip Satellite-DMB digital receivers and other SOC solutions serving 3G and 4G mobile handset manufacturers while reducing component cost, lowering power consumption and offering a smaller footprint.
Company: General Dynamics Wireless Services
Booth: 640
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: GD (Common Stock)
Media Contact: Mark Meudt
Phone: 703 246 0525




General Dynamics Wireless Services is a leading provider in the concept, design, turnkey implementation and maintenance of wireless networks providing these services to the major wireless carriers, as well as government entities; the division is actively involved in broadband, WiMax and Mesh technologies, as well as land mobile radio, microwave, satellite and other wireless technologies.
General Dynamics Wireless Services has invested in the resources, tools and processes to support WiMAX network design and deployment. Our team of engineers and project managers have proven experience helping carriers work through challenges to deliver next generation mobile services to the new generation of customers.
Company: Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Media Contact: Steve Hill
Phone: 214-250-9902




Huawei Technologies is a leader in providing next-generation telecommunications network solutions for operators worldwide. The company is dedicated to providing innovative and customized products, services and solutions to create long-term value and potential growth for its customers. Huaweis products and solutions are deployed in more than 100 countries and serve 31 of the worlds top 50 operators, as well as more than 1 billion users worldwide. For more information, please visit www.huawei.com.

Company: IEEE
Booth: 727
Media Contact: Angela Trilli
Phone: 7325623983




The worlds largest technical society, IEEE publishes cutting-edge information in electrical engineering, computing, and many related technologies. The IEEE Xplore online platform powers the IEEE/IET Digital Library, providing full-text access to over 1.5 million documents, including journals and conference proceedings published as far back as 1913 and all IEEE Standards. The IEEE produces 30 percent of the worlds published literature in electrical engineering, computers and control technology, organizes over 600 major conferences each year, and has more than 900 active standards. The IEEEs 375,000 members, located in 150 countries, make it a leading authority in todays most important technical areas.
Company: Laird Technologies
Booth: 826
Media Contact: Lisa Ptasienski
Phone: 636-561-6968




Laird Technologies - The Leader in Wireless Communication.
Laird Technologies provides a wide selection of products, superior customer service and worldwide design and manufacturing resources.
Antenna Solutions
Laird Technologies offers superior antenna solutions including high performance Wi-Max, WiFi and broadband wireless access antennas; RFID antennas; antenna systems for the automotive industry, satellite and HD radio; cellular handset antennas; imbedded antennas; in-building wireless antennas; and other active and passive RF products.
Wireless System Solutions
Laird Technologies Wireless Systems Solutions feature compact transceivers; FHSS RF technology; RF solutions for industrial and commercial wireless; RF devices and development services.
Company: LitePoint Corporation
Booth: 936
Media Contact: Rob Brownstein
Phone: 408-456-5000 x1131




LitePoint Corporation designs, builds and sells wireless test system solutions that span the wireless testing needs from development through high-quality production. Its products are sold to IC makers, ODMs, OEMs and brand owners; and cover Wi-Fi, WiMAX, WiMedia, BlueTooth and ZigBee-based devices. LitePoint's IC and ODM partners include 10 of the top 10, worldwide. And, its brand owner customers include several "blue chip" companies. LitePoint headquarters is in the heart of Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale, California; its European facilities and laboratory is in Allerod, Denmark; its Asia office is in Shanghai; and its newest office is near Tel-Aviv in Israel. LitePoint presently employees 75 people including 55 engineers.

Company: Nokia Siemens Networks
Booth: 709
Media Contact: Chantal Boeckman
Phone: 469-789-9594




Nokia Siemens Networks and Nokia will demonstrate how WiMAX can be used for delivering high speed user services such as interactive gaming and streaming video. Come experience WiMAX on the go, where interactive gaming and IPTV will be featured using Nokia Internet Tablets and Nokias custom MINI Cooper. Also showcased will be the award-winning Flexi WiMAX Base Station and Access Service Network (ASN) Gateway and services like network planning and design, which are critical to nationwide network rollouts. Also featured will be WiMAX Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) products from Siemens Home and Office Communications.
Company: POSDATA Co., LTD
Booth: 415
Media Contact: Mr. WJ Choe




The freedom, mobility and power promised by mobile WiMAX have been made a reality by POSDATA, an early pioneer in mobile WiMAX technology and one of Koreas most successful IT companies. Leveraging its long experience in IT field and demonstrating its commitment to give users truly mobile access to broadband data, POSDATA has introduced FLYVO, a ground-breaking WiMAX IEEE 802.16e-2005 mobile broadband access system. FLYVO is an end-to-end solutions provider, offering system & terminal products as well as integration and engineering services to enrich peoples lifestyle. No longer limited to low speeds, stationary positions or isolated hot spots, users will be thrilled to see that FLYVO makes the internet fly.


Company: SiGe Semiconductor
Booth: 531
Media Contact: Tiana Dixon
Phone: (503) 222-1257




SiGe Semiconductor is a leading global supplier of innovative radio frequency integrated circuits and multi-chip modules enabling wireless multimedia in consumer electronics. SiGe's products simplify the addition of wireless communications and navigation capability to a wide array of computing, entertainment and mobile products. The company's solutions comply with the WiFi, WiMAX, GPS and Galileo technology standards, offering value through exceptional performance at competitive prices. SiGe operates worldwide, focusing on servicing leading consumer electronics OEMs and ODMs through its five key sites and distribution network.
Company: SOMA Networks
Booth: 527
Media Contact: Sandy George
Phone: 617-230-3601




SOMA Networks is a leading provider of Mobile WiMAX systems that enable communications providers to realize fastest time to market, highest revenue per subscriber and shortest return on investment with the industrys only converged, all-IP wireless multimedia applications platform. Carriers worldwide deploy SOMAs award-winning base stations and subscriber gateways because of the superior business case which is achieved through low entry costs, rapid deployability, the industrys highest subscriber density, multi-service offerings and leading coverage radius. A principal member of the WiMAX Forum, SOMA Networks supports the Mobile WiMAX (802.16e-2005) standard, delivering broadband wireless access solutions to service providers on five continents.
Company: Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc.
Booth: 631
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: TSX:TZT
Media Contact: Julie Wright
Phone: (760) 591-0700




Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc. leads the wireless broadband industry for value, by producing high-performance wireless network equipment with a low cost of ownership and unparalleled service. Tranzeo designs and produces all of its equipment for quick installation, ease of use and minimal maintenance. Since its inception in 2000, Tranzeos optimum cost effectiveness, premium quality and responsive support have attracted a growing and devoted worldwide following of more than 2,465 dealers and 19 distributors. Tranzeos full spectrum of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radios, WiMAX equipment, and mesh network solutions are designed for wireless internet service providers, governments, campuses, military, carriers, enterprise customers, and systems integrators.
Company: WiNetworks
Booth: 437
Media Contact: Dana Liberty
Phone: 972 9 951 9556




WiNetworks Inc. is an innovative provider of unique WiMAX systems built according to the 802.16e mobile WiMAX standard. WiNetwork's Win-Max systems offer a full range of products including the Compact Base Station, Customer Premise Equipment (CPEs), and Relay Stations. Win-Max systems are standards-based products supporting mobile, portable and fixed 802.16e-2005 WiMAX. WiNetwork's offers the Win-Max systems in the 1.X, 2.X and 3.XGHz frequencies including customized solutions for special frequency ranges. WiNetworks was founded in 2004 and is a principle member of the WiMAX Forum and is leading the development of the new 802.16j WiMAX standard for relay technologies.

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