Electronic House Expo Spring 2007 Exhibitor Profiles

Electronic House Expo Spring 2007

ORLANDO, Fla.--()--Electronic House Expo Spring 2007 takes place Mar. 6 - 10 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. For in-depth information about the event, visit http://www.ehxweb.com/.

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Electronic House Expo Spring 2007 Exhibitor Profiles
Company: AAMP of America
Booth: 1146 
Media Contact: Stev Ansley
Phone: 727-572-9255 
E-mail: sansley@stinger-aamp.com
Web: www.aampofamerica.com
Sound Quest® A/V interconnects, Stinger Home Series structured cable/In wall wire, and AAMP Home Division HDMI and DVI interconnects employ state-of-the-industry construction and the soundest engineering. AAMP of America Home Division's goal is to provide retailers with an unmatched profitability tool while surpassing expectations from even the most demanding consumers.
Company: Acoustical Solutions, Inc.
Booth: 856 
Media Contact: Don Strahle
Phone: 800-782-5742 
E-mail: ds@acousticalsolutions.com
Web: www.AcousticalSolutions.com
Offering a complete line of sound control and noise reduction products for use in home theaters including: Sound Absorbers, Barriers, Diffusers, BASS Traps, Door Seals and Isolation Materials. Including SoundSuede Fabric Wall Panels, Commonwealth Collection Custom Wall Panels, Vinyl Sound Barriers, Speaker Grille Cloth & Iso Step Floor Underlayment.
Company: Active Thermal Management
Booth: 1634 
Media Contact: Phil Callahan
Phone: 714-968-5510 
E-mail: phil@callahanpr.com
Web: www.activethermal.com
Active Thermal Management, headquartered in Valencia, California is a leading manufacturer of quiet, professional thermal protection products for home and commercial installations. Providing highly specialized products for almost every conceivable installation and application, Active Thermal Management produces cooling solutions for large and small system enclosures as well as individual components. For more information, please visit www.activethermal.com
Company: AMX
Booth: 1410 
Media Contact: Kristina Arnold
Phone: 469-624-6579 
E-mail: kristina.arnold@amx.com
Web: www.amx.com
AMX is a worldwide leader in advanced control and automation technology for commercial and residential markets. The companys hardware and software products simplify the way people interact with technology. This includes making it easier for system integrators to sell, program and install AMX products ranging from touch panels, keypads and handheld remotes to customizable resource management tools as well as making the overall AMX end-user experience intuitive and simple. Leveraging the power of automation technology, AMX is making the world a little less complicated. AMX was founded in 1982 and is a subsidiary of Duchossois Industries, Inc.
Company: AQUA-AIR Wet/Dry Manufacturing
Booth: 1452 
Media Contact: Clay Ellis
Phone: 801-265-9699 
E-mail: aa@aquaair-wetdry.com
Web: www.aquaair-wetdry.com
The AQUA-AIR Wet/Dry is the latest technology for built-in central vacuums. This system uses an advanced water filtration cycle while vacuuming dust and debris, turning everything into liquid soil. All soils and water are recovered by a powerful vacuum and automatically sent down the drain; no set-up before or clean-up after use is required. In addition, the AQUA-AIR has a hot-water rinse process so it can wet clean carpet, tile and wood.
For more information: www.aquaair-wetdry.com or call 1-800-916-5777.
Company: Atras Network Communications
Booth: 1548 
Media Contact: Bob Swanson
Phone: 704-987-3551 
E-mail: bswanson@lantekusa.com
Web: www.atrasusa.com

Atras Network Communications provides quality low voltage wire and cable for many applications, including sound, security, HVAC, fire, CCTV, CATV, and voice and data, for commercial and residential wiring. All cable products are UL, CUL, CSA, listed and ETL certified to the appropriate standards and requirements of the low voltage cabling industry.

Atras also manufacturers structured voice and data connectivity products to support the North American communications industry. All Atras jacks, faceplates, inserts, and patch panels are UL, CUL and comply with TIA/EIA-568B standards for Voice, Category 3, Category 5E, and Category 6 specifications requirements.
Company: Cary Audio Design
Booth: 1734 
Media Contact: Joy Stutts
Phone: 919-355-0010 
E-mail: joy@caryaudio.com
Web: http://www.caryaudio.com
A manufacturer of high-end audio electronics, Cary Audio Design is known for delivering innovative, no-compromise audio and audio video designs to owners worldwide. The Cinema Series is an award winning product line, receiving accolades from several influential AV and audio enthusiast magazines. Those recognitions include Best Buy awards and Multi-channel amplifier of the Year awards for the Cinema 5 and Cinema 7B amplifiers, and the DVD 7 received the 2006 Product of the Year award from Electronic House magazine.
Company: CINEAK luxury seating
Booth: 113 
Media Contact: Ryan Tower
Phone: (866) 458-0529 
E-mail: ryan@cineak.com
Web: www.CINEAK.com
CINEAK today introduced the long awaited incliner version of its popular FORTUNY Deluxe luxury theater chair. Using a patented mechanism and entirely stainless-steel frame, the new design allows for placement closer to walls and against risers/steps for more flexibility in seating configurations. The model also features an industry first dual-motor inclining system, allowing you to operate your back and footrest independently. The dual-motor systems provide ultimate seat position adjustment versus traditional single motor. The new incliner continues to carry the tradition of all CINEAK products hand-built in Belgium of utmost craftsmanship, unsurpassed personalizing abilities and truly unique looks.
Company: CLO Systems LLC
Booth: 1510 
Media Contact: Phil Callahan
Phone: 714-968-5510 
E-mail: phil@callahanpr.com
Web: www.closystems.com
California-based CLO Systems, LLC was founded in 2005 to provide advanced robotic and manual mounting solutions for challenging consumer and Pro AV installations. CLOs team of robotic engineers and designers create and deliver inspired, elegant mounting solutions for todays demanding flat panel display applications.
For more information on CLO Systems, please visit www.closystems.com
Company: CommScope: Uniprise Solutions
Booth: 1356 
Media Contact: Sadie McCrary
Phone: 972-480-8383 x222
E-mail: sadie_mccrary@mccom.com
Web: http://www.uniprisesolutions.com/
CommScope® is a world leader in the design and manufacture of structured cabling solutions. The Uniprise® Solution provides a reliable, cost-effective, high-performance solution that meets your telecommunications needs today and tomorrow. Exceptional value, headroom to standards and high quality are the hallmarks of the Uniprise Solution.
The Uniprise Solution is an integrated tip-to-tip cabling solution, incorporating copper and fiber products, meeting the needs of customer networks, balancing cost and performance.
Company: ComponexX Corp.
Booth: 1741 
Media Contact: Cynthia Florez
Phone: (954)572-8229 
E-mail: info@componexx.com
Web: www.componexx.com
ComponexX specializes in reliable, efficient, and less expensive manufacturing of electronic components and accessories for the Structural wire, Data, Video, Satellite and Cable TV industries. With persistent efforts for over 8 years, ComponexX has established a worldwide reputation for top quality, competitive prices, and excellent service. ComponexX not only produces its own line, but also accepts OEM and ODM projects, including printing and packaging for the retail markets, including programs to aid in product design and development. Special care is given to material analysis, pricing, specifications tooling and packaging. Systematic QC measures are applied during the production and shipping of finished goods to best meet our customer's requirements, while assuring fast delivery.
Company: Control4
Booth: 1200 
Media Contact: Joelle Kenealey
Phone: 650-373-2005 
E-mail: joelle_kenealey@coltrin.com
Web: www.control4.com
Founded in 2003, Control4 is the first company to make home automation a practical option for any residence. Thats because we provide a complete home solution that everyday consumers can afford and use. And its all the things people care about one-touch home theater, multi-room music, smart lighting, advanced temperature control, and safety & security. With Control4, you can now offer all of these benefits to your customers using an integrated system to make consumers lives easier. Whether you are working with new construction or retrofitting an existing home, Control4 is the right home automation solution.
Company: Cooper Wiring Devices
Booth: 234 
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NYSE:CBE
Media Contact: Penelope Baker
Phone: 770-632-2232 
E-mail: pbaker@cooperwiringdevices.com
Web: www.cooperwiringdevices.com
Cooper Wiring Devices, a division of Cooper Industries, is a leading worldwide manufacturer of over 10,000 electrical wiring device products for industrial, commercial and residential applications that provide an unparalleled range of opportunities for growing your business. Three award-winning product lines form the core of our electronic solutions:
ASPIRE A complete line of designer wiring devices
ASPIRE RF Wireless control system powered by Z-Wave technology
MediaSync State-of-the-art structured wiring products
Cooper Wiring Devices is known for high-quality products, successful product innovation and dedication in providing value-added services and product features. For more information, visit www.cooperwiringdevices.com.
Company: COPS Monitoring
Booth: 110F
Media Contact: Rich Cowan
Phone: 1800-367-2677 
E-mail: rcowan@copsminitoring.com
Web: www.copsmonitoring.com
Third party UL central station with consistently fast response time. Offers both dealer and subscriber internet access, GPS, direct billing, 4 central station locations (NJ, AZ, TX & FL). Over 2200 dealers trust their monitoring needs to COPS Monitoring.
Company: ekeyUSA Systems, LLC
Booth: 110-L
Media Contact: Hassan Hares
Phone: (941) 782-1227 
E-mail: Hassan.Hares@ekeyUSA.com
Web: www.ekeyUSA.com
EHX, had been and continue to be, the venue of choice for ekeyUSA to show and launch the latest innovation from ekey.
In addition to exhibiting the latest versions of ekey® TOCAhome and ekey® TOCAnet systems, ekeyUSA will be launching, ekey TOCA integra, the newest and smallest flush mounting fingerprint scanner that it designed to fully integrate into virtually any type of door.
ekey® TOCAhome integra a standalone access control system)
ekey® TOCAnet integra a networkable access control system)
When it comes to securing access into an area for protecting information or preventing unauthorized access, ekey has the latest innovation for access control using ones fingerprint
Company: Elite Screens Inc.
Booth: 1534 
Media Contact: David Rodgers
Phone: 562-483-8198 
E-mail: davidrodgers@elitescreens.com
Web: www.elitescreens.com
Elite Screens Inc. is a California based company that specializes in making quality office and home-theater projection screens with a broad array of styles, sizes and formats to choose from. Our subsidiary companies specialize in media room seating, speakers and Audio/Video mounts. Every screen carries a 1-year warranty and our warehouse facilities in Cerritos, Ca. enable us to keep a large on-hand inventory for immediate distribution to our US and international markets. Our commitment to excellence in quality, pricing and service has made Elite Screens one of the fastest growing companies in the projection screen industry.
Company: Final Sound LLC
Booth: 746 
Media Contact: Christina Klaubert
Phone: 617-605-5637 
E-mail: christina@amatecommunications.com
Web: http://www.finalsound.com
Final Sound manufactures state-of-the-art high definition electrostatic speaker systems for home theaters, audio professionals, and commercial applications. Final speakers represent by far the lightest high-performance electrostatic speakers on the market and the only truly flat-panel, modular electrostatic speaker capable of being wall-mounted, free-standing, or suspended anywhere in the room. Final speakers are designed to bring out every sound and special effect, even those not normally noticed and to meet the aesthetic needs of discriminating interior designers. Please visit us at EHX booth #746 or http://www.finalsound.com.
Company: GE Security
Booth: 510 
Media Contact: Steve Hill
Phone: 510-857-1132 
E-mail: steve.hill1@ge.com
Web: www.gesecurity.com
GE Security, with operations in 35 countries, provides technologically-advanced products and systems used for intrusion and fire detection, access and building control, video surveillance, explosive and drug detection, key management and structured wiring. Drop by booth #510 while visiting EH Expo to see our latest offering for the Electronic Home. For more information visit www.GESecurity.com.
Company: ICC
Booth: 125 
Media Contact: Michelle Sinnolai
Phone: 562.356.3111 
E-mail: msinnolai@icc.com
Web: www.ICC.com
ICC is a manufacturer of commercial and residential structured cabling products governed by strict ISO 9001:2000 standards. Over the years, ICC has established a reputation for superior performance, and extremely high-quality products for solutions ranging from a wide array of structured cabling products of copper and fiber servicing voice, data, video, audio and many other commercial and residential premise wiring needs. For additional information, please visit us at www.icc.com, or call us at 888-275-4422
Company: ICM Corp.
ICM Corp. is recognized worldwide for its innovative line of 360° compression connectors, tools and accessories. ICMs Home Integration Products include wall inserts, durable speaker and RGB connectors, splitters and wall plates that can be mixed and matched, as well as tools especially designed for the home integration market.
ICMs patented wall plate system includes everything needed for quick and cost-effective custom installations in the field, while the easy-to-use DB 360 System offers double protection for rock-solid connections. ICMs patented designs and excellent product performance make ICM products the first choice of designers and installers.
Company: IC Realtime
Booth: 110 M 
Media Contact: Matt Sailor
Phone: 866-997-9009 
E-mail: matt@icrealtime.com
Web: www.icrealtime.com
ICRealtime offers a full line of digital video solutions in a user friendly solution platform. Combining superior video compression, high grade video networking, and high-capacity recording, all in one complete system. ICRealtime meets the needs of even the most complex installations.
Our DVR line has the latest in technology, from our industry leading 4 TB of internal storage, to our multi view platform which allows multiple IP addresses to be viewed from one central monitoring station.
Company: InFocus Corporation
Booth: 1641 
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: INFS
Media Contact: Ole Dame
Phone: 503-880-1925 
E-mail: ole.dame@infocus.com
Web: www.infocus.com
InFocus® Corporation (Nasdaq: INFS) is the industry pioneer and worldwide leader in the projection market today. Nearly twenty years of experience and engineering breakthroughs are at work here, constantly improving what you see in the marketplace, and delivering immersive audio visual impact in home entertainment, business and education environments. Being the inventor and leader is simply a great bonus of making the presentation of ideas, information, and entertainment a vivid, unforgettable experience.
Company: Integration
Booth: 1652 
Media Contact: Gene Volfe
Phone: 650-623-9177 
E-mail: gvolfe@integration.com
Web: www.integration.com
One of the fastest-growing fabless semiconductor companies in Silicon Valley, Integration Associates designs and delivers tested wafers and packaged ICs for RF, Infrared, Modem, and Power Management applications for systems from notebook computers to communications networks. With more than 10 years of leadership in the industry and our unique expertise in analog and mixed-signal semiconductor design, we're helping to power today's revolution in wireless and wireline connectivity.
Company: K2 Mounts
Booth: 1510 
Media Contact: Phil Callahan
Phone: 714-968-5510 
E-mail: phil@callahanpr.com
Web: www.k2mounts.com
Santa Ana, CA-based K2 is a division of TV Mounting Brackets, Inc. K2 is a leading manufacturer of motorized and manual high-performance flat panel mounting solutions for home and commercial installations. Providing highly specialized mounting solutions for almost every conceivable installation and application, K2 products are backed by a free 10k component assurance and global support. For more information on K2 Mounts, please visit www.k2mounts.com.
Company: Leon Speakers
Booth: 1717 
Media Contact: Phil Callahan
Phone: 714-968-5510 
E-mail: phil@callahanpr.com
Web: www.leonspeakers.com
The Leon Speaker Corporation, established in 1997 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a worldwide leader in high-performance, audiophile-grade on-wall loudspeakers. Leon Speakers pioneered the design, research, development and refinement of high-fidelity on-wall loudspeakers. Today, this innovative company meticulously hand crafts a full range of elegant loudspeaker solutions custom built and finished to match the exact dimensions and finish of any flat panel display or custom color. For more information, please call 1-888-213-5015 or visit www.leonspeakers.com.
Company: Liberty Wire & Cable
Booth: 618 
Media Contact: Stan Pinkwas
Phone: [718] 788-7777
E-mail: stanp@jbstanton.com
Web: www.libertycable.com
Liberty is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado and is in its sixteenth year of operation. Their products, designed primarily for residential and commercial AV applications, consist of a complete line of wire and cable products along with connectors and connector termination systems, including its exclusive ConnecTecTM and CATMasterTM systems, cable assemblies and interconnects, and an extensive line of electronic solutions. Liberty also manufactures and markets the PanelCraftersTM line of custom and stock plates and panels. The company, which sells in 48 countries, has other facilities in Charlotte, North Carolina and Phoenix, Arizona and holds memberships in CEDIA, ICIA and NSCA.
Company: Linear LLC
Booth: 1708 
Media Contact: Chuck Stevens
Phone: 760-438-7000 
E-mail: chucks@linearcorp.com
Web: www.linearcorp.com
Linear is a pioneer in engineered radio frequency (RF) products and is a major supplier of wireless residential security systems, access control, intercoms, garage door operators, gate operators, short and long-range radio remote controls, and medical/emergency reporting systems. In recent years the company, through acquisition, has expanded into a wide range of consumer electronics, including whole house audio/video distribution systems, central vacuum systems, music/communications systems, speaker systems, and structured wiring systems.
For more information contact Linear, LLC, 1950 Camino Vida Roble, Suite 150, Carlsbad, CA 92008, (760) 438-7000, www.linearcorp.com
Company: Madison Fielding, Inc.
Booth: 1540 
Media Contact: Art Powers
Phone: 914-939-4600 
E-mail: artpowers1@att.net
Web: planterspeakers.com
This year at EHX, Madison Fielding is proud to introduce the worlds first environmentally correct outdoor speakers. Made from five year renewable Maine White Cedar and hand crafted in the United States, our speakers show that you can design and build great products while at the same time conserving natural resources.
In addition, the extra benefit derived from the use of wood, is the sound! Our classic lattice work white cedar planter and architectural speakers have a very natural musical sound and a design that blends seamlessly into any outdoor setting while rendering the actual speakers transparent to the eye.
Company: Magic Home Entertainment, LLC
Booth: 350 
Media Contact: Mary Wunsch Greer
Phone: 303-638-9620 
E-mail: Mary@moodseer.com; mwgcommunications@comcast.net
Web: www.moodseer.com
MHE Launches moodSeer at EHX. The moodSeer system enhances the functionality of a current multi-room, multi-source home audio system. The moodCenter digitally stores music in lossless/streaming formats and delivers music either wirelessly or wired to individual players or moodSpots via a remote to audio or powered speakers in each room.
Standard storage capacity starts at 8000 tracks in lossless format and more in streaming format. Pricing starts at $6300 and includes the moodCenter, a moodSpot and one remote. Additional storage, moodSpots, remotes and package pricing are available.
Magic Home Entertainment, LLC, is a Colorado-based company established in February 2005.
Company: MB Quart / Maxxsonics USA Inc
Booth: Booth #840
Media Contact: John Whitacre
Phone: 847-540-7700 
E-mail: johnw@maxxsonics.com
Web: maxxsonics.com
A premier German audio brand powered by Maxxsonics. MB Quarts legendary audio products offer superior designs for the custom installing pro. Experience the exciting Alexxa and Zurich speaker series with In-Room, In-Ceiling and In-Wall speaker systems that deliver great performance with technology developed specifically for the independent retailer, custom installer and integrator market.
Company: Media Décor LLC
Booth: 550 
Media Contact: Phil Callahan
Phone: (714) 624-4289 
E-mail: phil@callahanpr.com
Web: www.mediadecor.com
Media Decor, LLC, the world leader in blending elegant design with AV technology, is showing its HideandChic Motorized Art Frames and Media-Mirror collection at Electronic House Expo Spring 2007. Designed to conceal installed plasma, LCD and projection screen displays when not in use, the remarkable solutions provide home owners, interior designers, AV installers and home builders with elegant and customizable choices for beautiful and tastefully discrete entertainment centers. Silent operation, powered by Lutron Sivoia QED. Huge selection of classical and contemporary art. Standard and Custom frames. New products, the Mirage-Mirror and the QX Robotic Art Series, EHX Award 2006.
Company: Monster
Booth: 210 
Media Contact: Daniel Graham
Phone: 415-840-2024 
E-mail: dgraham@monstercable.com
Web: www.monstercable.com
Monster is known to thousands of audio, video, car, photo, computer, movie and music enthusiasts as the company that makes their other products work better. Starting in San Francisco 25 years ago, Noel Lee, The Head Monster, created the first Monster Cable to get better sound from stereo speakers. The Monster brand now encompasses more than 4,000 items including speakers, subwoofers, furniture, camera bags, cell phone headsets, PowerCells, power line conditioners, voltage stabilizers, surge protectors and every kind of cable imaginableall with a single focus: to help enthusiasts Get All The Performance They Paid For from their favorite electronics.
Company: Nexus Audio Systems
Booth: 1725 
Media Contact: Keith Neave
Phone: 866-303-2629 
E-mail: keith@nexusaudiosystems.com
Web: www.nexusaudiosystems.com
Nexus Audio Systems designs and manufactures sophisticated mutli-room and multi-zone control systems in their factory in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Products include the award winning C-6, the high power Evolution Series, the new C-4.1 and C-4.4, and a unique dual XM Satellite Radio and AM/FM tuner. Nexus Audio Systems is guided by the principles of simplicity, intuitive operations, innovative engineering and performance delivered not only with quality, but also with style. For more information, or to find a Sales Representative in your area, please visit www.nexusaudiosystems.com.
Company: Phoenix Gold / AudioSource
Booth: 316 
Media Contact: Charlie Leib
Phone: 480-380-0673 
E-mail: charlie@crl-pr.com
Web: www.phoenixgold.com
PHX AP Acquisitions LLC. is the Portland, Oregon-based parent company of Phoenix Gold (www.phoenixgold.com), dba Phoenix Gold. Phoenix Gold, innovators of audio/video product solutions for the home and car, markets its products under the brand names Phoenix Gold®, Carver®, Carver® Digital, and AudioSource®.
Phoenix Gold was originally founded in 1985 to distribute high quality audio and video cables. In late 2000, the company acquired Audiosource®. Under the Audiosource® brand the company designs, markets and sells home audio/theater products, including residential compact speakers, powered subwoofers, amplifiers, preamplifiers, equalizers, and surround sound processors.
Company: Proto-Tel, Inc.
Booth: 962 
Media Contact: Brian Carberry
Phone: 303-423-6575 
E-mail: brian@prototel.com
Web: www.prototel.com
Proto-Tel, Inc. specialize's and produce's custom telecom/data networking product development and manufacturing services to industry leading manufacturers. Our in house capabilities include, Mechanical Design, PCB Design, Plastic Mold Tooling, Plastic Molding, Electronic Assembly, Mechanical Assembly and Wave Soldering.
Proto-Tel, Inc. has been manufacturing unique, commercial, and residential Structured Wiring products since 1971, our expertise shines in our patented 66 Block Covers and Modular Patch Panels which we OEM design and manufacture for many of the world's leading product providers/manufacturers.
Our efficient USA manufacturing operations excel and continuously out perform competition in short development and manufacturing lead times.
Company: Quest Technology International
Booth: 653 
Media Contact: Nestor Novo
Phone: 305-513-8583 
E-mail: nestor@qtinet.com
Web: www.qtinet.com
Quest Technology is a broad-line manufacturer/supplier of quality and cost-effective interconnect solutions for Data, Voice, RF Coaxial, Installation Tools, Video/Audio/Satellite/Home Theater/Home Technology, Low Voltage Connectivity, Enclosures, Racks, Shelves and accessories for multiple industries. Quest sells its products though authorized distributors worldwide.
Company: QuoteWerks (Aspire Technologies, Inc.)
Booth: 153 
Media Contact: Keith D. Carrington
Phone: 407-248-1481 
E-mail: keith.carrington@quotewerks.com
Web: www.quotewerks.com
QuoteWerks is the low cost leader of proposal and estimating software for the custom electronics industry. This three time Users Choice award recipient for best in class and proposal management software integrates seamlessly with leading CRM and Accounting applications for those who seek a complete and integrated solution. QuoteWerks offers users concurrent licensing, the ability to bundle products, use of the built-in Configurator, synchronization between remote and office locations, ability to obtain real-time pricing and availability, links to Ingram Micro, Synnex, and Tech Data price lists and much more. Non-recurring license fees range from $199 to $329 based on edition.
Company: ReQuest, Inc.
Booth: 334 
Media Contact: Lucette Nicoll - Nicoll Public Relations
Phone: 781-762-9300 
E-mail: lucette@nicollpr.com
Web: www.request.com
ReQuest Inc.s manufacturing, engineering, testing, and office facilities are located in Ballston Spa, New York. The companys home-entertainment systems have set the standard for high-end digital media storage, management, playback, and system integration since 1998. ReQuests award-winning music servers and video-management systems are the accepted leaders in cutting-edge technology. Recently, ReQuest was ranked by Inc. magazine as one of the top 500 fastest-growing private businesses in America for the second year in a row. For more information about ReQuest, visit www.request.com.
Company: Residential Control Systems, Inc [ RCS ]
Booth: 336 
Media Contact: Bruce Wiens
Phone: 916.635.6784 
E-mail: bwiens@resconsys.com
Web: www.resconsys.com
Residential Control Systems [ RCS ] is an industry leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of a myriad of home automation products used for the management of residential energy systems and networks. Amongst the product portfolio is the broadest offering of network communicating thermostats for X10, UPB, Z-Wave, Serial and LonWorks environments. Their CommStar Network Control systems are one of the most successfully sold products for whole house systems automation control and the product mix is rounded out with networking relay panels, both LED and full screen LCD keypads and a full line of arguably the "best dam-air dampers" in any residential duct system.
Company: Royal Philips Electronics
Booth: 328 
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI
Media Contact: LeAnn Boucher
Phone: 770.821.2358 
E-mail: leann.boucher@philips.com
Web: www.philips.com
Philips Electronics is a global leader in healthcare, lifestyle and technology, delivering products, services and solutions through the brand promise of sense and simplicity. Philips is redefining home control with its latest offerings from the Prestigo and Pronto remote control lines. The company also leads the high-definition revolution in the home with its commitment to Blu-ray. Philips showcases its complete home entertainment solution from Ambilight FlatTVs and home theater systems complemented by best in class surge protection. Philips also boasts leading-edge VoIP telephones with DECT technology offering consumers an affordable way to stay in touch, while saving money.
Company: Russound
Booth: 410 
Media Contact: Adam Sohmer
Phone: 718-499-9161 
E-mail: pr@russound.com
Web: www.russound.com
As Russound celebrates its 40th anniversary, the company continues to design and manufacture innovative, reliable products that make it easy for consumers to enjoy high-quality audio and video in every room of the house. Russounds high-performance products and impeccable customer service combine to create the greatest value in multi-room audio/video, which is why the company is the #1 brand in the category. Russound pairs powerful technologies with intuitive controls to give customers maximum satisfaction for their investment.
Company: Schneider Electric
Booth: 640 
Media Contact: Luke Kujath
Phone: 262-938-5452 
E-mail: lkujath@bader-rutter.com
Web: www.squaredlightingcontrol.com
In 2006, Schneider Electric announced the launch of its advanced lighting control line under the Square D® Clipsal® brand name. Products include dimmers, relays and input devices such as key pads, motion sensors and touch screens crafted in sleek European styling. With the Square D Clipsal lighting control system, pre-programmed mood or scene lighting is available at the touch of a button. The new Square D Clipsal Multi Room Audio system, provides audio distribution and control throughout an entire building, and seamlessly integrates into the Square D Clipsal lighting control system to form one simple, reliable network.
Company: Specialized Products Company
Booth: 1147 
Media Contact: John Bell
Phone: 954-970-3394 
E-mail: prseitz@bellsouth.net
Web: www.specialized.net

A one-stop resource for service professionals since 1965, Specialized Products Company (SPC) offers unrivaled 24/7 global services and same-day shipping for over 100 customizable industry-specific tool kits, shipping cases and test equipment. SPC, which has furnished hundreds of thousands of kits to large and small firms around the world, offers customers over 10,000 competitively priced products covering all areas related to installation, field service and repairs. Throughout its newly released 2007 Source Book, SPC showcases its most popular versions for such diverse applications as network, fiber optic, cellular and CATV installation, PC repair, clean room applications and much more.

Company: StereoStone, Inc.
Booth: 1640 
Media Contact: Charlie Leib
Phone: 480-380-0673 
E-mail: charlie@crl-pr.com
Web: www.stereostone.com
StereoStone Inc., based in North Hollywood, Calif., has been manufacturing high-quality and critically acclaimed architectural outdoor weatherproof speakers since 1988. The StereoStone line now boasts more than 100 models, including rock, planter, and tree stump designs to fit any outdoor aesthetic requirement, and are available in six basic colors. StereoStone stands behind its products with a lifetime warranty and StereoStone products are consistently reviewed as having the premier sound quality, fit and finish in the industry, StereoStone products can be found in amusement parks, hotels, restaurants and backyards throughout the world.
Company: Tributaries Cable
Booth: 1134 
Media Contact: Sue Toscano - Nicoll PR
Phone: 781-762-9300 
E-mail: sue@nicollpr.com
Web: www.tributariescable.com
Tributaries® Cable is a privately owned American company based in Orlando, Florida. Suppliers to over six hundred of the U.S.A.s best Audio Video retailers and custom installers, Tributaries® also supplies distributors all around the World. They have built their business and its reputation over the past fifteen years based simply on their commitment to quality, value, performance and service. Unlike many companies in the cable business, Tributaries® products are only based on high quality tried and tested materials and on scientific principles.
Company: Tripp Lite
Booth: 556 
Media Contact: Gloria Wong
Phone: 773.869.1229 
E-mail: gloria_wong@tripplite.com
Web: www.tripplite.com
Founded in 1922, Tripp Lite is a world-leading manufacturer of power protection and power quality equipment. Tripp Lite has leveraged its established reputation for reliability to provide the audio/video market with the most perfect quality power for enhanced equipment performance. Tripp Lite products shield audio/video enthusiasts component investments from damage and downtime while protecting dealers and installers reputations for reliability.
Tripp Lite sells its new Audio/Video UPS Systems and Power Conditioning Centers exclusively to audio/video professionals within a limited distribution channel.
Company: TruAudio
Booth: 1047 
Media Contact: Mark Cichowski
Phone: 949.472.4141 
E-mail: markc@truaudio.com
Web: www.truaudio.com
TruAudio manufactures a full line of high performance InWall, InCeiling, Home Cinema and Outdoor loudspeakers as well as a line of multi channel amplifiers, subwoofers, surround systems and accessories. We are committed to providing customers with innovative, high quality products, competitively priced and backed by a lifetime warranty.
Company: Viking Electronics Inc.
Booth: 851 
Media Contact: Mike Busby
Phone: 715-386-8861 
E-mail: info@vikingelectronics.com
Web: www.vikingelectronics.com
100+ Products - 1000's of Telecom Solutions! For over 35 years, Viking has provided innovative and reliable products for the telecommunication and security industries. These products include ADA compliant elevator and emergency phones, digital announcers, call sequencers and ACDs, residential and apartment entry systems, paging/loud ringing amplifiers, automated attendants, fax/modem line sharing devices, Hot-Line dialers and courtesy phones, privacy devices, toll restrictors, service observers, and telephone management systems. Viking products are available through major telecom and security distributors nationwide.

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