CareMore Announces Comprehensive Medicare Special Needs Plans for 2007

Company Expands Portfolio of Innovative, High-Quality Medicare Advantage Health Care Plans for Southern California Seniors

CERRITOS, Calif.--()--CareMore Health Plan, one of Californias fastest-growing Medicare Advantage managed care organizations, today announced three new Medicare Special Needs Plans for Southern California seniors. These new plans were created in response to the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA), which permits managed care organizations to offer health care plans to Medicare beneficiaries with special health care needs. CareMores new products include the first comprehensive skilled-nursing care plan for Medicare-eligible seniors in Los Angeles and Orange counties. CareMore began offering its Special Needs Plans on November 15.

Designed for seniors who need specialized care, CareMores new Special Needs Plans are:

  • CareMore Connect, for low-income seniors who are eligible for both Medicare and Medi-Cal coverage
  • CareMore Reliance, for seniors with chronic illnesses or conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or end-stage renal disease
  • CareMore Touch, for seniors who are residents of skilled-nursing facilities, nursing homes or other long-term care facilities

In keeping with CareMores philosophy of wellness, prevention and enriched quality of life, its new plans empower members with generous transportation benefits that promote independence, superior value that stretches senior budgets, and peace of mind from a full spectrum of health care coverage, especially for those with low income, chronic disease or special needs.

CareMores mission is to understand and anticipate the health care needs of seniors, and support our members with extraordinary care, attention, value and service in order to increase their quality of life, said Alan Hoops, CEO and chairman of CareMore Health Plan. Our new special needs plans truly represent the next generation of senior health care, and we are proud to lead the industry in providing new levels of coverage, expanding our resources and fulfilling the specific medical and lifestyle needs of our members.

CareMore Connect for Low Income, Dual-Eligible Seniors

CareMore Connect is created for low-income seniors who are eligible for both Medicare and Medi-Cal. As its name suggests, this plan connects members to programs and services designed specifically to maximize both their state and federal health insurance coverage. In addition to coordinated care through a network of quality health care providers, CareMore Connect services and benefits also include unlimited transportation, in-patient hospital services with no co-payment and a generous prescription drug benefit which offers a $0 generic tier. CareMore Connect also provides qualified social workers to assist members with language barriers, low-income issues and elder-related situations.

CareMore Reliance for Seniors with Chronic Conditions

CareMore Reliance is for seniors living with the challenges of chronic illness such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or end-stage renal disease. By providing an exceptional level of care and attention for their specific condition, CareMore Reliance helps improve members lifestyle, outlook, and attitude while reducing decline. Members can rely on this plans disease management programs, unlimited transportation benefits, a rich prescription drug plan with $0 co-payment for preferred generic drugs and insulin and in-patient hospital services with no co-payment. And CareMore Reliance empowers members to take a proactive approach to their condition with nutritional training, an allowance for popular nutrition products and innovative monitoring tools.

CareMore Touch for Seniors Living in a Skilled-Nursing Facility

CareMore Touch, for seniors who require institutional care, is designed to help long-term care patients enhance their health and quality of life by improving the quality of primary and preventive care. CareMore Touch is the only comprehensive Special Needs Plan available for seniors in Los Angeles and Orange counties who reside in qualified nursing facilities. The plan provides skilled nursing facility residents with benefits that address the special medical and social needs of these members and their families. In addition to offering unlimited hospital services, outpatient surgery or urgent care visits without co-payment, CareMore Touch provides extra services such as pedicures, haircuts and foot massages and an annual Care Pack basket to make members more comfortable in their surroundings.

CareMore Value Plus

CareMores original Medicare Advantage plan, known as CareMore Value Plus, is designed for all Medicare-eligible seniors and focuses on services that can keep them in the best of health throughout the aging process. CareMore Value Plus offers extensive, affordable benefits including a prescription drug plan with a $0 generic tier and no cost for insulin, transportation benefits, and no co-payment for in-patient or out-patient hospital services, visits to primary care physicians and specialists, or diagnostic lab, X-ray or radiation services. CareMore Value Plus members have a choice of leading hospitals, care centers and providers, all of whom share CareMores philosophy of promoting an active, healthy lifestyle and preventing illness and decline.

Enrolling in CareMore Special Needs or Value Plus Plans

Seniors who are interested in learning more about CareMores exceptional coverage plans may call (800) 499-2793, TDD (800) 577-5586, or visit

About CareMore Health Plan

CareMore Health Plan, based in Cerritos, Calif., is one of the fastest-growing managed care organizations just for seniors. The companys award-winning Medicare Advantage health plans focus on enhanced quality of life, wellness and the prevention of functional decline. Serving only Medicare recipients in Los Angeles and Orange counties, CareMore is proud to offer comprehensive health care programs for its members. CareMore plans are specifically designed and created by doctors to meet the needs of aging seniors. These plans include CareMore Value Plus, for all seniors eligible for Medicare; CareMore Connect for low-income seniors who are eligible for Medicare and Medi-Cal; CareMore Reliance for seniors with chronic illnesses or conditions; and CareMore Touch, the only Special Needs plans available in Los Angeles and Orange county communities for seniors who reside in skilled-nursing facilities.

For more information about CareMore and its full spectrum of care for seniors, please visit or call (800) 499-2793, TDD (800) 577-5586.


Dailey Marketing Group for CareMore Health Plan
Erika Price Schulte, 949-454-2418, ext. 17


Dailey Marketing Group for CareMore Health Plan
Erika Price Schulte, 949-454-2418, ext. 17