Counts Media Debuts Mobkastr Technology With the Launch of Blue Man Groups How to be a Megastar Tour 2.0

A First: Audience Members Are Asked to Leave Their Cellphones On

NEW YORK--()--If you are planning to see the world famous Blue Man Groups show on their How to be a Megastar Tour 2.0 this fall, dont forget to charge your cellphone batteries and bring it with you. This will be one show where youll be encouraged to keep your cellphone turned on.

When the How to be a Megastar Tour 2.0 kicks off in Redmond, Pennsylvania, on September 26th, Counts Media will debut their new mobkastr technology as an entertainment enhancing aspect of the concert. The mobkastr service will allow the Blue Men to incorporate audience members own cellphones into the experience, delivering exclusive mobile content via text messages, before, during and after the show to those participating.

Heres a modern twist on theatrical performance that traditionalists may even find shocking, as most venues insist that the audience turn off their cellphones before the curtain goes up. The common view is that cellphones are disruptive to an audiences experience, said Michael Counts of Counts Media. Well, were saying why not use the cellphone, something nearly everyone has in their pocket, as part of the entertainment?

According to Blue Man Group Co-Founder Chris Wink, "Blue Man Group has always been about creative expression through a wide variety of means. The Mobkastr technology gives us one more avenue that we can fold into the mix to make our show even more rich. I guess you could say we're trying to put the "multi" back into "multi-media."

Adds Blue Man Group Co-Founder Matt Goldman, "There's also a populism to this technology that fits well with the Blue Man message: Audience members help capture the experience by taking photos of themselves at the show and then uploading them to our site. This way, the "mega-stardom" gets shared by everyone.

The Blue Man Group How to be a Megastar Tour 2.0 takes the audience through a satirical "workshop" on how to create "the perfect rock concert experience." In the process, they celebrate, skewer and otherwise deconstruct rock stardom in all of its narcissistic glory.

In the end, the message of the show plays against its ironic title. According to Wink, "We want people to walk away feeling like the real magic of rock concerts comes from their tribal and communal elements as opposed to 'mega-stardom.' By using technology which offers additional ways for the audience to interact with us and each other, and inviting them to upload pictures of themselves at the show, wed like to illustrate how the real star of a good rock concert is the euphoric vibe that takes everyone in the building to create."

Co-Founder Phil Stanton adds, And of course its the audience who are totally empowered to determine their own level of involvement. The mobkastr service is totally optional and is designed to enhance the participants experience, while not disturbing the experience of those who choose to opt-out of the technical aspects of the show.

Counts Medias mobkastr service is an interactive system designed to powerfully enhance live entertainment, radio or television in real-time, through the use of synchronized mobile messages. It extends an entertainment experience by allowing performers to enhance specific moments in a show or allow participants to respond via mobile communication. Relevant content can be passed to participants, who may respond directly and have the option of selecting specific information threads that interest them. With mobkastr used in a show, audience members experiences can vary, allowing for customization and individualization of live entertainment. The service can anticipate a live event or broadcast to build tension and follow up days afterward to prolong the engagement. Social and simultaneous actions in the audience can also be prompted. Imagine being able to incite a stadium venue of thousands of people to start the wave instantaneously, via a text message or orchestrate a mobile competition between different sections of the crowd.

We view our mobkastr service as part of the future of live entertainment and are thrilled that visionary performers like the Blue Man Group are in agreement, and among the first to introduce American audiences to the concept, said Counts.

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