CherryPharm - Powerful Proven Natural Recovery Juice Now Available; Endorsed by Professional Athletes & Trainers; Recently Published Study in British Journal of Sports Medicine Points to Benefits

GENEVA, N.Y.--()--Aug. 28, 2006--Now, after months of enthusiastic response and increasing demand from professional and college sports teams, athletes, trainers and other individuals while in limited distribution, CherryPharm announced today that the all-natural and not from concentrate cherry juice is now available to the general public at at a cost of $2 per bottle.

According to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in June,, CherryPharm offers proven natural recovery from muscle damage and pain experienced after strenuous activity or exercise.

When Jim Ramsay, medical trainer for the New York Rangers, saw the positive effect CherryPharm had for the athletes who were using it he encouraged players to make it a part of their regimen. "The New York Rangers have integrated the proven benefits of CherryPharm's all-natural juice into the lives of our players - we feel less sore, sleep better and recover faster," Ramsay says.

Developed by founder John Davey, working with Cornell University's Dr. Olga Padilla-Zakour, and a research team comprised of Dr. Malachy McHugh, director of research at the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma, and Dr. Declan Connolly, associate professor and director of the University of Vermont's Human Performance Lab,, CherryPharm was developed to retain the greatest beneficial compounds found in cherries.

"Cherries have long been described as 'the healing fruit' but finding a juice that maximizes their effectiveness is practically impossible because the majority of cherry drinks are made from concentrate which offers far less potency," said John Davey, president of CherryPharm, Inc. "CherryPharm is unlike anything available today and provides the best tasting and most convenient way to enjoy pure cherry juice and the full benefits it contains."

As more consumers, including athletes and trainers, increasingly seek all natural sources to support and supplement a healthy lifestyle, CherryPharm is a revolutionary juice that offers real results. "In my 20-plus years of training athletes, performing muscle damage and recovery research and evaluating supplements, this is the first product that I have seen that works," says Declan AJ Connolly, PhD, University of Vermont.

CherryPharm Is PROVEN

-- Leading food researchers have confirmed that cherries are rich in Phyto-Nutrients and powerful antioxidants including natural anti-inflammatories, pain relievers and sleep regulators.

-- Independent clinical trials have shown CherryPharm users experienced significantly less pain and less strength loss than with a placebo.

-- Published research results in scientific journals confirm the benefits of cherries and CherryPharm.

CherryPharm Is NATURAL

-- CherryPharm is 100 percent natural juice with no additives or preservatives.

-- Each serving of CherryPharm contains approximately 50 cherries.

-- CherryPharm is the most potent cherry juice available as measured by anthocyanins.

CherryPharm Promotes RECOVERY

Independent clinical trials, presented at the American College of Sports Medicine last November showed that CherryPharm:

-- Prevented muscle damage

-- Reduced strength loss

-- Lessened pain

-- Accelerated natural recovery

To achieve best results, it is recommended that users drink two servings of CherryPharm (one 8 fl.oz bottle) each day but not during exercise or strenuous activity.

About CherryPharm, Inc.

CherryPharm, Inc., headquartered at the Cornell Agriculture and Food Technology Park in Geneva NY, was founded in 2004 and launched commercially in August 2006, is a consumer health product company that provides all-natural proven recovery products based on the health benefits of tart cherries. The company's initial product, CherryPharm, is a proprietary all-natural cherry juice blend that leverages recent academic research identifying naturally occurring health benefits in cherries. The management and board of CherryPharm are comprised of experienced and accomplished experts from various backgrounds including sports medicine, food science, agriculture, corporate finance, advertising and marketing. Please visit for more information.


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