Navy Army Federal Credit Union Offers Members Protection from America's Fastest Growing Crime; Joining the Fight Against Identity Theft

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas--()--July 26, 2006--Navy Army Federal Credit Union announced today that they will provide their Flag Checking members with identity theft services, through their partnership with Identity Theft 911, the nation's leading identity theft resolution and education provider. These members will receive proactive resources and one-on-one assistance -- at no additional cost -- in the event they become a victim of identity theft.

"ID theft is prevalent in today's society, and although there are many ways to protect yourself, most consumers neither take the time nor care to learn those practices," said Wayne Vann, President of Navy Army Federal Credit Union. "There are many preventative programs available; however, most were costly and did not have real value. We wanted a program to fix the issue should this ever happen to our members. Identity Theft 911 offers real value from this standpoint."

In this age of technology, there is a serious threat of falling prey to identity theft, even if the proper precautions are taken. A recent example is the U.S. veterans' data breach. This was one of the largest breaches of personal information ever; discs containing data on 26.5 million U.S. veterans were stolen from an employee of the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. This data, which included Social Security numbers, involves every living veteran who has served since 1976. The services offered by Navy Army FCU look to combat this issue and other potential identity theft disasters on the horizon.

If a Navy Army FCU Flag Checking member is victimized, Identity Theft 911 provides immediate assistance including:

-- Systematic notification to credit bureaus, creditors and collectors, government agencies, and all other relevant parties

-- Comprehensive case file creation to assist law enforcement and insurance

-- A full year of weekly credit monitoring

-- A full year of fraud monitoring

-- All services apply to immediate family members

In addition, all Navy Army FCU members will have access to Identity Theft 911's comprehensive educational platform, which can be found at:

Members will have the opportunity to educate and protect themselves using the comprehensive tips, threat alerts, facts & resources, and articles found at the educational site.

"Navy Army is proud to partner with Identity Theft 911 to offer our members a stellar identity theft resolution service," said Vann. "There is a warm transfer from our staff to their Resolution Center, where our members will then be assigned a personal advocate to take on the legwork and resolve the situation. I find a great deal of comfort with their processes."

About Identity Theft 911

Identity Theft 911 provides enterprise-level fraud solutions to Fortune 500 companies, a wide spectrum of financial institutions, colleges and universities, and many of America's largest insurance companies and corporate benefits providers. Identity Theft 911 is a leader in identity theft victim resolution and education, with more than six million households currently included in its retainer-based program. The Company's cutting-edge products include: RB421(SM), retainer-based blanket resolution and proactive education; IDR911(SM), identity disaster response; SBR911(SM), security breach response; and ITA911(SM), identity travel assistance. Online Banking Report named Identity Theft 911 one of "the 10 most significant innovations and developments of 2003." For more information, visit

About Navy Army Federal Credit Union

Since its inception in 1955, Navy Army Federal Credit Union has grown to over $411 million in assets. With a new community charter adopted in 2003 and a prevailing strong business model, Navy Army serves six counties in Texas and has 53,126 members. These members are seen as the owners, and Navy Army sets out to provide the best possible service to their owners at all times. It is this attitude that sets them apart from other financial institutions. Navy Army Federal Credit Union has over 180 employees serving members at eight locations, in addition to other convenient member services such as ten 24-hour ATMs, Tel-R-Line, LoanLine and Home Branch and Bill Payer online services. For more information, visit


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