Hasbro, Inc. Brings Wide Range of Innovative Toys, Games and Lifestyle Products to Toy Fair 2006

American International Toy Fair 2006
PAWTUCKET, R.I.--()--Feb. 9, 2006--Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS) unveils some of its newest 2006 product offerings at New York's 2006 Toy Fair in a host of entertainment categories enjoyed by all members of the family. From innovative products like I-CAT--the purr-fect follow-up to the smash hit I-DOG--to ZOOMBOX, an easy-to-use entertainment projector that brings the excitement of the big screen into the comforts of home, to DESIGNER'S WORLD, a game where a sense of fashion design and business brings you fortune and fame - together with new twists on Hasbro's unmatched portfolio of core brands -- Hasbro has something for everybody's wish list in 2006.

"Today's families want to pack in as much entertainment and fun as they possibly can into their busy lives," said Brian Goldner, Hasbro's chief operating officer. "Hasbro is delivering new products and experiences for kids of all ages through innovation, by leveraging the latest new technologies and maximizing the power of our world class library of brands and properties."

Highlights include:

BUTTERSCOTCH (Approximate retail price: $299.99; Ages: 4 & Up; Availability: Fall 2006)

"Mom, can I have a pony?" is a question that parents have heard from little girls for generations. This year, Hasbro's FURREAL FRIENDS brand gives girls the next best thing! BUTTERSCOTCH MY FURREAL FRIENDS PONY is a life-sized plush miniature pony that loves to be groomed and cared for. The BUTTERSCOTCH pony has many features similar to that of a real pony, including moving eyes, ears and head, soft fur coat and a swishing tail. Through sensors, BUTTERSCOTCH can feel when she is being groomed and will move her head toward you, and may whinny or snort. Just like a real pony, BUTTERSCOTCH loves carrots and can be "fed". Hold the pretend carrot to her face and she will open her mouth for it, or shake her head "no" if she has had enough. Kids can even sit on BUTTERSCOTCH and she will gently bounce.

I-CAT (Approximate retail price: $29.99; Ages 8 & up; Available: Fall 2006)

This is one cool cat! The I-CAT Interactive Music Companion is a fabulous feline that not only loves to listen to your favorite tunes but can but add funky 'scratch' sound effects to the music and will groove along to any song it hears. Owners can plug their music systems directly into I-CAT Interactive Music Companion and music will broadcast through a built-in speaker. Simply petting I-CAT will allow owners to mix things up and add meows, purrs and 'scratch' sound effects to the music! Owners can alter the music depending on how they touch or pet I-CAT, making this new interactive pet the cat's meow! Owners can also sit I-CAT in front of a speaker or plug it into the headphone jack of any music system and I-CAT will move and groove to the rhythm of the song. In addition, I-CAT Interactive Music Companion comes complete with a dual jack so that its owner can plug their headphones in and dance along to the music with I-CAT. Either way the owner chooses to listen to their favorite tune, as soon as I-CAT hears music, its face will light up or its ears and head will wiggle and sway in sync with the tune.

ZOOMBOX (Approximate retail price: $249; Available: Fall 2006)

Bring the excitement of the big screen into the comfort of your own home with Tiger Electronics' ZOOMBOX projector, the portable and easy to use entertainment projector that plays DVDs, CDs and connects to most gaming systems. Ideal for slumber parties, movie nights and video game playing get togethers, ZOOMBOX features a built-in DVD player so tweens can project their favorite movies in an exciting big screen format with an image of 60 inches or larger. Plus ZOOMBOX is designed with an easy to use external hook up for AV cables making it compatible with most gaming consoles. Perfect for avid gamers and film buffs alike, tweens can also attach electronics such as video cameras, digital cameras or cable boxes making the ZOOMBOX entertainment possibilities almost endless. Pop in a CD and ZOOMBOX becomes a boom box allowing tweens to take their favorite music with them wherever they go! So whether they're in the mood to watch their favorite flick, play a hot new videogame or rock out to the latest chart topper, the ZOOMBOX projector provides an exciting, larger than life experience.

Easy to use right out of the box, simply plug ZOOMBOX into a standard electrical outlet and aim the projector at your designated viewing area, such as a wall or ceiling. If the plan for the evening is to invite some pals over for a movie, just pop in the DVD and press 'play.' Or, if the night calls for hanging out and playing a videogame simply use the audio/video jacks to connect ZOOMBOX to your gaming systems. For best viewing, place ZOOMBOX eight feet from the wall or ceiling and it will project an image approximately sixty inches diagonal. ZOOMBOX features two built-in speakers with stereo sound, a headphone jack and a resolution of 557x234 pixels. ZOOMBOX allows tweens and teens to enjoy their favorite entertainment in big-screen style almost anywhere. The unique styling enables users to project two different ways: place ZOOMBOX on its side to project forward onto the wall or stand ZOOMBOX on its end to project up onto the ceiling. With its convenient handle the light weight (approximately five pounds) ZOOMBOX can travel with tweens from the living room to the bedroom to even their friend's house with ease.

TJ BEARYTALES (Approximate retail price: $49.99; Ages 3 to 6; Available: Summer 2006)

T.J. BEARYTALES, a new animated plush bear from Hasbro's PLAYSKOOL division, will help preschoolers get ready to learn through storytelling, music and play-along activities. The T.J. BEARYTALES character is fully animated by Hasbro's award-winning animatronic technology and uses story time and a collection of 13 original tales to teach young listeners social and emotional skills that get them ready for school such as helping others, following directions and overcoming fears, along with more traditional school-readiness skills like colors, shapes and numbers. T.J. BEARYTALES comes with a 24-page, photo-illustrated story book that also includes activities for parents and preschoolers to do together. Eight additional story books and cartridges and four deluxe books with accessories will be available this fall and retail for $9.99 and $14.99, respectively.

BABY ALIVE (Approx. Retail Price: $49.99; Ages 3 & Up; Available: Fall 2006)

Thirty-three years since her first diaper change, the original doll that eats and poops, the BABY ALIVE(R) doll, is back. A new generation of moms-in-the-making will love to nurture the BABY ALIVE doll, now more realistic than ever. She speaks and, for the first time, has facial expressions and eye movements, along with other life-like actions. BABY ALIVE is the doll that "eats" and "poops" just like a real baby. Girls can feed her special doll food, give her a bottle and then get ready to change her messy diaper. She's ready to play, laugh and talk...and girls will love taking care of her.

NERF SHOWTIME HOOPS (Approximate Retail Price: $249.99; Ages 8 & up; Available: Fall 2006)

Calling all streetballers! Bring the fun and excitement of the AND1 Mix Tape Tour to your 'hood with NERF SHOWTIME HOOPS hip hop, interactive basketball gaming system. The interactive game is voiced by AND 1 Mix Tape Tour emcee Duke Tango and is programmed with 10 different 'playground' games. A motorized spotlight in the base will show you where to shoot from on the floor to make those money shots. Using Smart Shot(TM) Technology the net, rim and backboard sensors will let you know if the shot was 'brick,' 'bank shot' or 'nothin' but net!' The sensors also keep score automatically on the LCD score board. The indoor gaming system features speakers and a plug to connect an MP3 or CD player (not included), as well as a built-in drink dispenser and cup holders. An adjustable backboard with a rim height ranging from six to seven feet tall makes NERF SHOWTIME HOOPS enjoyable for ballers of all ages and skill level. NERF SHOWTIME HOOPS, The hip hop, interactive basketball gaming system comes complete with one junior size basketball, one basketball hoop, one adjustable backboard and one AC wall adapter.

ION Educational Gaming System (Approximate retail price: ION EGS $99.99, Active Learning Discs: $14.99; Ages 3 to 7; Available: Fall 2006)

Hasbro's Playskool brand will get kids up, moving and learning this fall with a new electronic learning system. With the ION Educational Gaming System, kids, ages 3 to 7, see themselves on the family TV screen, as they move and shake their entire bodies to participate in learning adventures focused on core preschool and elementary skills. A small camera built into the console's base places the child onscreen and literally "in" the game--right next to popular characters from her favorite TV shows. Patented, motion-capture technology translates body motion into game play, enabling kids to control the action with their bodies rather than through traditional game controllers. This latest innovation from Playskool combines learning benefits and physical activity in a fun, engaging way. Includes four sample games.

At launch, the Playskool brand will release eight additional Active Learning Discs for an approximate retail price of $14.99 each. Parents can choose between titles with learning content appropriate for kids ages 3 to 5 or 5 to 7. Each disc contains five games and offers three levels of increasingly sophisticated learning. Playskool is working with several content providers, so children can complete these learning games alongside characters from their favorite TV shows. Initial discs will feature SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer and Blue's Clues from Nickelodeon; Scooby Doo(TM) and The Batman(TM) from Warner Bros. Consumer Products; and Bob the Builder(TM) and The Wiggles(R) from HIT Entertainment.

MY LITTLE PONY CRYSTAL RAINBOW CASTLE PLAYSET (Approximate Retail Price: $59.99; Ages 3 and up; Available: Fall 2006)

The new centerpiece of PONYVILLE for Fall is the CRYSTAL RAINBOW CASTLE playset, a "magical" castle where ponies play with their friends. The CRYSTAL RAINBOW CASTLE playset expands to two-feet tall and three-floors high with the wave of a "magic" wand or a press of the "magic" heart that's magnet-activated. Turrets swing out for additional play areas that include a dressing room and dining room. There is also a "magic" dance floor for MY LITTLE PONY characters to "dance" on. The vanity room includes a vanity with drawers that "magically" open when a pony touches the heart with the magnet in her foot. The CRYSTAL RAINBOW CASTLE playset comes with other fun accessories, including a dining hutch, table and more. Additional accessories to furnish the playset are sold separately for $9.99.

BIGGEST LITTLEST PET SHOP PLAYSET (Approximate Retail Price: $39.99; Ages: 4 and up; Available: Fall 2006)

LITTLEST PET SHOP pets gather at the BIGGEST LITTLEST PET SHOP playset for the ultimate playing and shopping experience. Kids can turn a wheel to walk their pets or ride them through the three-level spinning tower. Once the pets finish "playing," kids can bring them to the treat center, which drops down special food pieces. When the pets are done playing, they can take a nap in their very own hammock. The playset comes with two exclusive pets, including a "push 'n play" pet that does a trick when her head is pressed. The set also includes cool accessories, lots of storage space and easy portability for girls to display their LITTLEST PET SHOP collection anywhere.

TRANSFORMERS CYBERTRON PRIMUS (Approximate Retail Price: $49.99; Ages: 5 & Up; Available: Summer 2006)

Standing an impressive 14 inches tall in robot mode, CYBERTRON PRIMUS changes from the TRANSFORMERS home planet to a giant robot. CYBERTRON PRIMUS comes with one CYBER PLANET KEY and the OMEGA LOCK which activates multiple features including electronic lights and sounds, and launching missiles. Includes one CYBER PLANET KEY and two A76 or LR44 size batteries. (Additional Batteries Required) 2 1.5v "AA" or LR6 size.

G.I. JOE SIGMA 6 DRAGONHAWK (Approximate Retail Price: $34.99; Ages: 5 & Up; Available: Fall 2006)

Featured in every episode of the animated series, the DRAGONHAWK is the SIGMA 6 team's primary drop ship for combat support and mission transport. The magnetic docking system allows the DRAGONHAWK to bring various SIGMA 6 vehicles into battle. A removable drop box has a fast-deploy system to launch the team's ninja motorcycle into action, or carry mission gear. Featuring electronic lights and battle sounds, the DRAGONHAWK can be customized with gear from other Mission scale vehicle sets.

CHATNOW (Approximate Retail Price: $74.99 per set; Ages 8 & up; Available: Fall)

Tiger Electronics' CHATNOW Two-Way Radio Communicator is the new personal communicator that allows tweens to be in touch with their friends and family in up to a 2-mile range without paying for airtime or signing a calling plan contract. Each CHATNOW unit has its own 'Buddy Number' which can be used just like a phone number so users can make and receive calls directly. Kids can also create a personalized 'Buddy List' so their best friends are never more than the touch-of-a-button away. With CHATNOW tweens can even take digital pictures, each unit is able to take and store up to 30 digital photos that can be viewed on the unit's black and white screen. Users can animate a photo to make it look like their friend is really 'talking' or accessorize the photo using add-on props like goofy eyes or wacky hair-dos, but cannot send or print a photo taken by CHATNOW. The CHATNOW Communicator also allows tweens to send text messages.

Modeled after the popular 'flip' cell phone style featuring a foldable keypad, CHATNOW Communicators will be available in sleek black or sophisticated silver and come packaged with colorful and stylish snap-on faceplates in magenta, limon, or blue. CHATNOW Two-Packs will include an extra set of faceplates and a sticker sheet allowing tweens to customize their CHATNOW device to match their mood or outfit! Accessories include chic carry cases and 'hands-free' earpieces that can play FM radio; all sold separately.


TRIVIAL PURSUIT(R) TOTALLY 80s EDITION (Approximate retail price: $34.99; Ages: Adult; Players: 2-6; Batteries: None; Available: Spring 2006)

Take a trip down memory lane in this Pop Culture based edition of the 80's .The game includes 4 collectable tokens, The Trapper Keeper, Compact Disc, Care Bear, and Rubik Cube and questions written in that flashback tone. There are 2400 questions in the following categories: MUSIC, MOVIES, TV, HEADLINES, and SPORTS AND LEISURE AND WILD CARD.

MONOPOLY(R), SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS(TM) EDITION (Approximate retail price: $29.99; Ages: 8 & up; Players: 2 to 6; Batteries: None; Available: Now)

Sponge Bob's on the lookout for great Real Estate deals as the MONOPOLY game goes to Bikini Bottom. Players make their way from the Chum Bucket to the Krusty Krab and can improve properties by building pineapples (houses) or Krusty Krab franchises (hotels). Unique tokens include: SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Gary and Squidward. Alternate game rules for shorter play.

GIGA PETS(TM) EXPLORER TV PLUG N PLAY GAME : (Approximate retail price: $39.99; Ages: 8-10; Players: 1; Batteries: 4 "AA"; Available: Spring 2006)

The game where your pets come to life on your TV. Includes one TV Plug in game (containing three pets) and one hand held game (containing one pet, THE HAMSTER). Choose to explore the mysterious GIGA Island, interact with game characters, customize your collection of unique items or play any of the various games included. Unlock additional content with Giga Pets Hand Held Games.

GIGA PETS(TM) HAND HELD GAME (Approximate retail price $14.99 each; Ages: 8-10; Players: 1; Batteries: 3 "LR44"; Available: Spring 2006)-(as a12-pack assortment), or individually PIXIE, TOM CAT, PUFF BALL, DRAGON LIZARD, SCORPION, BUNNY. Connect the handhelds to the TV game and unlock more for expanded game play.

COSMIC CATCH(TM) (Approximate retail price: $24.99; Ages: 7 & up; Players: 2 to 6; Batteries: 4 "AA"; Available: Spring 2006)

The out of this world game of catch includes 1 electronic ball and 6 hand tags. 4 Games, pass around, reverse catch, elimination, code buster. Available is six colors, red, blue, green, yellow, white and purple. Each child wears a hand tag that indicates to the ball, which player (color) is holding the ball. Primary game is a game of catch in which the ball tells the player where to throw the ball.

TWISTER(R) DANCE DVD (Approximate retail price: $29.99; Ages: 8 & up; Players 2 to 4; Batteries: None; TV/DVD required, not included; Available: Spring 2006) Have a premium experience with the cool new Twister Dance game. Audio with the addition of video instruction that takes place in four different environments, such as Club, Beach, Downtown and Stage and three levels of dance moves, which are: Instruction, Dance and Party.

DESIGNER'S WORLD(TM) PLUG N PLAY GAME (Approximate retail price: $39.99; Ages: 10-12; Players:1; Batteries: 4 "AA"; Available: Spring 2006)

The game where a sense of fashion design and business brings you fortune and fame! Create your own fashion line, pick your models, face the judges from New York, Paris and Milan. Build your fashion empire with the look that you've created and market your unique style to the masses.

CLUE(R) DVD GAME (Approximate retail price: $29.99; Ages: 10 & Up; Players: 2 to 6; Batteries: No; Available: Spring 2006)

Turn your TV into Tudor Mansion and step into the mystery to solve the case! The animated Butler and Inspector characters guide you through game play in a rich narrative style. Use the DVD to get clues to solve the 12 mysteries or the random mystery game. This game is the ultimate experience for Clue Fans!

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS BASIC GAME (Approximate Retail Price: $24.95; Ages: 12 & up; Available: Fall 2006)

This refreshed boxed game is designed to give those new to role-playing an introduction to the D&D game experience. It contains everything needed to play exciting adventures, including a complete set of role-playing dice, Dungeons & Dragons rules, a playing surface and 16 pre-painted, plastic miniature heroes and monsters. No previous experience with role-playing games or D&D is necessary to use this product, making it an easy way for those new to the D&D experience to get started.

MAGIC: THE GATHERING: GUILDPACT FAT PACK (Approximate Retail Price: $24.95; February 2006)

Guildpact, the second set in the epic Ravnica block, expands on the exciting themes introduced in the first set. The influx of powerful new gold cards continues, and players now have the tools to create new multicolored decks with the addition of Guildpact's three fresh guilds. The Fat Pack is the must-have item for every Magic: The Gathering gamer. Not only do you get a Player's Guide - which includes a full, visual spoiler and insider info from R&D - but also six booster packs, an epic novel that brings the world of Guildpact to life, and a spindown life counter.

AVALON HILL: AXIS & ALLIES MINIATURES CONTESTED SKIES (Approximate Retail Price: $14.99; Ages: 12 & up; Available: March 2006)

The Axis & Allies Miniatures Collectible Miniatures Game (CMG) puts you in command as you battle from the hedgerows of Brittany to the steps of the Reich Chancellery with your custom constructed squad of American, British, German, Russian, Italian or Japanese troops. Authentically detailed and historically accurate, these 15mm pre-painted plastic miniatures will appeal to collectors, history buffs, and gamers alike. Each booster box contains nine randomized figures with varying degrees of rarity to enhance collectability. Fire rains from the skies with the Contested Skies expansion, the first to introduce aircraft into the A&A Minis game system. Call in air support with the famed P-51 Mustang or fearsome Mitsubishi Zero.

AVALON HILL: ROCKETVILLE (Approximate Retail Price $35; Ages: 10 & up; Available: March 2006)

In this fast-paced game of luck and strategy, you and the other candidates travel via rocket from district to district campaigning for votes, making promises, garnering endorsements, and recruiting robotic assistance in a mad dash to win the hearts, minds and CPUs of your fellow sentient beings. This beautifully designed, boutique-quality board game by celebrity game inventor Dr. Richard Garfield (creator of the epic Magic: The Gathering Trading Card Game), has a humorously campy, retro sci-fi feel.

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