Vacationers Sail Away with Sauza(R) Tequila and MALIBU(R) Rum; Carnival Cruise Lines Hosts Duty-Free Brand Promotion

WESTPORT, Conn.--()--Oct. 4, 2005--Get ready to sail away, as Sauza(R) tequila and MALIBU(R) flavored rum announce a high-seas partnership with Carnival Cruise Lines, their first duty-free promotional program with the vacation legend. The program, which targets adult passengers on cruises aboard Carnival's "Fun Ship" Fascination through November 21, 2005, features product tastings, specialty cocktails, sponsored pool parties and giveaways, including the opportunity to win a Carnival cruise for two.

In line with MALIBU flavored rum's "Seriously Easy Going" marketing campaign, MALIBU will sponsor "Sail Away" parties as the cruise leaves ports along its journey, and "Seriously Easy Going" pool parties throughout the duration of the cruises. Legal drinking age passengers will enjoy MALIBU games while learning new ways to enjoy original MALIBU, MALIBU Mango, MALIBU Pineapple and the recently launched MALIBU Passion Fruit (see specialty cocktail list below). MALIBU also will host karaoke nights at some cruise destinations. In addition, the Fascination's duty-free shop will offer promotional pricing on all Malibu flavors.

Sauza will sponsor the "Sauza Tequila Academy," an onboard program designed to teach adult passengers everything about the brand, from its authentic heritage to popular ways to enjoy the product (see specialty cocktail list below). Sauza backpacks and other branded items will be given away to legal purchase age consumers who participate in this program. Sauza also will sponsor a "Sail Away" party when the cruise departs Cozumel, Mexico.

Mike Soskin, Marketing Director Duty Free, Allied Domecq said, "The Carnival promotion is a great opportunity for Sauza and Malibu to reach target consumers in an environment where they are seeking new brands and experiences. Tying in with the world's most popular cruise line is also consistent with the high-end images of our premium spirits."

Bar displays will direct Fascination adult guests to staff who have been specially trained by brand ambassadors to educate consumers on ways to enjoy MALIBU and Sauza. More than 10,000 MALIBU and Sauza T-shirts will be given away throughout the program, and for the first time, Sauza and MALIBU are available in the Fascination's duty-free store. Passengers also will receive brand recipe cards, so they can relive their vacation memories at home.

Saira Burcham, Allied Domecq Account Manager for U.S. cruise lines, credited Carnival for its partnership on the Malibu and Sauza promotion. "Our brands truly have been brought to life aboard Carnival's Fun Ship, and we look forward to the success of this project," Burcham said.

While aboard the Fascination, adult guests may enter a drawing for a chance to win a cruise for two aboard Carnival. The Fascination operates three-day cruises to Nassau, Bahamas, and four-day voyages to Key West, Fla., and Cozumel, Mexico, from Miami.

MALIBU flavored rum and Sauza tequila remind consumers to please enjoy their products responsibly, particularly around water.

MALIBU flavored rum and Sauza tequila are brands currently manufactured by Allied Domecq Spirits, North America. In July 2005, Pernod Ricard USA effectively completed the acquisition of Allied Domecq Spirits, North America securing the ownership of MALIBU flavored rum along with a number of others across several categories. Jim Beam Brands Co. is the current owner of Sauza tequila, having recently purchased the brand from Pernod Ricard USA.


MALIBU is the delicious Caribbean fine light rum, now with four distinct flavors - coconut, pineapple, mango and passion fruit - that bring to life the seriously easy attitude of the islands. Like all rums, sugar cane is the basis for MALIBU. After distillation, a portion of the rum is aged in oak barrels for one to two years, and then blended with coconut, pineapple, mango or passion fruit and sugar to create the unique taste of MALIBU. MALIBU is a versatile, mixable spirit. Try it with cola or with fruit juice for a smooth delicious taste.

MALIBU Rum with natural coconut/pineapple/mango/passion fruit flavor, 21% alc./vol., Allied Domecq Spirits, USA Westport, CT. MALIBU is imported and marketed by Allied Domecq Spirits North America, based in Westport, CT. Allied Domecq reminds consumers to "Take It Easy. Drink in Moderation."

About Sauza(R)

Sauza is named for Don Cenobio Sauza, who established the Sauza Distillery in Tequila, Mexico, in 1873. Sauza was the first to call the golden drink "tequila" and the first to export it to the United States. All seven types of Sauza tequilas are handcrafted in a traditional manner that began over a century ago. Sauza, the world's fastest growing international spirits brand (Drinks International, May 2003) and the fastest growing tequila in the U.S. for the last 5 years, has been rated as the #1 Tequila Brand by Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Sauza(R) Tequila, S.A. de C.V., 40% alc./vol., imported by Allied Domecq Spirits, North America, Westport, CT. Sauza reminds consumers to "Remember to Drink Responsibly."

    Drink Recipes:

    Malibu(R) Beachcomber
    3/4 oz. Malibu Passion Fruit(R)
    3/4 oz. Malibu Mango(R)
    2 oz. Pineapple juice
    Top with lemon-lime soda

    Witch Doctor
    3/4 oz. Malibu Coconut Rum(R)
    3/4 oz. Malibu Pineapple rum(R)
    3 oz. Orange Juice

    Mango Sangria
    1 oz. Malibu Mango Rum(R)
    1/2 oz. White wine
    1/2 oz. Orange juice
    1/2 oz. Pineapple juice
    Serve on the rocks

    Coconut Cooler
    1-1/2 oz. Malibu Coconut Rum(R)
    1 oz. Orange Juice
    1 oz. Sprite
    Serve on the rocks

    The Sauza(R) Hornitos Paloma
    1 oz. Sauza(R) Hornitos Tequila
    Fill with 1-1/2 oz. sour mix over cubed ice.
    Sprite(R) on top.
    Garnish with a lime wedge.

    The Ultimate Margarita (OTR)
    1 oz. parts Sauza(R) Conmemorativo
    1/2 oz Triple Sec
    4 oz. freshly squeezed lime juice
    Shake with ice, pour into a rocks glass with ice
    (salted rim is optional).
    Garnish with a lime wedge.

    The Sauza(R) Tres Cosmopolitan
    1 oz. Sauza(R) Tres Generaciones Plata, Anejo or Reposado
    1/2 oz. Cointreau
    2 oz. Cranberry juice & fresh lime juice
    Shake with ice and strain

    The Sauza(R) Mojito
    Refreshing drink made with:
    - 1-1/4 oz. Sauza Hornitos(R)
    - Simple syrup
    - Fresh lime
    Topped with lemon-lime soda


Allied Domecq Spirits, Westport
Dave Karraker, 203-221-5573
Qorvis Communications
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Allied Domecq Spirits, Westport
Dave Karraker, 203-221-5573
Qorvis Communications
Nicole Chardavoyne, 202-448-9284