Study shows satisfaction with sexual activity using the novel HarmonySystem(TM) sex-chair compared to traditional bed-sex Is ''improved dramatically'' for couples with limiting conditions of orthopedic pain and/or obesity.

The HarmonySystem can benefit couples with many conditions that may negatively impact their lovemaking, such as: Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Hip or Knee Pain, Joint Pain Due to Arthritis or Trauma, Obesity, Heartburn, Advanced Prgenancy, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Erectile Dysfunction, Artificial Hips or Knees, Joint Replacements and Breathing Difficulties. This unique product also helps older couples to maintain an active sex life.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--()--June 28, 2005--

  "All study participants reported a significant increase in satisfaction with their sexual activities while using the HarmonySystem, and all would recommend this product to others with similar conditions."  

- Myron Murdock, MD, FACS

A Founding Member, Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA), sub-specialty subsidiary of the American Urologic Association (AUA)

Dr. Myron Murdock, a Founding Member of the Society for the Study of Impotence and a urologist specializing in male and female sexual dysfunctions, today announced results of his limited clinical study of 14 adults (seven couples) whose sexual activity in a bed was dramatically limited and/or painful due to either (a) orthopedic pain associated with knees, lower back or neck related to arthritis or injury, or (b) obesity. All used the HarmonySystem for a period of four to six weeks when engaging in sex. The fully adjustable HarmonySystem is designed to assist couples who have physical conditions that limit their ability to engage in sexual activity on a flat bed. When using the HarmonySystem, couples can maintain a position that alleviates pressures from aching muscles or otherwise adjust their bodies to better position themselves for enjoyable, pain-free intimacy.

Dr. Murdock reported four key findings from his study: (1) 100% of study participants reported a significant increase in satisfaction with their sexual activities while using the HarmonySystem; (2) success in achieving satisfactory vaginal penetration was 100% with the HarmonySystem versus 57% without the HarmonySystem; (3) male partners' success in reaching climax was 93% using the HarmonySystem versus 73% without the HarmonySystem; and (4) female partners' success in reaching climax was 79% with the HarmonySystem versus 50% without the HarmonySystem.

"While this study was small, it gives strong evidence that there are physical conditions where a couple's satisfaction with sexual activity may be improved if they can sit or stand during sexual intercourse," said Dr. Murdock, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS). "The HarmonySystem proved to be safe, comfortable, easily adjustable and popular--most of the couples were reluctant to give it up at the end of their trial. We suggest that primary care physicians, orthopedists, chiropractors, rheumatologists, physical therapists and other clinical specialties as well as couples with limiting physical conditions be made aware of the potential benefit of standing and sitting during sexual activity, and of the efficacy of the HarmonySystem ( as a flexible, comfortable and successful platform supporting these positions.

"This study verifies that there are physical conditions which one or both partners of an intimate couple may have, where the couples' satisfaction with sexual activity is improved if one or the other can comfortably and safely sit on a surface that can be easily adjusted to meet his or her specific needs during sexual activity," added Dr. Murdock. "The study suggests that by permitting the woman to sit while lovemaking, stress and/or pain are reduced from the lower back and neck, and she tends to be more comfortable and enjoy sex more. By permitting the man to stand or sit, stress and/or pain is reduced on his knees, neck and lower back which encourage more sexual activity. Obese couples find that sitting and standing allows more satisfactory depth of vaginal penetration, and removes the weight of one partner upon the other, leading to more comfort, freedom of movement and more satisfactory--and more frequent--sexual activity.

"It is probable that some of the improvements in satisfaction came simply from the novelty of the HarmonySystem that enables couples to experiment with new positions and to talk about them, and simply from the effect of being studied. However the magnitude of the improvements in satisfaction registered in the study is therapeutically significant and cannot be explained just by these factors. It is clear that being able to adjust the positions of the two people in a way that best suited their specific physical conditions provided significant improvements in the sexual satisfaction of these seven couples, and it can be generalized that it should improve sexual satisfaction for other couples with similar conditions," Dr. Murdock concluded.

About the HarmonySystem

It is well-known that sexual dissatisfaction is one of the most important stress factors in marriages. Clinicians, whether primary care providers or specialists dealing with sexual dysfunction or orthopedic problems, have been challenged to help their patients by having few, if any, alternatives to recommend--other than to try different positions, use pillows to position the body differently or concentrate on non-intercourse lovemaking. The HarmonySystem is a furniture-like product specifically designed to enable 'the top person' to stand or sit down during sexual activity with his/her sitting or reclining partner. Compass Institute engaged industrial design firms, engineers, urologists and physical therapists in the design of the patented HarmonySystem.

About Compass Institute

Compass Institute is the developer and marketer of the HarmonySystem (, 877-328-3400), a premium line of quality, differentiated and innovative products designed to assist all intimate couples improve their sexual satisfaction, but particularly individuals who have difficulty enjoying sexual relations in bed because of certain medical and physical conditions that create frustration, pain and/or discomfort. Such conditions include, but are not limited to, muscular pain such as chronic low back pain, arthritic or injured joints, inflamed muscles, severe carpal tunnel syndrome, obesity, women in advanced pregnancy, those suffering from medical conditions such as gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD), breathing difficulties and some erectile dysfunction (ED) conditions, as well as many aging baby boomers who find engaging in sex on a bed has become more and more challenging.


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