NanoBusiness 2005 Concludes Fourth Successful Conference in New York City with Record Number of Sponsors and Attendees

NanoBusiness 2005
NEW YORK--()--June 7, 2005--The NanoBusiness Alliance today announced that its 4th annual NanoBusiness 2005 conference recently concluded its four-day run at the New York Marriot Financial Center as its most successful event to date. With over 50 participating sponsor companies and 500 attendees, NanoBusiness 2005 gathered the foremost business leaders, VCs, scientists, engineers, government official and visionaries who are driving the nanotechnology revolution.

"Although many incorrectly believe that fulfilling the promise of Nanotechnology is still years away, NanoBusiness 2005 proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the industry is very much alive and vital today," said Vincent Caprio, Event Director. "From public companies to new start-ups, NanoBusiness 2005 played host to numerous organizations whose technologies and products are already changing the way we live, work and communicate."

Conference highlights included:

NanoFilm - CEO Scott Rickert's keynote presentation established NanoFilm as one of the earliest entries into nanotechnology (having organized in 1990), and focusing on their proprietary nano-based glass coatings widely-used in the eyewear and automotive industries.

NanoOpto - As a Nanotechnology company delivering products to well-established markets for years, NanoOptp CEO Barry Weinbaum addressed conferees on "Mult--Market Opportunities for Nanotech," focusing on his company's ability to apply their technology to a range of applications, including optical communications, information transfer, imaging and displays.

NanoTex - CEO Donn Tice delivered a keynote address as part of the conference's Investor Forum, during which he reviewed the company's breakthrough nano-based stain-resistance technology, already in use by major apparel manufacturers and retailers worldwide.

Evident Technologies - CEO Clint Ballinger attended NanoBusiness 2005 to announce the industry's first "non-heavy metal" quantum dots, designed for life science research, where traditional quantum dots are not appropriate.

The Nanotech Company - Managing Director Darrel Brookstein announced the June 15 release of his new book, the first written on successful investing in nanotechnology - Nanotech Fortunes. He also announced that is undergoing a completed remodel that will make it the international network for small technology, serving all the participants in the emerging industry, helping them make the contacts and find the information to grow their businesses and services.

In addition to learning from CEOs of the industry's foremost companies, attendees at NanoBusiness 2005 also heard from such government officials as Nakissa Sadrieh, Ph. D., of the FDA; Steve Westly, California State Controller; and Senator Ron Wyden, whose keynote included an impassioned "call to arms" for all involved in the industry to rally against government-imposed export controls on nanotechnology.

In his keynote address, Jeff Jaffe, President of Bell Labs Research, provided a vision of ubiquitous, virtually invisible nanotech-enabled communications networks that will offer global "secure and instantaneous" conversation, as if people were in the same room. And Dr. Anna Barker of the National Cancer Institute spoke of the grand challenge to "do away with pain and suffering caused by cancer" by 2015.

"We witness nanotechnology's continuing maturity and growth at each successful Nanobusiness Conference," noted Nathan Tinker, conference chairman. "We're excited about what the coming year will bring, and look forward to welcoming our alumni as well as new attendees to our next conference."

Dates and location for NanoBusiness 2006 will be announced shortly. For information on participating in next year's event, please contact Vincent Caprio at 203-268-3204.

About the NanoBusiness Alliance

The NanoBusiness Alliance is the first industry association founded to advance the emerging business of nanotechnology. The NanoBusiness Alliance creates a collective voice for the emerging small tech industry and is developing a range of initiatives to support and strengthen the nanotechnology business community. Exciting initiatives include research and education, public policy and awareness, public relations and promotion, networking, industry support and mentoring programs.

F. Mark Modzelewski, Nathan Tinker and Josh Wolfe of Lux Capital founded the Alliance in 2001. The leaders of the nanotechnology community including Co-Chairmen venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson of Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Herb Goronkin, the noted nanotechnology visionary who recently retired from Motorola, head the Advisory Board of the Alliance.

The Alliance is headquartered in New York City and has offices in Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Denver, Colorado.

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Schwartz Public Relations
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