Toshiba Celebrates 20th Anniversary of First Mass-Market Notebook Computer; Introduced in 1985, Toshiba T1100 Weighed Nine Pounds and Heralded New Era of Mobile Computing Innovation that Continues Today

IRVINE, Calif.--()--April 20, 2005--Toshiba's Digital Products Division, a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. and provider of industry-leading portable computers, projectors and other mobile-related services and products, today announced the 20th anniversary of the world's first mass-market laptop computer -- the Toshiba T1100, a landmark precursor to today's mobile digital devices.

At its launch, the T1100 featured a 4.77 MHz Intel 80C88 processor, MS-DOS 2.11 operating system, one 720-kilobyte 3.5-inch floppy disk drive (the first in a mass-marketed PC) for storage, and 512-kilobyte random access memory. The system was 12.2-inches wide, 2.6-inches high and 12 inches deep with a weight of just nine pounds.

A triumph of miniaturization technology for its time, the T1100 was notable for its clear, legible black-and-white 9.1- by 4.7-inch display with a resolution of 640x200 pixels, and optional 14.4kbps modem connectivity. Featuring a Microsoft MS-DOS operating system, the system's compatibility with third-party IBM PC software was considered mandatory for business acceptance. The unit cost more than $4,000 in 1985.

Since its launch of the T1100, Toshiba has recorded worldwide cumulative sales of more than 37-million notebook computers through 2004, according to industry analysts IDC.

"Toshiba's T1100 was the first successfully marketed battery-powered mobile computing device that opened the door to today's notebooks, sub-notebooks, Tablet PCs, PDAs and smart phones," said Mark Simons, vice president and general manager of Digital Products Division, Toshiba America Information Systems.

"Mobile computer growth rates now outpace those of desktop PCs, and it's a testament to Toshiba's commitment to research and development that the company was able to launch not just a product but an entire industry," Simons said. "That dedication to innovation, quality and meeting the diverse needs of mobile computer users continues to this day with new products being launched in celebration of our 20th anniversary."

"In 1985, Intel was proud that our 80C88 microprocessor was selected by Toshiba to be inside the T1100 -- the industry's first widely accepted portable computer," said Paul S. Otellini, president and chief operating officer, Intel Corporation. "The Toshiba-Intel relationship has grown tremendously since that historic notebook and we are proud that Toshiba continues to integrate Intel platforms into today's Portege(R), Tecra(R), Satellite(R) and Qosmio(R) lines. On behalf of Intel, I would like to congratulate Toshiba on 20 years of innovation in mobile computing."

Products announced today demonstrate the ongoing Toshiba commitment to providing mobile computing users the ultimate in mobility and performance. The products kicking off the company's yearlong 20th anniversary celebration include the premium ultraportable Portege R200, the return of the Toshiba libretto(R) U100 mini-notebook, and the Tecra M4, a new mainstream Tablet PC for business users.

In addition to the new products, Toshiba is announcing EasyGuard(TM) technology; a complete suite of hardware and software features providing mobile professionals enhanced data security, advanced system protection, easy connectivity and ease of use. EasyGuard(1) technology represents the culmination of the years Toshiba has spent designing and refining mobile PCs and gaining insights from users, allowing Toshiba to anticipate the problems users are most likely to experience with a notebook and offer solutions that prevent these problems. More information on EasyGuard and the 20th anniversary products can be found at

Following the successful introduction of the T1100, Toshiba went on to introduce a series of innovations that dramatically raised expectations on what was possible in portable computing in the areas of display, battery, optical drives, small form factor hard disk drives, performance and communications, including these highlights:

-- 1986 -- Introduction of the first portable PC featuring an Intel 286 processor;

-- 1986 -- Introduction of the first portable PC featuring an internal hard disk drive;

-- 1987 -- Introduction of the first portable PC featuring an Intel 386 processor;

-- 1990 -- First notebook PC with longer-lasting NiMH battery;

-- 1991 -- First notebook PC featuring a thin film transistor (TFT) display;

-- 1992 -- Introduction of the first portable PC featuring an Intel 486 processor;

-- 1993 -- Introduction of the first ultra-portable featuring Lithium ion battery;

-- 1994 -- Introduction of the first notebook PC featuring an Intel Pentium processor;

-- 1995 -- First notebook PC incorporating a CD-ROM drive;

-- 1997 -- First notebook PC incorporating a DVD drive;

-- 2000 -- First notebook PC incorporating DVD/CD-RW multi-drive;

-- 2001 -- First notebook PC incorporating wireless capabilities (Bluetooth(R) and W-LAN);

-- 2002 -- First full-performance convertible-type Tablet PC;

-- 2004 -- First AV notebook PC featuring LCD TV-class video quality.

"Toshiba's vision for the future mirrors its illustrious past with continuing innovations in ubiquitous portable computing and anytime/anywhere access and other valuable technologies for our customers," Simons said. "All of us at Toshiba are looking forward to leading the next 20 years in portable computing."

About Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. (TAIS)

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(1) All EasyGuard features (with some exceptions) are integrated into specific Toshiba notebook models. Not all models will support all EasyGuard features. See specs for each model individually for included EasyGuard features.

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