Smart Dust Leader Crossbow Technology Named One of the Top 10 Tech Companies for the Next 10 Years

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--Nov. 8, 2004--

  IEEE Spectrum, BusinessWeek Online Bestow Accolades on Wireless Sensor and Inertial Industry Leader Crossbow  

IEEE Spectrum magazine has named Crossbow Technology, Inc. (, the leading end-to-end solutions supplier in wireless sensor networks and the largest manufacturer of Smart Dust wireless sensors, as one of its "10 Tech Companies for the Next 10 Years" in its November 2004 issue.

The Top 10 were chosen from a global list of technology leaders by the Spectrum board of editors along with IEEE fellows. The judges "tried to divine the future from a collection of today's most daring tech start-ups," the article states. "We narrowed the field by considering technological innovations in conjunction with the people who have bet on them; people, unlike new ideas, have track records that can be vetted."

In the Crossbow profile, the reporter wrote: "Walls may well have ears, at least in James Bond novels, but until recently it cost a lot of money to put those ears in place and even more to extract data from them. Crossbow means to change all that with its sensor-packed, self-contained, wireless beacons, called 'motes.' Because they connect with one another to form ad hoc networks, motes can track things that might otherwise be missed."

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In a companion IEEE Spectrum story featuring the "Top 40 Thinkers," Intel Corporation CEO Craig R. Barrett says wireless is the most important technology for the coming decade. Intel is creating the future of wireless technology, not only through its own research, but through funding and relationships with highly innovative companies such as Crossbow.

BusinessWeek Online Accolades

In a recent story in BusinessWeek Online, headlined "Bringing MEMS and Motes to Life," Crossbow President and CEO Mike Horton was called "the Bill Gates of sensor technology," leading "one of Silicon Valley's hottest companies." In the Oct. 19, 2004, story, the reporter writes: "Horton has pioneered a whole new industry of wireless sensor networks, a market that's projected to grow from $347 million worldwide this year to $7 billion by 2010, according to wireless consultancy ON World. While a slew of startups and industry heavyweights like General Electric and Honeywell are eyeing this market, most of them have gotten only as far as pilot deployments, says analyst Mareca Hatler of ON World. Crossbow has more than 1,000 customers."

The article continues: "'Crossbow definitely has staying power,' says Marlene Bourne, senior analyst for tech consultancy In-Stat. 'They're the pioneers in this emerging market, and they're doing everything right at this point.'"

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About Crossbow Technology

Founded in 1995, Crossbow Technology, Inc. is the leading end-to-end solutions supplier in wireless sensor networks and the largest manufacturer of Smart Dust wireless sensors. Crossbow has for years been at the forefront of creating and deploying smaller, smarter, wireless sensing devices and mesh networking platforms for large-scale defense, environmental, agricultural, industrial monitoring and control, building automation, security and asset tracking applications. Crossbow's open architecture, TinyOS-based platform enables highly intelligent multi-sensing devices to dynamically and reliably self-organize to efficiently capture and send detailed physical data anywhere, anytime.

Crossbow is also a leading supplier of inertial sensor systems for aviation, land and marine applications and other instrumentation sensors. The company has shipped more than 500,000 of its Smart Dust and other advanced sensors to more than 1,000 customers, including select Fortune 100 and other leading industrial, defense, technology, civil engineering and manufacturing companies. The company's strategic partners include Intel Corporation.

Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., Crossbow has distributors in 24 countries worldwide. The company received its ISO 9001/2000 Certification in May 2002, its FAA Certification for the AHRS500GA in January 2003 and its FCC Certification for the MICAz in October 2004. Contact Crossbow at 408-965-3300, e-mail or visit Crossbow on the Web at

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