Myths and Legends Collectible Card Game Phenomenon to Invade North America via Genio Group - Salo Joint Venture

INDIANAPOLIS & NEW YORK--()--Aug. 19, 2004--Genio Group, Inc. (OTCBB:GNOI), a developer and marketer of innovative entertainment and leisure products, announced today that it has formed a joint venture with Salo S.A. of Chile to bring an English-language version of Latin America's top-selling collectible card game Myths and Legends to North America starting this October.

Unlike most collectible card games (CCG) which are based on fantasy, Myths and Legends is solidly anchored in the global universe of historical and present day myths and legends. Its adventures transcend oceans, centuries, cultures and geography to provide players with a rich and unrivaled playing experience. The trading card series, which was launched in Chile in June 2000, is now more than 2,400 cards strong, providing a tremendous base of consumer-tested artwork, copy and game play from which to forge an English-language presence in North America. The Myths and Legends series is targeted to adults and kids ages eight and above, with an average ranging from 12 - 18 years old.

Genio's launch product will be Myths and Legends: Brotherhood, a 170-card set available in 11-card booster packs or in one of four pre-constructed 50-card decks. Each deck is designed around a specific battle strategy - "Sibila" (attack), "Executioner" (control), "Battering Ram" (gold-breaker), and "Mercenaries" (random construction).

Genio has developed a cohesive marketing, distribution and promotional plan for Myths and Legends focused exclusively on hobby and game, comic book, card retailers and other specialty stores - and their clientele - that are critical to building a sustainable base of players and collectors through word-of-mouth. Among its promotional activities, Genio plans to sponsor organized game play tournaments at various locations across North America.

Susan Eisner, President of Genio Group, commented: "Myths and Legends is a proven franchise with all of the requisite factors to be a highly successful trading card game in North America and an important long-term growth driver for our Company. Based on its tremendous response in Latin America, and its position as the top selling collectible card game in Chile - ahead of Magic the Gathering, POKEMON and YuGiOh - as well as the strong reception it has received from industry retailers and media, we believe Myths and Legends has enormous potential in the North American market. By utilizing actual myths and legends from around the world, it also achieves Genio's overarching goal of providing entertainment with an educational focus. We are thrilled to have been selected amongst many high profile industry players that were pursuing the domestic rights to the game."

About Myths and Legends

Developed in Santiago, Chile in 2000, by a team led by Javier Jadue Melnick, business director of Salo S.A., Myths and Legends took the Latin American collectible card game market by storm over the past four years. The game's easy-to-play mechanics, lavishly illustrated cards and use of mythology from around the world make it a definite force to be reckoned with in the CCG market.

Each player represents a warring kingdom, with the goal of destroying the other player's "castle" (deck). The first player to force his opponent to expend his entire "castle" wins. To do this, a player must unleash powerful allies - mythical monsters and legendary warriors - to attack opponents or block against their attacks. Because the game draws upon mythological characters and creatures from across the globe, Myths and Legends is a "mythological world war" where only the strongest will prevail. Myths and Legends ten thematic editions to date are:

1) "The Challenge" - Universal Mythology

2) "Gothic World" - Vampires & Creatures of the Night

3) "The Wrath of the Nahual" - Latin American Mythology

4) "Ragnarok" - Northern European Mythology

5) "The Brotherhood" - Compilation of the first four editions

6) "Dragon Spirit" - Mythology of Asia

7) "Sacred Sword" - Mythology of the Middle Ages

8) "Hellenic" - Mythology of the Greek and Roman Empires

9) "Sons of Daana" - Mythology of Celtic Lands

10) "Dominions of RA" - Mythology of the Egyptians

About Salo S.A.

Salo is a global entertainment company, with 6 different business areas:

Sticker Albums                           Salo Promotions         
Salo International Development           Salo Kiosks             
Salo Interactive                         Salo Distribution Chains

Salo was founded in 1962 by Salomon Melnick Mirochnick, when Chile was the host of soccer's World Cup championship. In conjunction with the World Cup, Salo published the first figure album in Chile, with selections from all the World Cup participant countries' teams. Since then, Salo has published a growing variety of sticker and other albums, building its experience and know-how in the children's market. After more than 40 years, Salo has become one of the top-five brands in the children's market (ages 4-14). The company's web site is number one in page views (2.5 million per month) for kids ages 4-14 and its gaming web site (which includes Myths and Legends) provides more than 1.2 million page views per month.

About Genio Group, Inc.

Genio Group, Inc., is an innovative developer and creative marketer of entertainment and leisure products for kids, including collectible trading cards based on Marvel Super Heroes(TM), including Spider-Man(TM), The Incredible Hulk(TM), X-Men(TM), Daredevil(TM) and the Fantastic Four(TM) and a trading card game based on Mighty Beanz(TM) collectible characters. Genio products are available through a range of leading U.S. retailers including Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, K-Mart, Toys-R-Us, Eckerd and Walgreens, as well as abroad in selected markets. For more information about Genio Group, visit

Marvel and all related character names are TM & (C) 2004 Marvel Characters, Inc. All rights reserved. Super Heroes is a co-owned registered trademark.

Mighty Beanz and all related character names are TM & (C) 2004 Moose Enterprises PTY Ltd. All rights are reserved.

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