Synergy International Systems to Provide Donor Assistance Management for Iraqi Reconstruction Efforts

VIENNA, Va.--()--April 13, 2004--

  Company's Database System Provides Powerful, Web-based Solution for National Governments, International Organizations, Local Implementation Partners and Donor Community  

Synergy International Systems, specializing in integrated, web-enabled solutions for improved process performance, information management and business intelligence, today announced it is providing a key technology solution to help manage the billions of dollars in foreign aid flowing into Iraq. Working with U.S. and Coalition Government agencies, the Iraqi Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation (MoPDC), the United Nations, World Bank and the international donor community, Synergy is delivering the central system for coordinating and managing all emergency aid and reconstruction funding into Iraq.

Scheduled to be fully deployed in 2Q04, Synergy's Donor Assistance Database (DAD) will enable the broad spectrum of users involved in the reconstruction process in Iraq to capture the most critical data on international assistance pledges and funding disbursements and will help track and assess how assistance efforts are meeting Iraqi national development requirements.

"The Donor Assistance Database is an important element for the Coalition Provisional Authority in our support of Iraq's transition to self-government," said Don Harrison, Special Assistant to the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration, which is charged with establishing and improving the CPA's information flow. "Synergy's Donor Assistance Database will enable the senior leadership involved in the reconstruction process in Iraq to capture and effectively manage critical information on international assistance pledges and funding disbursements."

The DAD-Iraq system, operational in English and Arabic, will enable stakeholders in the reconstruction process to:

-- Identify national priorities and requests for donor assistance;

-- Collect, track and analyze distribution information by the donor community;

-- Enable effective planning and management of international assistance;

-- Provide a consolidated view and impact assessment of assistance efforts; and

-- Expand public information and awareness on the reconstruction process.

The Donor Assistance Database was designed and developed under contract with Booz Allen Hamilton for the Department of Defense and is now being prepared for transition to the Iraqi government, where it will be managed by the MoPDC.

"Synergy's DAD-Iraq will significantly enhance identification and coordination of projects requiring funding assistance, accelerate the funding distribution process and ensure donor assistance is having the maximum beneficial impact on the ground in Iraq," said Ashot Hovanesian, CEO of Synergy International Systems. "We are pleased to have been selected to lead this effort and look forward to continuing our work with the Iraqi Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation and all interested parties to help provide economic and social stability to the citizens of Iraq at this critical stage."

Customer Validation

In close partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Synergy's DAD system has already been deployed and "stress-tested" in 12 other post-crisis countries around the world.

In its most recent implementation in Afghanistan, the DAD system tracks more than 1700 grant programs by more than 65 donor agencies in various sectors of the economy, including health, education and transportation. DAD-Afghanistan is a unique implementation of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in a reconstruction and development environment, providing both English and Dari language support. The web-enabled software system is designed to operate in an austere environment, while remaining effective in tracking and coordinating assistance by the international community and enabling the Afghan government to manage the aid process in support of their national priorities.

DAD Key Features and Benefits

Based on Synergy's leading edge Intelligent Data Manager(TM) (IDM(TM)) software, the Donor Assistance Database is a comprehensive information system that provides both offline and direct online access for data entry and updates of grant programs by donor and recipient agencies. The DAD system provides users with a wide range of analytical functions including querying, reporting, charts and GIS mapping and data visualization. Information on grant programs is broken down into projects and specific activities with programmatic and budgetary details, as well as disbursement and execution schedules.

Additional key features and capabilities of the DAD include:

-- Multi-lingual support for system and user interface localization;

-- On-the-fly querying and searching by an unlimited number of users;

-- Integrated collaboration and knowledge management resources;

-- Flexible system and security administration functions; and

-- Sustainable and scalable architecture for use in a broad range of operating environments.

"The success of the DAD's most recent implementation in Afghanistan has proven that our solution, while high-tech in nature, is highly flexible and adaptable, and can be effectively deployed and operated in post-crisis circumstances. This is also going to be a valuable factor in our work in Iraq," said Richard Bradley, Synergy's project manager for DAD-Iraq. "By using the underlying IDM software, our clients can maintain rather complex applications on their own without the need for any additional programming, dramatically improving their ROI and making operations truly sustainable."

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