Revation Systems Introduces the Only Family of Live Software Suites for Real-Time Sales and Service Messaging on the Internet

ST. PAUL, Minn.--()--Dec. 9, 2003--

  Skyline Exhibits and Saint Paul Venture Capital are two of six enterprises that have Revation's software suites in production to improve sales, support, employee and service relationships  

Revation Systems, LLC, today announced the availability of their Live Enterprise and Customer Relationship Suites for improving customer retention, lower the cost of customer acquisition and significantly increase communication efficiency on corporate networks. The company also announced that Skyline Exhibits, Saint Paul Venture Capital, The Ad Studio, VP of Marketing, LLC and others have the Live Communication Suites in production applications today.

Every company's challenge is responsive, personalized service at low cost. Additionally, businesses are struggling with messaging overload, email security, sales and service productivity and their customer's desire for human based service on demand. The introduction of the Live Enterprise and Customer Relationship Suites give business leaders a potent solution for radically enhancing customer relationships through real-time communications based on Presence. Presence allows sales, service and marketing staffs to create Living web sites, emails and other documents so customers can reach individuals or groups instantly through visual availability or Presence. This dramatically reduces communication steps over traditional methods, enables multi-tasking and significantly lowers communication cost.

"We selected Revation from other vendors for two important reasons," commented John Goering, IT Manager of Skyline Exhibits. Revation's advanced Customer Relationship Suite allows us to embed presence into communication materials and share it with anyone on our Extranet, Intranet or the Internet. Additionally, Revation's commitment to security and standards gives us the flexibility to easily integrate the solution with our existing network topology and back office applications."

"We selected Revation for end-to-end security, ease of installation and their revolutionary linkLive technology," commented Bill Bowker, IT Director at SPVC. Revation's Live Enterprise Suite allows us to offer employees instant business messaging and file transfer without compromising company data. The solution easily integrated with our current directory, provided internal logging and Revation's linkLive technology enables us to communicate with anyone over the Internet. The solution vastly simplified our approach to supplying enterprise wide instant messaging services.

"The capabilities of "Presence" throughout the software suite, provides our clients, strategic partners and our company a choice of communication methods. The linkLive capability is used by our clients, strategic partners and ourselves to choose the most effective and efficient manner in which communication can occur; phone, email, or linkLive business messaging. It shortens the communication cycle time and provides a higher level of client satisfaction", said Dwight Mazzone, VP Marketing, LLC's CEO.

Revation's Live Enterprise Suite

Revation's Live Enterprise suite is an advanced client server software solution that enables businesses to establish secured (SSL) instant business messaging, file transfer and share individual presence between users. The solution also enables domain to domain communications, offers advanced security and addresses many compliance issues for regulated markets. The Live Enterprise Suite includes:

ServerLive: Advanced policy, access control and logging for real-time instant business messaging, file transfer and presence sharing. Built with enterprise security in mind the system eliminates the possibility of "IM-SPAM". The advanced security architecture provides end-to-end encryption for all sessions. ServerLive's internal logging can be used for compliance and recording applications in many business applications. ServerLive's advanced session domain routing capabilities enable IT managers within different companies to build encrypted connections between their Intranets for cross corporate collaboration.

CommunicatorLive: An intuitive and easy to use end user interface that enables individuals to participate in instant business messaging sessions, share presence, participate in group discussions or receive session request from contactcenterLive. CommunicatorLive encrypts all communications on every session even in WiFi networks without security. Easy to use and deploy, communicatorLive does not require administrative rights for installation.

BroadcastLive: Advanced text collaboration application that allows workgroups to be reached with the click of a mouse. Group managers can create one click access to their entire team and spontaneously share information in real-time.

Revation's Live Customer Relationship Suite

The Revation Live Customer Relationship Suite builds on the features and security foundation from the enterprise suite and adds advanced business applications for sales and service groups. The suite enables sales professionals, sales groups and support organizations to offer customers a new method of reaching them in real-time via the Internet. The Live Customer Relationship Suite shares individual or group availability information with outside parties and enables instant communications with the click of a mouse. The solution enables companies to personalize all electronic documents with real-time connections to humans within their business. Includes all Live Enterprise Suite components plus:

LinkLive: A revolutionary technology that allows your customers or outside partners to view your sales and support staff's availability. LinkLive enables customers to initiate instant communications with no remote client or account. If your customers have a web browser and an Internet connection they can reach you far easier then ever before. LinkLive status buttons can be embedded into any email, website, proposal, brochure or other form of electronic communications.

ContactCenterLive: Allows sales, support and customer service groups to distribute instant business messaging request to members within specific groups. Advanced load balancing and distribution tools provide contact center managers with utmost flexibility to distribute sessions. Automatic presence updating and queuing messages let users know when their request will be answered.

About Revation Systems

Revation Systems, LLC is the world's first provider of real-time sales, service and instant business messaging solutions with advanced presence capabilities. The Live Suites can be installed on local servers, be hosted or rented via Revation's OnlineLive subscription services. For more information, please visit Revation Systems' Web site at

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