City of Jacksonville And CellExchange Unveil Prototype `Protect America' Threat Assessment and Responder System

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--()--Oct. 31, 2003--

  "Hometown security" takes center stage as new technology is introduced  

Officials from the City of Jacksonville, FL today unveiled revolutionary "hometown security" technology that is designed to detect and prevent terrorism and major criminal acts before they take place.

"We cannot have homeland security without ensuring hometown security," said Professor John Donovan, founder and chairman of CellExchange. "This system is a great tool that will help communities across America prevent events like 9-11 before they happen."

The "Protect America" software program was developed by CellExchange, a company specializing in the development and implementation of emerging technologies. Along with CellExchange, Hewlett-Packard and Southwestern Bell provided $1.2 million in financial support to make "Protect America" a reality.

"Protect America" was modeled after the Joint Protection Enterprise Network (JPEN), an information sharing system developed by CellExchange that protects military installations throughout the world. JPEN was developed at the request of General Richard Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In the words of General Myers, a network-based threat assessment and analysis system is the "way to share terrorist threat information at the unclassified level between people who might need to share it ... It's a way to tie information together. It's cheap, by definition. It happens with the speed that things need to happen today."

At the unveiling of "Protect America" in Cambridge, the CellExchange team and members of the Jacksonville delegation demonstrated a scenario that displayed the new software's ability to link information gleaned from seemingly random events, analyze that data to determine possible threats to a community, and then warn first responders before a planned act of terrorism can take place.

The demonstration of a planned biological terror attack system linked a routine traffic stop, an unusual inquiry to the Navy regarding protocol for onboard food delivery, theft of a large quantity of poison, and an accidental case of poisoning to establish a threat to cruise ships in the port of Jacksonville. By monitoring data from a variety of law enforcement sources during the demonstration, the "Protect America" system linked information in real time with maps of threatened areas or events.

More than a dozen officials from the City of Jacksonville and Duval County, FL attended the unveiling of the prototype and the demonstration. The officials represented law enforcement, public safety, public health and port management, as well as municipal and county government. In addition, representatives from the United States Navy, United States Coast Guard and private sector attended the event.

Once fully implemented, the "Protect America" system will link data from more than a dozen different public and non-governmental agencies in Jacksonville without sharing any private or personal information. The system will only track seemingly unrelated events as they are reported by agencies and then analyze the data to determine whether there is a basis to warn law enforcement of a pending threat to a community.

After that task is accomplished, CellExchange will work with other governmental authorities to identify funding sources that will enable other communities to implement the software program across the nation.

CellExchange, Inc. specializes in the development and implementation of emerging technologies. The innovative Cambridge Executive Workshop and proven Collaboration Software Suite from CellExchange accelerate deployment of integrated solutions that deliver competitive advantages, add new revenue streams, reduce operating expenses, and streamline business operations.


for CellExchange, Inc.
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for CellExchange, Inc.
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