J Consortium's JEFF Converter Jumps Over Last ISO Hurdle

PARIS, SAN FRANCISCO--()--July 1, 2003--

  JEFF(TM): The First ISO Standard Based on Java(TM) Technology  

After leaping over a last minor hurtle, the Java-language JEFF Converter has passed independent validation tests for compliance with ISO standard 20970 (July 2002--JEFF), the J Consortium announced today.

The JEFF converter generates Java-language JEFF files according to the ISO standard. The JEFF standard is a highly efficient file format specified by the J Consortium and providing a ready-to-execute format for object-oriented programs, and especially for Java(TM) programs. JEFF drastically cuts the requirements for runtime memory and makes the usual class file format twice as small without any compression. It is the first ISO standard based on Java technology.

"Thanks to the voluntary and hard efforts of many software vendors" said Jacques Brygier, Marketing Chairman of the J Consortium, "the JEFF standard now has the legs to move into small device industries."

Product vendors, many of whom were involved in testing the new JEFF converter, have hailed JEFF as the key factor for enabling a broad deployment of object-oriented, and in particular Java technologies, to small devices such as PDA, cellular phones, set-top-boxes, point-of-sale electronic fund transfer terminals, etc.

The only ISO regulation that stumped the converter was minor: changing package separators to a slash ("/") rather than a dot ("."). It has been fixed by Group Silicomp and validated both on their JEFF virtual machine and on independent implementations.

John Paul Billon, who oversaw the JEFF working group and is chair of STIP (Small Terminal Interoperability Platform), announced that "The tool will satisfy many industries interested in the JEFF approach that are willing to use the converter in order to study and evaluate the advantages of JEFF." In addition to the ISO 20970 standard, he noted, the converter also can also generate the optional attributes specified by STIP Consortium (www.stip.org) in its JEFF distribution file specification.

The J Consortium intends to maintain and update this converter tool in order to provide on an "as is" basis a reference implementation fully compliant with ISO 20970 standard and its future evolutions.

In order to include the widest community possible in a public evaluation of JEFF, the Consortium is providing downloadable versions of both the source code and binaries at http://www-j-consortium.org/jeffwg/index.shtml

Users are invited to report any bugs or deviations from the ISO standard as well as suggestions on how to improve the JEFF standard to the following e-mail addresses:

chairman@stip.org (Jean-Paul Billon, Chairman STIP)

b.delsart@ri.silicomp.fr (B. Delsart)

To learn more about JEFF, see J Consortium's list of press releases http://www.j-consortium.org/press.releases/index.shtml

To purchase the standard specification in electronic format for US $80 or as a hardcopy for US $90, visit the ANSI website at http://www.ansi.org/public/std_info.html

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