Cox Communications' Advertising Sales Division Changes Name to Cox Media

SAN DIEGO--()--March 24, 2003--Cox Communications' advertising sales division has changed its name from CableRep Advertising to Cox Media.

The change was made to more closely align the advertising sales division with the Cox Communications brand and reflect the expanding array of advertising solutions offered by Cox Media that go beyond traditional advertising. While the name is changing to Cox Media, the company will remain a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cox Communications Inc.

Reaching more than 600,000 households throughout San Diego County, Cox Media provides local, regional and national businesses with the opportunity to advertise locally on the most popular cable television networks in the country including CNN, A&E and Nickelodeon, as well as Channel 4 San Diego, the television home of the Padres. Through Cox Media, advertisers can reach broad audiences of highly rated programs or focus on laser-sharp targeting of specific audiences.

Cox Media also offers advanced research to provide a demographic snapshot of the local market; state-of-the-art commercial video production from concept development and scripting to shooting and advanced video editing; and custom promotional opportunities with popular networks such as Discovery Channel and ESPN for promotions including national sweepstakes and local events.

A pioneer of new products such as digital ad insertion and on-demand advertising, Cox Media launched the innovative FreeZone in 2002. It was the first and only video-on-demand channel created specifically for sponsor-supported television content. With FreeZone, Cox Media is able to offer advertisers a new way to deliver their message through the use of "microchannels."

FreeZone meets the needs of both advertisers and viewers. Advertisers can create their own "microchannel" to introduce viewers to their product, promote special offers and tell their story in an interactive environment. For viewers, FreeZone means the ability to access a wide range of entertainment and information content, from lifestyle shows and local celebrity interviews to product information and on-demand videos. With their remote control, viewers can access the content free of charge.

A recent Cable Advertising Bureau analysis of Nielsen data revealed that the 2001-2002 television season marked the first time ever that cable television viewing surpassed broadcast viewing in primetime for an entire season.

"The advent of popular original cable programming continues to increase ratings and the power of our networks," said Mike Miller, vice president and general manager of Cox Media in San Diego. "As the ratings numbers shift, advertisers are looking for ways to reach those ever-increasing cable audiences. Cox Media delivers the viewers that advertisers want to reach."

As television viewing becomes more and more of an individual experience (16% of viewers watched television alone in the 1950s compared to 53% in the early 2000s), and with more specialized programming available on cable television, Cox Media is providing more choices for businesses to reach their target audience.

When Cox Media began as CableRep Advertising in 1981, it sold advertising for the only four cable networks in existence. Today, Cox Media sells advertising for 48 cable networks, and handles advertising sales for Adelphia Communications. As Cox Communications and cable television continue to grow and evolve, Cox Media is growing and evolving with them.

About Cox Media

Cox Media, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cox Communications Inc., is one of the country's largest cable television advertising sales organizations, reaching more than eight million subscribers. The first to commercially deploy digital program insertion and on-demand advertising, Cox Media uses advanced research, customized promotions and state of the art commercial production to help businesses connect with their audiences. From broad reach on highly rated programs to laser-sharp targeting of specific audiences, Cox Media provides more choice, better value and smarter advertising solutions to its clients. Its offices are located at 3965 Fifth Avenue, Ste. 430 in Hillcrest. More information on Cox Media can be found on the Internet at

About Cox Communications

Cox Communications is a full-service telecommunications provider, serving 537,000 customers and employing 2,400 individuals throughout San Diego County. The company offers an array of services, including Cox Cable, Cox Digital Cable, Cox High Speed Internet, local and long distance telephone through Cox Digital Telephone, Entertainment on Demand, Cox High Definition Cable, Home Networking, and Cox Business Services. Cox Communications also owns and operates Channel 4 San Diego, the television home of the Padres and award-winning local programming. To date, the company has deployed more than 70,000 glass miles of fiber optic cable. The nation's fourth-largest cable television company, Cox Communications serves approximately 6.3 million customers nationwide. It has been operating in San Diego County since 1961.


Cox Communications, San Diego
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Cox Communications, San Diego
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