Hai Robotics Wins Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024 for HaiPick A3S ACR

HaiPick A3S Specifically Targets SMT Scenarios Within the Electronics Industry

HaiPick A3S Wins Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024 (Graphic: Business Wire)

SINGAPORE--()--Hai Robotics is proud to announce that one of its Autonomous Case-handling Mobile Robot (ACR), HaiPick A3S, was recognized with the Red Dot award in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024. The Red Dot Award: Product Design honors products on an annual basis that possess exceptionally high design quality—from functionality to use to the quality of responsibility.

HaiPick A3S is a high-performance ACR designed for Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) scenarios, specifically storage and line-side case handling requirements. It transfers goods through chains and lifts for picking and placing. The product meets industry dust-proof and anti-static requirements, as well as compliance with ISO standards of cleanliness (10000, Class 7). It also realizes point-to-point handling from buffer racks to machines. Additional key features include:

  • Precise Picking of Small Items: The A3S has an ultra-low picking height of 200mm and a slim chassis of 650mm, hence fulfilling the need to handle small-sized items in large quantities for 3C manufacturing clients, while still optimizing warehouse storage density.
  • Flexible and Smooth Handling: The robot can automatically adjust its picking method based on goods' size and shape to ensure smooth handling. It has high compatibility with all magazine sizes, and can seamlessly switch between semi-finished product storage and production line.
  • Safety Protection Design: From 360-degree obstacle avoidance to shockproof and anti-fall design characteristics, it facilitates smooth movement for operations personnel in a safe and simple environment.
  • SLAM Navigation System: Such ensures personnel safety by enabling rapid execution of flexible and safe route planning within the warehouse. The route can be easily adjusted depending on production line capacity.

"We are honored that the HaiPick A3S has been recognized for its superior design, innovation and quality via the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024," said Rebin Wu, System Product Manager at Hai Robotics. "This distinction serves as a testament to our commitment to keep innovating and pursue excellence, while encouraging others to think outside the box. We are deeply grateful for this achievement, and are empowered to continue delivering innovative solutions with outstanding quality to address our customer's challenges."

Nathan Zeng, President of Hai Robotics SEA and ANZ, said: "Southeast Asia is home to some of the world's largest electronics manufacturers, thus providing a great opportunity for the A3S to better serve their warehousing and manufacturing needs, while still ensuring user-friendliness and safety. The A3S has already begun demonstrating success in this region. We are confident that this success—now bolstered by this recognition—will continue for the near future and continue evolving the electronics industry."

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world. The "Red Dot" distinction has been the internationally recognized seal of outstanding design quality for almost 70 years. This year's submissions were tested and evaluated by a jury of 39 experts across 20 countries in four continents. The HaiPick A3S was most recently showcased at SEMICON Southeast Asia in Malaysia—the region's largest global electronics and supply chain event attracting more than 15,000 attendees. Please note that the HaiPick A3S is only available in certain regions at this moment.

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