ROBAM Announces Breakthrough Dishwasher Technology, Poised to Lead in Industry

ROBAM Sterilizing Dishwasher S1 Plus (Photo: Business Wire)

HANGZHOU, China--()--ROBAM, the leader of premium kitchen appliances, is revolutionizing the industry with the launch of its groundbreaking sterilizing dishwasher– the first of its kind under the new industry standards.

This innovative appliance marks a significant shift in the global dishwasher sector, where Chinese brands are rapidly outpacing their Western counterparts in both technological advancement and market share.

Chinese Innovation Redefining Dishwashers

According to a report titled "China Dishwasher Patent Innovation Research Report (2024)" by the Electronic Intellectual Property Center of CICS-CERT, as of February 2024, China boasted 12,364 authorized patents for dishwashers, with nearly a half belonging to leading Chinese brands. In contrast, international dishwasher giants are lagging behind in patent authorization for cleaning, energy efficiency, and related aspects. Moreover, research data from GFK reveal that Chinese brand dishwashers surpassed Western counterparts in market share within China in 2023, steadily taking the retail share from Western dishwasher brands.

ROBAM Leading the Charge with "Zero Bacteria" Technology

ROBAM exemplifies this dedication to innovation. The company's newly launched sterilizing dishwasher sets a new standard for dishwashers by integrating the functions of dishwasher, sterilizer, and cupboard, distinguishing itself from traditional models. This “new species” in the industry showcases ROBAM's proprietary Guangyan Tech, which is not only integrated into the dishwashing process but also capable of independent sterilization. This technology has been certified by the authoritative industrial institution, to achieve zero bacteria.

The sterilizing dishwasher completely addresses the cleanliness issue of tableware, relieving users from the concerns of choosing a dishwasher. According to data from AVC, the sales growth rate of ROBAM sterilizing dishwasher in 2023 reached as high as 51%, far exceeding the overall growth rate of the dishwasher industry (9.6%).

A Pioneering Force Shaping the Future of Dishwashing

ROBAM's groundbreaking technology represents a significant leap forward, not just in product functionality but also in hygiene standards. This first-of-its-kind appliance has the potential to redefine how consumers around the world interact with their dishwashers, ushering in a new era of cleanliness and convenience, representing the innovation of Chinese technology.


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Wang Qin


ROBAM is revolutionizing the industry with the launch of its groundbreaking sterilizing dishwasher.


Wang Qin