ATrack Announces Newest GEO/LEO AI Telematics Box and In-Vehicle Solutions at Embedded World 2024

The AK750 GEO/LEO AI Telematics Box emerges as a revolutionary solution, specifically designed to tackle the connectivity challenges prevalent in remote environments. In regions where cellular or fiber infrastructure is absent, rendering traditional connectivity solutions ineffective, the AK750 takes center stage by seamlessly integrating with satellite networks. This innovation marks a paradigm shift, setting new standards for connectivity in areas that were previously underserved. The core strength of the AK750 lies in its utilization of satellite networks, both in GEO (Geostationary Earth Orbit) and LEO (Low Earth Orbit), ensuring uninterrupted connectivity in even the most remote and isolated locations. This strategic integration proves crucial in addressing the communication needs of users operating in rural landscapes or off-the-grid environments where conventional communication infrastructure is often lacking. (Photo: Business Wire)

TAIPEI, Taiwan--()--ATrack Technology Inc., a pioneering force in the telematics industry, is set to unveil groundbreaking advancements in AI vision telematics solutions at Embedded World 2024. Showcasing the revolutionary AK750 AI telematics box, which supports both GEO and LEO connectivity with LTE redundancy, ATrack solidifies its position at the forefront of telematics technology. In a collaborative exhibition with ADATA at Hall 1 #128, ATrack will also introduce its inaugural in-vehicle computing solution, the AM9. With engine diagnosis capability and an open interface for the integration of traffic management systems, the AM9 is designed for fleet dispatch efficacy and operational optimization.

AI Vision Telematics Solutions

The AK750 GEO/LEO AI Telematics Box takes center stage, addressing connectivity challenges in remote environments. Leveraging satellite networks for uninterrupted connectivity, especially in rural or remote areas lacking cellular or fiber infrastructure, the AK750 sets new standards. Integrated with advanced AI for ADAS and DMS, it offers unparalleled connectivity options, featuring three high-definition cameras, real-time voice alerts, and automatic event footage uploads, and GNSS positioning.

In addition to the AK750, ATrack introduces AI-vision solutions such as the AW500 dual-facing smart dash cam, enhancing safety and operational efficiency for service fleets. The AW500 integrates state-of-the-art hardware and AI capabilities, providing real-time alerts for harsh driving behavior. The AK500, a multifunctional telematics gateway with LTE connectivity, showcases ATrack's commitment to preventive maintenance and efficient fleet management.

Recognizing the evolving landscape of fleet safety solutions, ATrack seamlessly integrates ADAS and DMS into its telematics solutions, paving the way for enhanced safety and autonomous driving.

In-Vehicle Computing

ATrack introduces the latest AM9 in-vehicle computing solution at the event for the first time. The solution is designed with integration capabilities with CAN bus add-on cards for comprehensive vehicle diagnostics, including communication with ECUs, reading DTCs, and monitoring vehicle data. Incorporated with GPS, 4G communication, GIS, Gyro, accelerometer and more advance technologies, the AM9 enhances dispatch efficiency, reduces fuel consumption, and minimizes maintenance fees.

The newest CAN/GPS (Mini PCIe) add-on card product line offers a cost-effective, versatile solution for a range of applications, seamlessly integrating CAN bus and GPS functionalities. This compact card optimizes space utilization and reduces complexity within devices, ensuring reliable data communication and increased system integration.

ATrack's presence at Embedded World 2024 reaffirms its commitment to pushing the boundaries of telematics technology. Join us at Hall 1 #128 to witness the future of telematics and in-vehicle computing solutions. ATrack will also showcase asset tracking solutions at Hall 5, 5-141 at the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion.

About ATrack

Established in January 2010 and publicly listed on the TPEx in 2015, ATrack Technology stands as a global leader in telematics products and services. With over two decades of technological expertise, ATrack is dedicated to delivering GPS tracking devices certified by esteemed global communication networks and telecommunications providers. The company's comprehensive approach spans product design, research and development (R&D), manufacturing, and global brand marketing. Leveraging proprietary software and hardware R&D capabilities, coupled with flexible production strategies, ATrack has established a highly tailored R&D and production system. The company prioritizes efficient technical support and after-sales services, embodying a commitment to excellence. ATrack adheres to a philosophy of continuous improvement, underscored by its attainment of ISO 9001 and ISO.


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