Penbrothers Named 2024 Philippines’ Fastest-Growing Company

Addressing global talent shortages, the Manila-based offshore staffing firm helps global businesses find and hire the top 3% of Filipino talent—helping clients achieve growth.

Founded in 2014 by Nicolas Bivero and Gui Faria, Penbrothers capitalizes on the rich potential of Filipino talent, creating a win-win solution: businesses gain access to the skilled professionals they desperately need, while Filipinos get the chance to showcase their skills on a global stage without leaving their country. (Photo: Business Wire)

MANILA, Philippines--()--Penbrothers ranks first place in the 2024 edition of the Philippines’ Growth Champions list by international market research firm Statista and the Philippine Daily Inquirer. This recognition officially makes Penbrothers the 2024 Philippines' Fastest-Growing Company. The award recognizes Penbrothers' pivotal role in mitigating the critical global talent shortage.

Despite ample prospects for business growth, companies worldwide struggle to find the talent they need. A study by ManpowerGroup shows that employers across the globe experienced difficulty in filling various positions, with the percentage soaring from 36% in 2014 to 75% in 2024.

This talent crisis is worsened by rising recruitment costs and increased employee turnover, highlighting the need for companies to reassess their approach to talent acquisition and retention.

The pandemic intensified this issue, leading to the "Great Resignation" and a 77% talent shortage peak in 2023, as employees reevaluated their career prospects. Consequently, 63% of CEOs worry about finding skilled talent, driving a shift to remote work and offshoring to address these challenges.

The Philippine Workforce as a Solution to Global Talent Shortage

The Philippines, having a 97% literacy rate and producing 1.6 million skilled graduates annually, has a rich talent pool. Penbrothers, led by CEO Nicolas Bivero and Co-Founder Gui Faria, has seen this potential for a borderless approach to talent sourcing.

The offshore staffing company helps global businesses find and hire the top 3% of Filipino talent. Adopting an analytical approach to talent acquisition strategy beyond just resumes, Penbrothers’ candidate selection and evaluation process focuses on skills and knowledge.

Job descriptions are customized to align with the client’s specific requirements per role. Also, extensive background checks as well as personality and culture fit assessments are conducted to hire the right talent.

This strategy ensures precise job matches, allowing quick and cost-effective team integration. Penbrothers enables their clients to onboard highly skilled talent into their teams, resulting in significant savings and finding the right fit within 30 days.

Growing by Helping Businesses Grow

Bivero shares the company’s philosophy for growth: "We grow because we help our clients grow." One of Penbrothers’ strategies is the Hypercare Framework—a comprehensive solution developed based on client feedback and insights—to build high-performing, well-aligned offshore teams with minimal turnover.

This approach, combined with dedicated account management and 24/7 support, ensures tailored solutions for client needs and seamless team integration. Regular check-ins post-onboarding ensure sustainable adaptation.

"We’ve seen outstanding results from this strategy," Faria notes. "In just three years, we've achieved a 906% revenue growth and a 276% increase in headcount, consisting of 1,000+ Filipino employees working for international startups and fast-growing companies.

Beyond Numbers: A Commitment to Lasting Impact

Penbrothers' growth is boosted by an investment from Japan’s Mynavi Corporation, offering its offshore staffing solutions to the Japanese market where talent scarcity hits 85%—the highest in the world.

Bivero adds, "We are also increasing our presence in key markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia—positioning offshoring as a strategic solution to talent shortages in these countries."

"This opens doors for Filipino talent, benefiting both companies in need of skilled professionals and Filipinos seeking global work opportunities," he shares.

Penbrothers sets a bold target of 5,000 job opportunities for Filipinos by 2028. "This ambition reflects our dedication to making a profound impact, supporting families, fostering careers, and contributing to Philippine economic growth," Faria stresses.


Rohj Mariano
Public Relations Manager


Penbrothers ranks first place in this year's edition of the Philippines’ Growth Champions list by Statista and the Philippine Daily Inquirer


Rohj Mariano
Public Relations Manager