CORRECTING and REPLACING Liby Master Fragrance from China Unlocks Premium Fragrance Market in Grasse

Liby Master Fragrance made its debut in Grasse (Photo: Business Wire) Liby

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In May 2024, the Liby Master Fragrance was officially unveiled in Grasse. The quaint town of Grasse in southern France welcomed its annual Rose Festival.

Graced with a unique climate and geographical conditions, the roses of Grasse exude an exceptionally fragrant and lush aroma, making it a core territory for perfume research and production for centuries, earning it the prestigious title of "Perfume Capital of the World."

This year's Rose Festival witnessed the presence of a Chinese household care brand at the Grasse Congress Palace - Liby Science and Technology showcased its premium product, "Liby Master Fragrance," in an exhibition titled "Fragrance Journey to Grasse France." The event piqued the interest of numerous perfume connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

"The Latest Masterpiece in Grasse's Fragrance History"

The fragrance sampling area proved to be the most popular attraction for this exhibition. Positioned as "created by French perfumery masters," Liby Master Fragrance was created by a world-class master perfumer from Givaudan. As the creator of many iconic perfumes, the perfumer drew inspiration from the dreamlike aroma of Grasse's roses, replicating a perfume-grade quality in Liby Master Fragrance laundry detergent, hailed as the latest masterpiece in Grasse's fragrance history. "It's a pleasant fragrance," commented Sway, the perfume connoisseur present.

The Grasse rose, which "blooms for only one month a year, with each stem bearing a single flower," boasts a rich and lingering aroma, making it a coveted ingredient chosen by renowned luxury brands like Chanel, YSL, and Dior. A Liby representative stated that the exhibition paid homage to the source of inspiration for Liby Master Fragrance and aimed to introduce more consumers to the preciousness and allure of the Grasse rose. As reported, Liby has recently forged a deep collaboration with its long-standing partners, the international fragrance giants Givaudan and Firmenich, to jointly establish a ‘Master Fragrance Inspiration Workshop,’ exploring more fragrance varieties in the future.

Grasse Rose Stirs Up China's Scented Household Care Market

Industry estimates suggest that the global fragrance market will range between $57 billion and $61 billion this year and is projected to exceed $79.296 billion by 2027, exhibiting continuous market expansion. Among these, China's massive growth potential is widely anticipated. Reports indicate that China's fragrance industry will experience a staggering compound annual growth rate of 21.78% from 2021 to 2026, becoming a major growth driver for the global fragrance market.

In the backdrop of China's accelerating "Smell Economy" awakening, Liby, as a household care giant in China, astutely seized this opportunity by introducing the Liby Master Fragrance, which has gained widespread recognition from Chinese consumers seeking refined living experiences due to its perfume-grade quality. As an innovative company established 30 years ago, Liby continues to lead in the burgeoning fragrance market. Since 2022, Liby Master Fragrance, conveying a brand philosophy of fashion, elegance, and sophistication, has garnered significant recommendations from world-renowned fashion magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, and COSMO, making it the Chinese household care brand with the most endorsements from top global fashion publications. In 2023 alone, Liby Master Fragrance achieved sales exceeding CNY2 billion (approximately €255 million), ranking as the absolute market leader in China's similar product category and winning the hearts of female consumers across all age groups.


Gu Guanyue


Gu Guanyue