The 4th Golden Elm Flower Awards in Macau Were Announced, "Creation of the Gods Part 1" Taking Home the Best Picture, and "Oppenheimer" Being Honored as One of the Top Ten Foreign Language Films

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LOS ANGELES & MACAU--()--On January 5, as the world's first film awarding event in 2024, the 4th Golden Elm Flower Awards were announced in Aollywood, Macau. In the Chinese film section, "Creation of the Gods Part 1" won the best picture. Cao Baoping won the best director for “Across the Furious Sea", Huang Zihua won the best actor for "A Guilty Conscience", and Kara Wai won the best actress for "I Love You!"

The top ten foreign language films of 2023 were also selected, including "Oppenheimer", "Killers of the Flower Moon", "658km, Yoko no Tabi", "Anatomy of a Fall", "Barbie", etc.

The film "Creation of the Gods Part 1" received the Best Picture award, and Cao Baoping was honored with the Best Director award.

Suo Yabin served as the head of the jury for the 4th Golden Elm Flower Award, with Chen Gang, Li Xingwen, Han Dongjun, Hu Jianli, and other renowned film scholars, media figures, and critics as members. The awarding scope encompassed Chinese films released in China and foreign language films released worldwide during 2023, and the awards were categorized into the Chinese Film Award and the Top Ten Foreign Language Films.

After a professional and prudent selection by the jury, the results of the major awards of the Golden Elm Flower Award were released in Macao. In the Chinese film section, "Creation of the Gods Part 1" won the best picture. Regarding narrative adaption, photography, special effects, costumes, and acting performances, the movie might be considered the best of the country's old costume fantasy movies. It is a representative work of the modernization transformation of Chinese excellent traditional culture by domestic films. The honor is really merited.

Cao Baoping took home the best director for "Across the Furious Sea". The film continues the large-scale and black style of the "The Dead End Series" works while seeking breakthroughs to express the director's deep thinking on today's young people, human nature and family affection. Cao Baoping demonstrated his profound directorial skills through this film, so this award is not surprising.

Zhang Ji was honored as the best screenwriter for "Endless Journey". Adapted from real people and events, the film features a strong screenplay, well-developed characters, and vibrant specifics, diverging from the typical formula of domestic thriller crime movies.

Huang Zihua won the best actor award for "A Guilty Conscience", and Kara Wai won the best actress award

Huang Zihua was awarded the best actor for his exceptional portrayal in the film "A Guilty Conscience". He played the role of lawyer Lin Liangshui in the film, and he well created a sharp contrast as the character changed, his generous speeches during the trial showed his profound line skills. Kara Wai won the best actress award for her role as Li Huiru, a widowed woman who picks up waste products in the film "I Love You!" She portrayed the subtle psychological and facial changes of the character vividly, and her superb acting skills won the unanimous approval of the film critics and judges.

Wang Chuanjun was honored as the best supporting actor for “No More Bets". In the film, he played Lu Bingkun, the manager of a swindling factory. He shows the character's cunning, his ruthlessness to the workers and his warmth to his daughter at the same time. He interpreted the two dimensions of human nature in an impressive way. Janice Man successfully played a femme fatale in “Lost in the Stars", which was completely different from her previous screen image. With this breakthrough role, she won the best supporting actress award in Golden Elm Flower Award.

Kong Dashan won the best emerging filmmaker award for "Journey to the West". Other awards in the Chinese film section were also granted to winners respectively.

"Oppenheimer" and "Anatomy of a Fall" were selected into the top ten foreign language films

In the selection of foreign language films, "Oppenheimer", "Killers of the Flower Moon", "Anatomy of a Fall", "Barbie" and "Spider-Man: Across the Universe", "658km, Yoko no Tabi", "Past Life", "Don't Expect Too Much for the End of the World", "Punishment" and "Seoul Spring" were awarded as the top ten foreign language films in 2023.

Some of the above ten selected films are directed by well-known directors, and also starred by famous stars, and are highly acclaimed in Hollywood awards season, such as "Oppenheimer" directed by Christopher Nolan, starred by Cillian Murphy, Robert Jr. Downey, Matt Damon, etc., "Killers of the Flower Moon" directed by Martin Scorsese, starred by Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, etc.; Some of them are award-winning literary and artistic films at Cannes and other international film festivals, such as "Anatomy of a Fall" and "Punishment", some are Korean and Japanese film masterpieces in 2023, such as "658km, Yoko no Tabi" and "Seoul Spring".

The Golden Elm Flower Awards are film awards selected by Chinese film critics and were born in January 2021. Established on August 25, 2020, with the approval of the Macao SAR Government, the organizer, the Macau Aollywood Film Critics Association, is one of the film industry associations founded by Macau Aollywood. The first board of directors of the association is chaired by the famous film critic Zhou Liming. The vice president, chairman of the board of supervisors, secretary-general and directors are all well-known young and middle-aged film critics and scholars in the mainland, Hong Kong and Macao, including Mao Jian, Lie Fu, Wei Junzi, Song Ziwen, Zuo Heng, A Lang, Hu Jianli, Li Xingwen, Sha Dan, Mei Xuefeng, Suo Yabin, Liu Fan, Chen Gang, Cheng Bo, Han Haoyue, Tan Fei, Ye Hang, Zeng Nianqun, Han Dongjun, Sai Ren, Wang Xudong, Zhu Yuqing, Tubingen Carpenter, Yun Feiyang, Yang Jinsong, etc.

The Aollywood Film Critics Association aims to leverage Macau's "one country, two systems" framework and benefit from the central government's supportive policies to bolster the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The association is dedicated to advocating for the global recognition of Chinese films by establishing their voice, aesthetic standards, and evaluation system. Its mission is to ensure that outstanding domestic films receive impartial and fair assessments internationally, facilitate the dissemination and promotion of domestic films abroad, and enhance cultural exchanges between Chinese-language films and global films.