Puerto Rico Public-Private Partnerships Authority Launches Its Website

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Puerto Rico Public-Private Partnerships Authority (PPPA) announced today the launch of its website: www.p3.gov.pr, designed to offer information that is up to date and complete about the new public-private partnerships (PPP) program in Puerto Rico. The website will function as a one-point access for information about all PPP opportunities available and it aims to promote transparency and participation in Puerto Rico’s public-private partnership initiatives.

The www.p3.gov.pr website—which is bilingual with Spanish and English versions—delivers basic information about PPPA through sections that explain what the Authority is, what are its Mission and Vision and its composition. In addition, the website offers relevant data about Puerto Rico and its economy. The website also includes a summary of Act No. 29 (PPP Act) and a downloadable copy of the Act itself, in addition to a detailed explanation of the steps to be taken to create and approve a PPP project.

The website will serve as the PPPA’s main dissemination tool regarding matters related to public-private partnerships: potential projects, desirability and convenience studies, requests for qualifications and requests for proposals (RFQs and RFPs, respectively), and final contract decisions.

In the section “Projects”, there is a list of 30 projects that various government entities have already submitted as potential projects. The projects listed do not represent an official PPPA projects inventory, which means that the evaluation process mandated by the Act per project, in order to determine the final inventory and eventual structuring of PPP projects, is still pending.

PPPA will be publishing soon the Proposed PPPA Bylaws and Regulations for the Procurement, Evaluation, Approval and Award of Public-Private Partnership Contracts Under Act No. 29 of June 8, 2009, which will be available for public comment.


For additional information, you can send a message by e-mail to info@app.gobierno.pr. The Puerto Rico Public-Private Partnerships Authority is located at the Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico, Centro Gubernamental Roberto Sánchez Vilella, Ave. De Diego, Stop 22, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Postal address is PO Box 42001 San Juan, PR 00940-2001.


Puerto Rico Public-Private Partnerships Authority
Ana María Gregorio, 787-722-2525 exts. 2013 and 2014
cell: 787-415-1231

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