EcoEnergy Scandinavia AB: Swedish EcoEnergy and Ukrainian government signs €20 billion agreement on construction of waste-to-energy facilities

STOCKHOLM, Sweden--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Swedish company EcoEnergy Scandinavia and the Ukrainian government today signed an agreement on constructing and operating waste incineration plants in the country. With state of the art technology, these facilities will lead to large environmental advantages as well as a new cost efficient energy source for Ukraine.

The agreement was signed today in Kiev by the Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, and EcoEnergy Chairman Lars Guldstrand, in presence of Members of the Parliament and the Mayors from the 14 cities that are considered for hosting the initially planned facilities. EcoEnergy will construct and operate local plants for incineration of all sorts of waste to produce electricity, heating/cooling and biogas. The modern, environmentally friendly technology used, enables carbon dioxide neutral production/operation. EcoEnergy intend to bring third party investors and partners to speed up the implementation of the more than €20 billion multi year project. The roll-out plan is initiated immediately and the project for the first two cities is planned to start up already in the second half of this year.

“This agreement is a part in our ambitions in directing the country toward a more environment friendly development. High-tech waste-to-energy plants will give us access to a renewable energy source that will be developed in a larger scale – something that will contribute to an increased independence regarding energy supply and for the country as a whole, comments Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

“For EcoEnergy, the possibility to initiate this cooperation with the Ukranian state is an important step in the company’s development. Also, we believe the decision is based on a true ambition to raise the country’s environment friendly activities. We hope our forefront waste-to-energy technology can contribute to a more efficient waste and energy handling in Ukraine, and further on world wide”, comments Mr Lars Guldstrand, EcoEnergy’s chairman of the board.

For a more sustainable society

Transforming waste into energy means several advantages for Ukraine. It contributes to solve the situation with growing waste volumes in the country and it also meets the demand for a stable and efficient clean energy supply. With this agreement to implement technology from Sweden, the leading country within the waste-to-energy area, Ukraine takes an important step towards a more sustainable and more environmental oriented society.

“I have now for a years time been deeply involved in this plan and I am very impressed by the determination, all the way from the local authorities to the central government, in which they take on both the environmental initiative and securing energy production. I look very much forward to the cooperation and future roll-out ” comments Jörgen Andersson Vice chairman of EcoEnergy and former Swedish Minister of Energy.

About EcoEnergy Scandinavia

Ecoenergy is a Swedish turn-key supplier of waste-to-energy (WTE) facilities. The company’s technology is based on proven technology adapted to a modular and scalable solution.

Ecoenergy’s offering is based on the extensive experience of WTE construction and operation in Sweden. The company’s engineering team has been involved in the construction of most of the large scale WTE facilities in Sweden during the last decade and are the top-most experts in their respective fields in Sweden.

EcoEnergy is owned by the Swedish private equity fund GKL Growth Capital (

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