A Winter Wedding Extravaganza: Two Major Industry Players Say, “I Do”

Bridalguide.com and AmericanBridal.com celebrate winter wedding season by giving brides money-saving tips during the recession.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Two celebrated names in the wedding industry, AmericanBridal.com and Bridalguide.com, have come together to help brides through these hard economic times. Shirley Tan, CEO of AmericanBridal.com is writing an editorial detailing money-saving tips for winter wedding favors that Bridalguide.com will feature this month.

“We are always looking to bring helpful cost-saving tips to our brides”

The economic recession is affecting more than jobs. The housing crisis, fear of unemployment, and inflation are forcing brides to spend conservatively on weddings. Polls suggest that brides are disgruntled about having to adjust wedding plans to meet shallow budgets. Although stress is to be expected during the wedding planning process, some brides claim that the added restrictions of the economy are causing unbearable stress on their relationships.

Both parties have heard the anecdotes and witnessed the trend, and they want to offer advice to readers that will relieve some stress while still allowing them to achieve their dream weddings.

“Winter weddings carry so many hidden costs,” said Shirley Tan, CEO of AmericanBridal.com. “They commit to this fantasy wedding and the hidden costs can halt the process, ruining these fantasies. I want brides to know that there are ways to have a beautiful wedding on any budget, even in the winter.”

The cost of heating alone can sabotage budget plans.

Both organizations are optimistic about this new development. “We are always looking to bring helpful cost-saving tips to our brides,” said Jennifer Lazarus, General Manager of Bridalguide.com.

About AmericanBridal.com

Shirley Tan is the founder and CEO of AmericanBridal.com, an online site specializing in wedding favors and wedding gifts. Her site is at the forefront of the favors industry, and she has been featured on Designing Spaces and InStyle Magazine. Her first book will hit the shelves in January 2009. For more information about Shirley Tan or American Bridal, visit AmericanBridal.com.

About Bridalguide.com

Bridalguide.com is the online destination for wedding planning. We approach wedding planning with a real-life, down-to-earth perspective while never forgetting that this is the most exciting event of our readers’ lives. Bridalguide.com offers easy-to-search articles on wedding planning, etiquette, fashion, registry and travel, along with web exclusives such as contests and sweepstakes, video, blogs from our editors, an active message board, a weekly newsletter and more.


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