The Second 'SHINIQUE Health Journey' of Jinchi Biotech Ltd. Was Held in Zhangjiajie

VIP customers of Jinchi Biotech Ltd. were releasing 100 child artificially-bred 2nd filial generation giant salamanders to the nature. (Photo: Business Wire)

ZHANGJIAJIE, China--()--Jinchi Biotech Ltd., During July 10th - 12th, 2014, a group of 40 SHINIQUE VIP Customers, formed by managers of local or national beauty salon chains from all over China attended the second 'SHINIQUE Health Journey' jointly held by Jinchi Biotech Ltd. (JBL) and Beijing Shuizhirun Cosmetic Ltd. (Shuizhirun) at Zhangjiajie Giant Salamander Museum.

Since initiation in Nov. 2013, the strategic partnership with Shuizhirun as the exclusive sales agency for SHINIQUE products on cosmetology specialized market in China Mainland has officially begun after several months of preparation and pre-promotion.

This event consists of 2 parts, namely SHINIQUE Products Introduction Conference and Giant Salamander Releasing Activity. On July 10th, Jun Li, the manager of JBL's Cosmetology Specialized Market Project, introduced Giant Salamander and the magnificent skincare and health products to the VIP customers.

During the conference, agreements were reached with a 4-store beauty salon chain in Guilin, Guangxi named 'Yi Ren Ladies Beauty Club' and a 30-store beauty salon chain national wide. They saw the great market potential in SHINIQUE as an exclusive high biotech brand in the cosmetology specialized market and expected to launch the official corporation in August 2014.

Meanwhile cooperation with a 8-store beauty salon chain in Shenzhen named 'Pin Wei Ladies', and a 30-store beauty salon chain national wide named 'Niu Yan Cosmetology Hairdressing Institute' are under negotiation as well.

On July 11th, over 100 child artificially-bred 2nd filial generation giant salamanders were released to the nature by the VIP customers at Golden Whip Stream in Zhangjiajie during the activity.

This is the second event of a series of campaign initiated by JBL to promote the SHINIQUE brand as well as the public awareness of giant salamander and wild life protection.

The third event is planned to be held during Aug. 21st - 24th, 2014, when the elites of the cosmetology industry will gather together again in Zhangjiajie Giant Salamander Museum.


Owning the world’s only Giant Salamander Museum, Jinchi Biotech Ltd. mainly specialized in the R&D of giant salamander related biotech products with more than 40 skincare and health products under two product lines, namely SHINIQUE and ANDRIAS. With strong scientific research background and a comprehensive business model, Jinchi Biotech Ltd. values virtue and goodwill, commits to deliver quality products to consumers, and devotes to the health, beauty and biomedical industries.


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