Panasonic Launches New eneloop Rechargeable Batteries

Nickel-metal hydride batteries which can be used immediately even five years after their previous charge*1 like dry battery

Panasonic new eneloop (Photo: Business Wire)

BRUSSELS--()--Panasonic Energy Europe NV will sell eneloop rechargeable batteries under the Panasonic brand from April 2014. The new product lineup will feature three different types – an eneloop standard model, "eneloop pro" high-end model, and "eneloop lite" entry model. The new eneloop standard model can be recharged up to 2,100 times*2, making it one of the most reusable batteries in the industry*3.

eneloop is built on the concept of "For a Sustainable Lifestyle." It combines the reusable qualities of a rechargeable battery with dry battery qualities which is immediate usability after purchase or long-term storage. All batteries will naturally self-discharge but eneloop offers significantly improved resistance to this self-discharge. A charged eneloop can be left for up to an industry leading*4 five years – and still be used afterwards without the need for a further charge.

eneloop was first launched in Japan in November 2005. Today, the batteries are on sale in over 60 different countries worldwide, with cumulative unit shipments having passed the 300 million mark (as of March 2014).

The concept and design of the eneloop batteries have been highly praised and earned a number of different awards – including a "Good Design Award – Gold Award" in Japan (2006), an "iF Design Award – Gold Award" in Germany (2008), an "IDEA Award" in the United States (2008), an "Australian International Design Award" (2009), and a "Design for Asia Award" (2010). Panasonic user satisfaction surveys have shown that more than 95% of users*5 are satisfied with the products in the United States, Germany, Thailand, and China.





Batteries can be used immediately after purchase or up to an industry-leading five years after previous charge, thanks to resistance to self-discharge


Realized an industry-leading cycle life in the industry, which makes eneloop the most reusable, thanks to improvements to materials used for positive electrodes


Lineup features three different types: standard, high-end, and entry


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eneloop and "eneloop lite" will retain approximately 70% of maximum energy level after five years of self-discharge at room temperature (20°C) following a full charge. Excludes "eneloop pro."


Estimated lifespan based on IEC61951-2 ( testing conditions. Battery lifespan may vary and batteries may not be usable depending on storage conditions and devices.


For AA-size batteries of 2,000 mAh capacity as of March 2014. Panasonic survey.


For AA-size batteries of 1,000-2,000 mAh capacity as of March 2014. Panasonic survey.


Panasonic online survey of eneloop customers conducted in October 2013.


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Waggener Edstrom Worldwide
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