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Using Business Wire to distribute your press release requires an approved membership application. There is no cost for Business Wire membership, but you must fill out and submit the membership form to your nearest bureau. Request a membership form, then fax it to your local office. Once it's been approved, you'll be contacted with log-in information and instructions for accessing Business Wire Connect to submit your releases.

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Business Wire has distribution and pricing options that will fit your organization's communications plan and budget. For complete pricing, please contact your local bureau.


All of our US circuits provide a broad media mix including:

  • The newsrooms of print, broadcast and online media outlets in your selected geographic area, whether it's our US National circuit or a single city
  • Our Global-Mobile-Social-Measurable platforms, posting your news to leading global mobile apps, providing dual-platform SEO enhancement with social media sharing and RSS features, and providing valuable measurement data
  • The Associated Press, Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters and other newswire services.
  • Major national dailies including USA Today, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and more
  • Full-text posting at, EON: Enhanced Online News, Yahoo! Finance, Google News, Dow Jones Marketwatch and thousands of websites, databases, and online news syndicators
  • Vertical market trade media categories — your choice of more than 150