Measurement & Analytics

Business Wire provides the information you need to successfully measure and analyze your PR and marketing campaigns.

Track Your Press Release Success

PR and marketing rely on data to track success and measure ROI, and Business Wire provides you with the tools you need to collect, aggregate and measure that data.

NewsTrak Reports

Our NewsTrak Reports, available with every distribution that includes our Global-Mobile-Social-Measurable bundle, help you measure the performance of each individual press release. NewsTrak provides viewership information, traffic and search data, sharing information and other key numbers for you to plug into your own measurement programs.

Social Media Monitoring

Who's talking about your company on social media? Who's discussing your brands and your competitors? Are you reaching key influencers, and can you respond to them quickly? Business Wire has partnered with NUVI to offer both real-time visual intelligence and per-press-release reporting to meet your social media monitoring and measurement needs.


Track your company and brand mentions among hundreds of thousands of print, online and broadcast sources. NewsTrak Clips provides the broadest, most in-depth media monitoring in the industry.