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Business Wire gets your news to its destinations faster and more efficiently than any other service.

Get Your News Out Fast

Anchored by our patented high-speed NX network, Business Wire distribution is reinforced by partnerships with the Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, Thomson Reuters, the Press Association and more.

Press Release Distribution

Business Wire sends your news and other content anywhere you need it to go. Our patented, simultaneous NX worldwide network, enhanced by partnerships with 60 national and international news agencies, reaches more than 89,000 media outlets in 162 countries. We serve 92,519 journalists subscribers to our PressPass service with customized news feeds.

Choose from more than 1,676 delivery options in more than 50 local languages that reach your specified geographic markets and enable you to choose from nearly 200 industry trade categories.

Our unique GMSM features amplify your reach and analytics for today's global-mobile-social-measurable communications. We syndicate your press releases and multimedia via ad units to the dlvr.it network of sites and blogs, format for the most effective and attractive presentation, employ responsive design so your content renders effectively on desktops, tablets and mobile devices, add sharing links for all the most popular social networks and provide online measurement reports that include detailed NUVI social media engagement analytics.

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Multimedia Distribution

Turn your press releases into more powerful content marketing tools. Add links, videos, images, documents and more to your static images with the Picture Capsule; or create a self-contained, embeddable News Capsule containing your press release, videos, documents, transaction links and more.

Journalists and consumers want to see photos, videos and other multimedia, and we can help you deliver. Turn your press release into a Smart News Release to include high-resolution photos that can be viewed, shared and downloaded; videos available in multiple formats for every type of internet user; audio, infographics, PDF documents and more.

For larger PR and marketing campaigns, create a Smart Marketing Page — your products and services featured on a customizable, graphically rich, interactive webpage.

Search Engine Optimization

The key to a properly optimized press release is well-written content that provides information important to your target audiences. Search engines no longer look for single keywords, but for phrases and terms in context, that support surrounding copy and link back to additional relevant content. Include Tweet-friendly bullets with your preferred messaging and relevant links; add images and video that's easy to publish and share — we'll format for various media needs. Content that is easy for audiences to publish and share enhances your earned media authority for search engines. Leverage Business Wire's platform to target your news to the right industries, topics and geographic markets, and make sure your content is timely, relevant and includes links to relevant pages and additional information. Learn more at our "How to Write a Press Release" page.

Online Newsrooms

NewsHQ is our industry-best online newsroom solution, providing a dynamic news site that integrates perfectly with your own company website.