Break Launches Three New Branded Web Properties and Mens Ad Network

Total Combined Audience Exceeds 35 Million/Month Worldwide

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Building on the success of the fastest-growing mens video site of 2007, Break has launched three new branded properties and the Break Mens Ad Network, to create Break Media, the industrys best vehicle for advertisers to reach the coveted 18-34-year-old mens audience online. The advertising industry is facing a tension between quality, scale and loyalty, and, until today, advertisers have had to pick one at the expense of the others. Break Media offers a quality, engaging experience on a global scale that enhances loyalty by letting consumers pick what content they want to engage in.

“The creation of Cage Potato, Chickipedia and Holy Taco prove that you can very quickly build out new media properties if you have a large enough base of loyal, engaged customers coming to a web site already”

Combined with, the three new sites (Cage Potato, Chickipedia, Holy Taco) and the network of third-party sites provide relevant, targeted content across various genres such as gaming, finance, comedy and sports to men 18-34. The wholly owned properties and Break Mens Ad Network will be housed under the newly formed Break Media. alone attracts more than 18 million unique views with unrivaled engagement of more than 7.5 minutes per visit and a significant level of loyalty. It has grown 400 percent during the past two years. According to recent research by Comscore, viewers visit more frequently and stay engaged roughly four times longer when compared to competing mens sites.

Break Media parlayed its insights and audience relationships from to expand quickly into properties that continue to reflect the attitude and point of view of young men. The creation of Cage Potato, Chickipedia and Holy Taco prove that you can very quickly build out new media properties if you have a large enough base of loyal, engaged customers coming to a web site already, said Keith Richman, CEO, Break Media.

With the new Break Media, advertisers and brands not only can reach large numbers of men 18-34 but also engage with them across a variety of leading web sites, Richman said. In doing so, we help solve a fundamental problem for marketers how to achieve mass reach in an integrated fashion to a hard-to-reach demographic.

Break Media offers a vast inventory of compelling content through which advertisers can reach 35 million community viewers worldwide each month and target different subsections and psychographics within that audience using innovative ad formats. Using Break, advertisers also can buy against original professional and user-generated content.

Top brands including Universal Pictures, Axe Vice, Paramount, Verizon, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, HBO and Disney have partnered with Break and are reaping the benefits of reaching its targeted male audience.

"At a time when the online advertising landscape is continuing to evolve, Break's approach helps to reach a valued target audience," said Doug Neil, Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing at Universal Pictures. "We've had success with numerous campaigns that we've run with them."

The Sites is the leading video entertainment site consisting of professional and user-generated content, featuring a ratings and filter system that allows advertisers to align with the right content.

Holy Taco is a mens lifestyle site offering daily features on stuff relevant to guys gear, gadgets, how-to and celebrity gossip. With 1 million visits a month, its one of the top mens lifestyle sites just six weeks after launch.

Cage Potato offers news, information and gossip about mixed martial arts (MMA) and is the No. 3 stand-alone MMA site after only two months.

Chickipedia is the worlds first user-generated wiki dedicated to famous chicks. Launched into beta only last week, the site already contains over 900 profiles.

Break Mens Ad Network features 12 sites focusing on gaming, finance, comedy and sports, each with at least 150,000 visitors per month and a distinct male editorial voice. Sites include Fretplay, LifeOnTop, The Bachelor Guy, BubbleBox and MMOABC.


Break Media is the Internets premier entertainment community for men. Its wholly owned branded properties (, Cage Potato, Chickipedia and Holy Taco) and the 12-site Break Mens Ad Network reach 35 million men worldwide each month. Founded in 1998, Break Media offers advertisers unrivaled opportunities to market directly to a young, male demographic using innovative ad formats that introduce relevant brands to the audience either broadly or on a targeted, integrated basis. For more information, please visit


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