Sosius Unveils Next Generation Web Collaboration at Office 2.0 Conference

Collaboration Veterans from and Collaborative Workspaces Launch New Venture; Offer a Better Way to Manage All Spheres of Life

Office 2.0 Conference 2007

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sosius, (, a new, free online collaboration and business social networking service, today unveiled its beta version at the Office 2.0 conference in San Francisco. With Sosius, SMEs (small- to medium-size enterprises) and business professionals receive a powerful new way to converge all the spheres of work and personal life without the need for multiple or complicated combinations of services and providers.

“In working with large enterprises through our previous ventures, we quickly realized that the same needs for managing structured processes and social interactions apply to small businesses and individual professionals and thus, Sosius was born.”

Andrew Cameron-Webb, founder and chief technology officer, will present an overview of Sosius today at the conference.

Sosius brings new order to life for the Web 2.0 generation, filling an obvious unmet market need for work and life collaboration and social networking in one central location, said Steve Crummey, Chairman of Sosius. In working with large enterprises through our previous ventures, we quickly realized that the same needs for managing structured processes and social interactions apply to small businesses and individual professionals and thus, Sosius was born.

Sosius is the essence of Office 2.0: bringing ones entire work life to the web in one central location. While other popular online collaboration companies have offered structure and tools for work life, none have captured Life 2.0 in the same vein - merging the spheres of both work and personal life via a free collaboration tool. In Sosius, users create different workspaces, inviting other users to join and collaborate via powerful document management, database and project management tools. For the owner, everything comes together in one view: whats new in each workspace, one consolidated calendar, news and information from custom RSS feeds, text and voice chat, and more - all via a free account with 1.0Gb of space.

With Sosius, users can easily track and collaborate for both:

Work create Career Workspaces to:

  • Manage work projects establish workflow, create and delegate tasks, report status via blogs, etc.
  • Communicate see whos online, chat or Skype through your workspace
  • Reuse create workspace templates to duplicate data structures and workflow logic

and Life - shift to your Family Workspace to:

  • Store photos of the kids
  • Check the familys activity schedule
  • Keep a record of all valuables for insurance purposes

We are inviting the public to join our beta and help make Sosius the most powerful collaboration tool available for the intersection of work and life, said Andrew Cameron-Webb, founder and CTO. We will allow users to present product feature requests, submit suggestions and drive the overall direction of how Sosius will best meet users needs. In the spirit of Web 2.0, social networking and community, Sosius will truly be a user-built solution for the best in online productivity & collaboration.

Availability and Pricing

Office 2.0 attendees - a unique gathering of visionaries, thought leaders, and customers from companies such as Google, Microsoft, SAP and more along with reporters of leading blogs, newspapers and magazines, will witness first hand the power of Sosius at the conference this week. Anyone else interested in Sosius is encouraged to sign up for our public beta, available today, at and participate in this innovative online collaboration project.

Sosius is free to all users.

About Office 2.0

Office 2.0 takes place September 5-7, 2007 at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco. The agenda is available here:

About Sosius

Sosius was founded by Andrew Cameron-Webb, creator of Collaborative Workspaces, a successful enterprise-grade web collaboration service. Andrew and his team, including Steve Crummey, the founder of, have taken the power of Collaborative Workspaces and wrapped it in the flexible, connected environment of Web 2.0 to create Sosius for the small business and individual professional. By offering Sosius for free, the barrier to entry that enterprises face - the need to buy a license for every user has been broken. Sosius represents the next generation of web-based collaboration and business social networking where users build the community and the community builds solutions. Try it now at

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