Building B Attracts Entertainment and Technology Leaders for Breakthrough Video Entertainment Service

Morgenthaler Ventures and Omni Capital Lead $17.5 Million Funding Round

BELMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--An emerging digital media company known as Building B has been attracting some of entertainment and technologys most well-known leaders. In a broad reaching industry collaboration, Building B has amassed over the last year a management team, board of directors and advisory panel comprised of executives from throughout the entertainment and technology industries. The company has also recently attracted funding from Morgenthaler Ventures, Omni Capital, Index Ventures and private investors in a $17.5 million financing round.

“Building B’s platform offers a natural way to integrate library content with original programming in a seamless VOD environment.”

Building Bs management team has been carefully constructed to include key executives from each critical area of its business model, including prior senior executives from such entertainment companies as CBS, NBC, MTV Networks, Nickelodeon, Paramount, Showtime and Viacom. Individuals on the management team have also led technology and market innovations while at Sony, Numerical Technologies, Liquid Audio, Clearwire and Bell Labs.

Joining Building Bs board of directors are Andy Lack, Sony BMG Music Entertainment chairman; Dr. Arun Netravali, managing director of Omni Capital and recipient of the National Medal of Technology for his pioneering contributions to HDTV; and Bob Pavey, a partner at Morgenthaler Ventures and an early investor in several industry defining technology companies, including Apple Computer.

By aligning with experts from the entertainment and technology industries who understand the complexities of creating a new video entertainment platform, we have a formidable team that is collaborating with partners across multiple segments within the industry, said Building B co-founder and chief executive officer Buno Pati. We are pleased to have industry visionaries, innovators and luminaries such as Andy Lack, Arun Netravali and Bob Pavey join the Building B effort.

While many new forms of video delivery have developed in recent years, the independent evolution of offerings has created a cluttered and confusing combination of content, networks and devices for consumers.

The current state of video entertainment today is similar to the early days of digital music, said Phil Wiser, Building B co-founder, president and chairman, and former Sony CTO and founder of digital music pioneer Liquid Audio. To help bring the industry to the next level, we will deliver a platform that gives consumers a complete, modern video experience that is elegant and instantly accessible, rather than require the consumer to learn how to put all of the pieces together and then pay an exorbitant price.

Building B was founded to create a new entertainment platform that cost-effectively delivers the features consumers desire while providing new opportunities for the television industry. Building B is differentiated in its approach by starting with traditional content that is viewed and expected in the living room today. The service consists of a turn-key home video entertainment solution that seamlessly integrates traditional television content in HDTV and extends it with on-demand premium content and Internet video -- all delivered to the living room television without the need for a PC.

Building Bs platform also benefits other industry participants. Content partners can further extend their brands while seamlessly integrating their traditional, library and online content. Advertisers can take advantage of the platforms ability to deliver advertising that is more relevant and targeted to viewers interests. Broadcasters can leverage the platform to more effectively promote new programming, increase viewership of locally produced content and achieve more attractive advertising rates.

Building B leverages the unique strengths of wireless broadcast technology and the Internet to create an advanced video platform that works in Americas living rooms today. Telecommunications and wireless providers can benefit from Building Bs platform because it is a perfect video companion to existing high speed Internet and VOIP offerings and does not require billions of dollars of capital investment for additional infrastructure. Building B is working with broadcasters, content providers, advertisers, broadband service providers and consumer electronics companies to roll out the service.

I have been especially impressed with the Building B consumer oriented approach to the market, said Sony BMG Music Entertainment Chairman Andy Lack. I have seen many changes in the entertainment industry but few as compelling as the plans Building B has to marry video content and technology. They are developing the ability to fundamentally change the television experience with a new platform that embraces many of the industry players, from content providers and broadcasters to advertisers and telcos, all for the benefit of the viewer. It should be a transformational win for everyone.

I am as excited about Building B as I was about Apple when I first invested in them, said Bob Pavey, partner, Morgenthaler Ventures. When a company is driving a paradigm shift, they really stand out, and Building B is gathering the talent, vision, technology and partners to bring breakthrough television to life.

About Building B

Building B is an entertainment technology and services company that has developed a breakthrough on-demand video entertainment platform and service that works within Americas homes todaywithout expensive service provider infrastructure upgrades. The service consists of a turn-key home video entertainment solution that seamlessly integrates traditional television content in HDTV and extends it with on-demand premium content and Internet video -- all delivered to the living room television without the need for a PC. For more information, visit

Quote Sheet

Building Bs advertising platform promises the kinds of targeting and relevance capabilities and other leading-edge features that will be critical components of next-generation television advertising, said Bill Cella, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Magna Global.

Building Bs focus on helping programmers keep their network brands front and center in an increasingly fragmented environment is a tremendous advantage to anyone looking to leverage on-demand video entertainment, said Herb Scannell, chief executive officer of Next New Networks and former President of Nickelodeon Networks. Building Bs ability to integrate Web content with more traditional television content can provide an important bridge for internet programming companies that want to make their content available and accessible on the living room television.

Studios and networks are always looking for new ways to monetize their catalogues, said Joel Berman, former President of Worldwide Distribution for Paramount Television. Building Bs platform offers a natural way to integrate library content with original programming in a seamless VOD environment.

The solution Building B is assembling integrates the best elements of today's digital media technology and their unique IP to create an exciting new opportunity for both content providers and consumers, stated Janet Gardner, Principal of Perspective Media Group, a leading digital media technology consulting firm. They are truly innovators and thought leaders in the digital media space.


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